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Messenger: The Seeker Sent: 4/18/2014 5:39:11 PM

I have recently stumbled upon these forums and this seems to be quite an oasis of knowledge in the desert of the internet. I am a religious studies student and an explorer of spiritual traditions, and I have also been a huge fan of reggae music since my youth which has always led me to have a strong interest in Rastafari. Recognizing much about Rasta livity which resonates with me/I, I have grown grown tired of the lack of overstanding that people have about what Rastafari is. It seems to me that most people only know that Rastas have dreads, they smoke ganja, and that Bob Marley was a Rastaman, but I am interested in much more than that. I want to learn as much about the teachings of the Rastas and the ways that Rastas have found to come closer to Jah, even while in Babylon.

Messenger: DURU Sent: 4/18/2014 10:38:50 PM

blessed to all

yes I, greetings seeker , link below is grand keys of Rastafari from baba Kali this summarize Rastafari Livity.


Messenger: DURU Sent: 4/18/2014 10:39:08 PM

The Grand Keys of Ras Tafari by Baba
~ To see Haile Selassie the First as a Guru, an
example, a
Enlightened being and NOT a Sky God is a Grand
Key of Ras
~ To know that no Body, His Most August
Majesty included
can "save" another being, but the Self is the
Savior is a
Grand Key to Ras Tafari.
~ To know that many Masters have and continue
to walk
this Earth Mother in the vehicles, the bodies of
many bodies
is a Grand key to Ras tafari.
~ To overstand that "One cannot be save without
Guru, yet the Guru can save not a single one," is
a Highly and
mystikal paradox is a Grand Key of Ras tafari.
~To know that Haile Selassie the First studied
overstood many occultic writings and teachings,
the bless-
ed science of Yoga included, is a Grand Key to
Ras Tafari.
~ To know that His Majesty HIM Self practiced
the mystikal
science of Yoga in His daily Livity, as did Yahsua,
the Buddha
et al, is a Grand Key to Ras tafari.
~ To know that the First Trumpet Blower, Guru
Howell aka
Leonard Gong Howell practiced taught, and
studied the
occultic mysteries of Yoga, Obeah et al is a Grand
Key to
Ras tafari.
~ To overstand that our Sister India greatly
influenced the
First mystics of Ras Tafari in Jamaica, WI is a
Grand Key of
Ras Tafari.
~ To know the importance of sitting quietly,
observing the
mind, becoming the Witness (Jah-oviah Witness
is the I) is a
Grand Key to Ras tafari.
~ To overstand the true and rightful use of
Ganjah, Kali,
herb is to raise the mystic fiyah, known also as
Kundali is a
Grand and secret Key to Ras tafari.
~ To open One Self up to all the Paths to the
Pathless ie,
Yoga, meditation, Voudou (The Mother of
Nyabinghi), Buddha,
Sadhu Baba, Coptic, Kemetic, Astrology,
Numerology etc. etc.
is a Grand Key to Ras tafari.
~ To know that the goal of any Path is to find the
naked and freed from all doctrine, dogma, ritual,
opinion and the rest is a Grand Key to Ras tafari.
~ To know that Absolute Freedom is the
crowning glory of
all our studies and religious fervor is a Grand Key
to Ras
~ To see the ALL in the One and the One in the
beyond color, class, religion is a Grand Key to Ras
~ To Raspect the the Bles-ed Mother, the
Glorious Womb
of man (woman) to the Highest degree; to honor
Her as the
Goddess, the First Cause, the Mary, the Kalima,
the Yemaya,
the Yansa, the Eve giver of Life is a Grand Key to
~ To put the Temple/Body through rigorous
training through
fasting, meditation, Hatha Yoga, and even, if one
chooses to
bear the Locks, allowing them grow in natural
manner, free
from style (Locks are a form of austerity as well.)
are verily
Grand Keys to Ras Tafari.
~ To overstand that even if one meditates upon a
rock, a
stick or an image, if the meditation is pure and
well focused,
the I will be known dwelling therein. To know that
objects are but tools to come to the Realization
of the I
consciousness with in is a Grand Key to Ras
Tafari. One
must also know that the worship of another body
is also the
said tool for one to find the Self, the Formless of
~ To overstand fully that the notions of Zion or
are but states of the mind, the Higher and Lower
respectively; To know that one must overcome
the Lower
mind cravings of Lust, greed, hunger, power, and
the rest; to
know that the Universal I dwells in the Seventh
(7th) region
above and transcedent of "this" or "that" are
Grand Keys to
Ras Tafari. To eventually gain a clearer picture, it
is wise and
prudent that the eyes study the mystic teachings
of Cakra.
~ To truly overstand the concept of Melchezadek
is to
overs that He represents the God-Man. The One
who hath
no lineage, and is born from no where. Such a
One is a Christ,
a being who hath become re-born in the
Enlightenment, the
Rapture, also known as Nirvan, Samhadi. One
whose own
family denies Him, and He is not known to even
them. He
without Father, Mother, yet Father, Mother. To
know that
such a One is born while still in the flesh is a
Grand Key to
Ras Tafari.
~ To know that all Masters work diligently to
unveil the
Truth of I; to know that His August Majesty too
studied and
practiced until the moment of Completion are
Grand Keys to
Ras Tafari.
~ To know that the Crucifixtion is metaphysical
for one to sacrifice the Material Temple/Body
upon the
Cross(roads) in order for Ascension to commence
is a Grand
Key to Ras Tafari.
~ To know that you are your own Jah, your own
Way, your
own Light, your own Guru is of the Grandest Keys
to Ras
~To know that Repatriation begins first in the
mind; to
know that when the mind turns inward toward the
which is Home, is a Grand Key of Ras Tafari.
~ To know that the I AM is the grandest of Keys
to Ras
~ To know no thing is the Key to Ras Tafari.
so Be Bless-ed and open up your Self. S/he who
has ears
let them hear, has eyes let them see the I in the I.
Baba Kali
Author: Haile Selassie I and the concept of
Enlightenment,the supreme overstanding.


