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Don't go back to Africa

1 - 1011 - 2021
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Messenger: LijTafari Sent: 4/28/2014 9:44:14 PM

If you are planning on repatriating, don't go back to Africa.
Go FORWARD to Africa.

FORWARD ever, backward never, but if we don't know the way, we go astray.

Come visit InI in the Live Reasoning to increase your spiritual overstanding about the truth.

Shalom, RasTafari.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 4/28/2014 10:32:09 PM

Seen King, blessed.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 4/29/2014 4:50:51 AM


Messenger: Timbaho Sent: 4/29/2014 6:19:14 AM

Yah. the only problem I have personally is that many Rastas seem a little oblivious to the real situation going on over on that side of the planet. myself included. my dad having grown up in Africa and me being born out here in the west gave me a certain exposure to two sides of the Africa cultural scene. one from the white-british SA settler perspective and a totally different angle through the reggae music Rastafari exposure. now. my first feeling when deciding to make a forward trod East into the Hola regions was optimism but after some time now my feelings changed. based solely on the first hand reports I have received from my close breadren who has been living in Ethy now almost ten years. the stories he tells of being imprisoned in the dungeon for 3 days and nights, hospitalized, suffering debilitating diseases, chronic sickness despite observing strict ital livity, poverty and sufferation, legal headaches, extreme overcrowding resulting in more stress and illness all led me to seriously re-think my stance on repatriation. (there were also happier tales but that's for another day)

My current feeling is that repatriation on a mental, emotional and spiritual level (as much as possible) as well as physical (not necessarily geographically speaking though) is as essential as ever. Basically for me that means strengthening one self's physical temple and sharpening one's mind. Liberating one self from worldly chains however possible (i.e. debts, legal obligations, etc...) Honing our spiritual connections with the Creator and also working to sever any unhealthy emotional attachments.

As far as making a move to Africa unless you have a good amount of money to start out on your own or you can get together with a group of breadrens and sistrens and really organize yourselves then it is a very difficult proposition to consider undertaking. make sure you think things through carefully.

For a man like Garveys Africa these minor trivial concerns mean nothing though I'm sure. More Power to the I everytime. May the Most High preserve you in all your undertakings.

But for the rest of the Rastas especially the younger members of the flock consider what exactly you are saying when you talk about forward to Africa or anywhere really but probobly especially Ethiopia. I haven't been myself yet in person but from what I hear that land is an extremely beautiful place full of many wonders but just like it can make you it can also break you. So be wise use caution. don't trod just on emotion use your intelligence also.

My personal plan is not to forward or backward but just to hold my ground until such time that the situation globally politically evolves and makes a real change for the better. Then maybe consider making a trod.

In my heart though I still long to return to my origins also. Every human being should be aware that Africa specifically Ethiopia in East Africa is the birthplace of all mankind. Just like the 7 continents use to once be 1 single body of land but drifted apart. So too is humanity one big (totally dis-functional) family and His Imperial Majesty called us all back together again. So Ethiopia / Africa is really in truly the place to be for everyone. But since we can't obviously all squeeze in their together all at once then we should instead try to make the best of wherever we find ourselves just for the time being and bring forward some more positive cultural vibes in whatever region of the earth that we live. That's my thoughts and feelings on this matter.

JAH Bless ~

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 4/29/2014 6:40:47 AM

I hear the I.

Africa isn't without its problems and we know why.

But the problems Africans face in the continent and the problems we face in the diaspora have a common solution. We need progress here and there. Africa is the base. Every race has a base or nation apart from the black man....

We cannot wait until a 'situation evolves' Jah helps those who help themself......!!!!! If we waited idle for the situation to 'evolve' in slavery where would we be iah? We have to make strives in THIS time and fight for the full freedom liberation and redemption of Africa. Economically, politically...... every cally. Seen? Pan-Africanism. Black governance free from white rule and domination, legislation into I affairs. It can't CONtinue so..... All of the aforementioned was the WORKS of Haile Selassie. Not his beliefs but his actual works and the main reason they wanted to get rid of him in place of deMOCKracy.... Look into what he was doing with the USA (Africa) and One African unity before Gadafi.... These are the works of the Almighty. InI MUST Itinue


I recommend the Philosophies and Opinion of Marcus Garvey 1 and 2 (which i know you already have) and books by Nkrumah (Handbook of Revolutionary Warfare) for good insight


Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 4/29/2014 7:02:36 AM

So called Rasta always want to help themself, know themself, free themself, clean up themself, meditate alone with themself, seperate themself......

But nobody want to help Africa? and we / Africans as a whole? Wheres the nationalistic pride? Sense of nationhood?

Its like they infiltrated Garveyism out of Rasta and left it as a purely spiritual thing.....

WORKS are required for this trod.

I always asks ones when repatriating... What do YOU plan to do to HELP the Country you are moving to? What are YOU going to give to the people? How will you be a benefit? OR what will your role be in the community? Or leech them come fi leech? No more vampires in Africa......... At least have a plan!

