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Rastafari livication: Prepared for the future

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Messenger: Defender kesate Sent: 4/30/2014 12:30:26 AM

Things that can be done before, during and after reading this literature. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A foreword by Rastafarian Counter Intelligence against Babylonia Founder and Author of this here Reasoning, Ras Kesate Baatawi.
Hail the Emperor! Hail the Emperor! Hail the Emperor! Blessed love & Greetings to one and all, Rastafari brothers, sisters, elders and pickney and the descendants thereof .
Iyah Ras Kesate Baatawi bringing you a conclusive and intriguing piece of reasoning on this fine early day of September, the 23rd of our Lord of Lords, King of Kings and his black Christ. 2013 to be more specific
I would like to discuss the agenda of survivability, Rastafari precepts and the fusion of the two to establish a true unique grandeur principle and idea brought forward into reality.
So if you may kind Brothers, Sisters, Elders and Pickney, please bear with me in mind in rationality, logic and be guided by the I-vine grace of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Kedamawi Haile Selassie I & Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Itegue Menen with your conclusions and realistic feedback. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( WARNING!WARNING!WARNING) THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENT CONTAINS UNUSUAL, INTELLCTUAL DISCUSSIONS AND REASONINGS ABOUT DYSTOPIAN & POST APOCALYPTIC SOCIETY AND WORLDLY AFFAIRS, PERTAINING TO THE MATTER OF PROPOSED PREDICTIONS " WHAT IF/MAY BE? " SCENORIOS OF WHAT CAN BE EXPECTED OR COULD BE PLAUSIBLE IN A POST APOCALYPTIC WORLD.) This compendium IS designed to entice, attract and allure well reasoned Brothers and sisters about any and all the definitions of a post apocalypse society, from logistics to small time agriculture and to solidify a international reasoning conversation amongst Rastafari about the intent to not only endure but prosper a wasteland esque post apocalyptic society. It (Compendium) is designed to further enlighten even the novice about forecasted events, discussions about what a certain subject truly is and is written in a non favorable approach about any subject or topic/s discussed, the only being Rastafari and the future thereof our beloved cultural and spiritual being. It does contain fictional factions, characters and foreign ideologies to some Rastafari people but is only here in this compendium to give you a well founded idea about what we all ( I N I ) can or could do with this knowledge. It (Compendium) takes into account all Rastafari ideology from pacifism to dietary requirements (Even thou you, the beloved reader, may not need this particular information, it is here for argument's sake and to include all information about our faith in general) and how the idea of a a knighthood or regal " order " of Rastafari could rise up from this information, if and should a setting such as those aforementioned eventuate, to continue the livity of Rastafari, for the betterment of mankind and to take in account all ideologies into one. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This information is NOT intended or surmised to infiltrate or disturb or segregate current Rastafari and associated ideologies, mansions, dietary requirements/preferences, or even individual beliefs/ideas about Rastafari core livity.

There is a lot of information in this proposition dossier or compendium, some of it is quite nonrepresentational and some, well let's say might have nothing to do with the current situation of the world, so whilst you are reading or reviewing this information for the first or second time or even the thirty seconded time…. Please take in the questions and ideas to help conclude your well grounded view point on these topics discussed with reason, faith, aspiration and spiritual prosperity.

Questions Specific/s Ideas / Examples
What is preparedness to I? How does it apply in the world today? Civil defense , Emergency Management, Disaster control, Grocery shopping
Do I or I&I prepare in some insignificant/minor way everyday?
What is a possible scenario or a likely disaster to me? Is there a chance of a natural disaster occurring near me ? Tsunami, earthquake, volcanic eruption, job loss, financial depravity/deficiency ETC
What are my opinions about Rastafari in the future? What do I envision for Rastafari livity and people as a whole for the future? Greater peace, independence, unity/oneness, etc
Do these ideas or ideals contradict each other or could they co-exist? Are some ideals about preparedness too conjectural for Rastafari or Rastafarians in general? Safety vs faith, faith vs security, current prosperity vs Future inevitably Etc
Are these ideas sensible, rational and/or logical given a hypothetical situation should or could occur? How would these ideas perform if I was in a situation or crisis like those mentioned or pondered upon?
If fellow Rastafarians were to unite in to this ideal, could I N I make it work and develop or expand further into this ? Can I as an individual contribute to this grander concept without sacrificing my commitment to Rastafari precepts and can I absorb some ideas or aspects of preparedness into my current module of thought progression? Ital dietary requirements factored into food preparation, observing holy days / Fasting during a scarcity of resources, pacifistic nature of faith factored into personal and group defense ( EXCERPT TAKEN FROM PROPOSITION DOSSIER, COMPENDIUM OF KNOWLEDGE, A REASONING ABOUT PREPAREDNESS AND RASTAFARI FAITH FOR THE FUTURE) RELEASE DATE: H.I.M Earthlight day. Video log coming soon........

