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Meditation: Grounding to Mama Earth

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Messenger: covenant_nazarite Sent: 5/13/2014 3:46:04 PM

Greetings in the name of the most I King of Kings , Haile Selassie I,

The I come to discuss the mystics, focusing pon Iditation, especially the practices of grounding. Grounding is where you tune into your earthly and InIversal energies connecting you to Earth and to Irie Ites. The first process in Grounding is to imagine you are in a pristine environment, (the I imagine being high up in a Alpine meadow). Muladhara (1st chakra) is sprouting immense roots growing down into the Earth's core of minerals and molten lava. Imagine with Ivery breath you are sucking in Mama Earth's energy, purifying with Ivery breath. While focusing on this energy transfer of the earth, Imagine a great beam of light escape through the top of your head and go as far out into space as possible, untill you connect to the Light of HIM throne in Zion I. While focusing on the earthly energy transfer at your mudlahara Imagine that the Beam of light extending from the top of your head is being flooded with Jah's righteous light. Let the energy coming from your root chakra connect to the enrgy coming down from Zion. While focusing on this connection to earth and to Jah begin opening the rest of your chakras starting at the solar plexious. Oh the I hope i explained this alright. Blessed love and light

Messenger: RAS-NATE-1995 Sent: 5/13/2014 3:57:10 PM

Give thanks Iya.

It sounds great.
Iman will certainly try this blessed Iditation

Blessed love and Raspect

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 5/14/2014 2:00:09 AM

I mediate and know I feet have roots of energy reaching deep into earths core, and I locks are roots reaching into the cosmos...Breathing through it all, INI body, Irie
Yes I have been grounding as part of livity, there are energy currents in the earth and in our bodies. Negative energy can be tooken out of our bodies by earthing, just having contact between the body and earth. There are free electrons all over the earth but they can't get into our bodies through the rubber insulation on most shoes.....
I can get deep into this, I just say go barefoot when can and if want knowledge on the science there is a book called Earthing

Ancients, Africans , Native Americans that knew the truth and knowledge of Jah Creation drummed, and knew the earths pulse came through them into the drum beat, the creation has a song to play through InI , Jah Make INI a instrument of thy peace and a weapon of your will. And I will move to the beat of thy truth, love, justice, rights of righteousness INI dance like Siva and destroying Babylon with swinging locks emitting your strength power light and glory.....

Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 5/14/2014 8:39:45 AM

Give thanks for dat
What are Chakras???

Messenger: covenant_nazarite Sent: 5/14/2014 3:28:22 PM

To the Idren zion_mountain,

Chakras are energy points within the body that influence the quality of experience in life.

Messenger: covenant_nazarite Sent: 5/14/2014 3:34:57 PM

Yes Iyah! you did a much better job at explaining this then Iself hahaha. I always feel much more connected to nature and Mama Earth goin' bare foot then with shoes on indeed.

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Haile Selassie I