Give THANKS to the brothers and sisters in Ethiopia who have forwarded to the country and created schools, hospital, farming, organic soya fields, music studio, gone into politics, law....all them contributions are purposeful seen?

^^So from the point of view of ones idly wanting to forward to Africa to sit down and smoke two spliff and not deal with any of the issues at hand, not plant any food, not have an active role in the liberation and community. Then I agree with you King.... Them man its better them stay home!! And repatriate mentally first or however you may want to phrase it. Thats the main message I got from your post..... Ones have to think these things through carefully.

""We do not want all the Negroes in Africa. Some are no good here, and naturally will be no good there."

1 African Supremacy

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 4/29/2014 10:59:23 AM

Blessed love I&I.
Good points that the Iyah Timbaho say. But from Iwombman sIght, life is difficult everywhere, even in the "best accommodations" the modern world has to offer, there are sneakier evils and perils. On the South American continent as well as the African continent, I have seen people living in joy and communal love in what Americans would call "poverty". The mama cook foods for the whole community in a big cast iron pot over a fire - she is a Queen and her castle is Iration.

Iwombman have a sister who was born and raised here in San Diego CA, in one of the most affluent parts of the area. The wombman after travelling to Kenya a few times decided to be more involved in the orphanage project I&I have worked with. The wombman spends long periods, a year or more sometimes. And she has been sick but not discouraged, her life threatened (the administrative things get heated!) but she remained safe, stranded with a broken down jeep but the community helps her. And this lady is coming from a very different kind of life, but she is blessed to do the loving work of JAH even without running water.
So yes Iman and Iwombman will face new challenges in trodding forward to Africa, but if JAH Irit lead I&I, I&I must follow. That is not to say that all are called to be there, but those who are know Iself.

And yes, as always, I&I must be prepared to offer everything to the brothers and sisters of the community, and especially to have a strength in mind that can be useful. Give thanks Garveys Africa for the reminder and the words of Garvey.

Bless up Rastafari.

Messenger: Timbaho Sent: 4/29/2014 7:53:20 PM

it's a difficult problem. talking doesn't accomplish that much except if we waste our energy doing physical works that will just crumble similar to what babylon has done then better to talk and reason and talk and reason some more until we work things out and then forward with the actual physical moves. many people rush into things then are forced to fail before they figure out the best way. we can learn a lot from life this way. if you feel brave and strong enough then go for it make that step. just remember once you commit then you are bound also. so you don't want to leave one situation hopeing for something better then just find yourself worse off. i know exactly what you are saying though about feeling more free up. that can never be diminished. mental/spiritual freedom is essential to our overall wellbeing and fundamental to our enjoyment of the human experience. i personally find some escape when i trod out in nature anywhere. i would love if all people could realize the same liberation then maybe they would all stop degrading the environment and we could all work to help rebuild and heal the earth. who wants to live out in Africa but just be crammed into overcrowded cities. thats not my vision of repatriation. when i think of Africa i picture the wide open expanse teaming with natural wonders to explore and discover. total abundance of creation. if His Majesty is the one running things and the people served Him then we could have real progressive modern developments with all the material comforts and still preserve the natural landscape also. unfortunately though based on the reports i'm receiving the people in Ethiopia probobly more specifically Addis aren't serving the King but instead are being herded and forced to serve other forces. basically my breadren describes their mindset as being hundreads of years behind and completely backwards in so many ways. to sum it up they don't respect righteousness, in other words they don't respect Rasta. this might be an over generalization but i think i know what the real problem is and it is complicated. powerful political tribal forces competing and waring over territory for power locking the people down then some guy comes to try to bring forward a plan and they knock him so the next guy gets the chance to run his program then he brings them down and so it continues like that over and over. really only Haile Selassie was able to organize and unite the continent. not trying to rain on anyones picnic but these are seriously dread times not just in Africa but all over the globe. when i said wait for the situation to evolve i just meant that instead of acting first then being forced to adjust to the rest of the world. i myself personally at this space in time prefer to watch what the rest of the world does then make a decision what i should do. in the past i tried to make plans but they didn't work out. next time i am going to build up more strength and resources before deciding what direction to trod in. that's just me though. anyone wanting to make a move up to Ethiopia do it whole heartedly or not at all or guaranteed you will fall. Mount Zion awaits ~

Messenger: Black heart Sent: 4/29/2014 10:59:17 PM

Mi just can't overs de massage behind dis reasoning. Bro Lij yu just creatin unnecessary confusion with yo own confusion. It seems like yu n Bro Timbaho misovers de concept of repatriation. Repatriation is goin back to where yu originaly from. So if de I tel ones not to go back to Africa, it is de same as telin ones not to repatriate. Foward to Africa is de same as back to Africa seen. Bro Timbaho if yu obsessed with de west then dont try to duscourage ones who want to repatriate.

Messenger: Timbaho Sent: 4/29/2014 11:06:01 PM

it's not my intention to discourage anyone from doing anything.

if you feel discouraged by my reasonings then reason with me why breadren.

i agree forward to Africa and back to Africa means the same thing.

Moving to Africa to live, work, have a family, retire, not just a vacation.

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