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 4/30/2014 10:06:59 AM

Hail Far-I

The I speak of a post apocalyptic wasteland..... what kind of apocalypse the i suppose is coming? And the I plans on rebuilding in the West?

where I plan to return to in this Gideon is not wasteland. InI homeland is the most wealthy of lands on the Earth. The problem is simply we don't have control of that wealth.....

Where is the I referring to? Maybe the videolog will explain...

Messenger: Defender kesate Sent: 4/30/2014 10:55:25 PM

Greetings Family. Im talking of a hypothetical yet plausible wasteland that could eventuate from lets say nuclear war, biological outbreak, natural disasters or man made war. I have tried to cover as many grounds as possible to describe a myriad of situations , possibilities and im-probabilities. I overstand the control of our own non fiscal wealth is imminent for any such or otherwise developments in I N I World and until such a time nothing definitive can be stipulated or enacted. My compendium is designed to enlighten I N I Rastafari nation into the idea that being prepared as a people , that transcends a national boundary, can and will ensure our place in the future physically. As a intellectual, i have tried to reason all information in a non favorable, non personalized manner, to give brothers and sisters a in depth idea of what im saying and as a Ras i have tried to illustrate it in a viewpoint of Rastafari, sure im only mid 20's and everybody's perception and degree of Iyits is different but i have added that side to truly connect with I I People. Im not talking about building in the west as i do not live in the west but to contradict myself, in the pursuit of the defense of i n i people yes i am speaking o'v.

Messenger: Defender kesate Sent: 4/30/2014 11:10:00 PM

How do i insert videos into my message?

Messenger: Defender kesate Sent: 4/30/2014 11:47:20 PM
Reply Here is the youtube video link. Apologies for the horrid quality of the video!

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 5/1/2014 8:07:47 AM

No worry Iah,

For future reference its the Embed code in Utube you have to post. Share>Embed code.

Bless up

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 5/1/2014 8:20:00 AM


I watch the video and give thanks for the I share

But In my experience, we DO have a plan / preparedness after babylon fall. When babylon fall / burn or when the Gideon come or however one wants to phrase it... InI will not be in babylon at that time.... mentally, spiritually OR geographically seen?

Iman nah repatriate to any wasteland. Africa is the land of the most wealth, it is just that we our not in control of our own resources.

Issues of governance and such are already being met. We are well versed in the ideas of socialism and theocracy. We have many councils already such as the Millenium council of Rastafari which has representatives from the majority of the different houses and mansions on their panel. Seen? That is centralisation. Im just saying, much of what you speak on there are already efforts made in those directions.

And Iman nah reach any wasteland....... !


I await the thoughts of others...

Messenger: Defender kesate Sent: 5/2/2014 12:57:49 AM

Brother. I ovastand your view and wish to thank you for your feedback. All the best my family and may jah guide you fariver more. Thanks again for the h
elp to embed videos

Messenger: Defender kesate Sent: 5/2/2014 1:16:57 AM

Update: I will be updating iman v-log weekly every monday as and if possible to further explain about the content and compendium . I will as well Jah willing be hosting some prepar edn tess reasonings and tutorials to demonstrate what the concept is and including my own personal ital faith friendly preparations. I am a survivalist, prepper whatever it is called is because i want to protect both i people and faith regardless of what may happen or if anything at all ihappens . I love i jah beyond i own comprehension. I feel the heartbeat of africa resonating in i right hand

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