Messenger: Jah Dub Sent: 4/18/2014 11:07:35 PM

Give thanks for the post, DURU! I've never seen that b4!

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 4/19/2014 8:44:34 AM

A likkle FIYAH on baba reasoning

I remember reading the whole of that article, which was a big attempt to show the links between rastafari and indian culture and then go on to suggest the roots and foundation of rasta is indian origin.... come and tell I about nirvan kalina and all these foreign concepts

InI dont see HIM as a guru. HIM is the almighty JAH
HIM is seen through the eyes of I ancestors not becauss of how Indians saw the incarnations of Krishna. A lie. And that african in origin too.
InI dont say HIM "cant" save I only I can save I. HIM is I....seen? There is no serperation of duality from lineage and genetics to culture to irits HIM is I.
InI dont practice yoga from india, I dont smoke ganja from india and I certainly dont locks because of indians! - as the article goes onto suggest.

All of that mentioned above and in the article come from the upliftment and embracement of African retentions. We are not Indian. For ras baba to suggest we are locks because of indians and ignore the MauMau uprising and ignore the dreadlock kushites from thousands of years ago, again all as a manifestion of I....... then a fire have to dash the way of that reasoning. I a no indian and dont come to blur line when dealing with I trod and I reason and purpose for the trod. Comparisons can be made but dealing with the foundation a no foreign supmn.

Selassie I the first

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 4/19/2014 10:06:44 AM

Greetings and blessed love I&I. Welcome to the Seeker, bless-sings in seeking the truth Idren.
Iyah Duru, give thanks for sharing, and Iyah Garveys Africa, give thanks for the opposing view.
As these two RASpectable Iman show, not One Rastaman or Rastawombman can outline their ideas on Rastafari and be entirely agreed with by the rest of Imanity's Rastas. In truly seeking, I&I find a version that resonates with the I soul, and this is where Iman and Iwombman find the Inlightenment of Rastafari.
Blessed love I&I JAH RASTAFARI. Peace and rest on this Saturday, Shabbat Shalom.

Messenger: The Seeker Sent: 4/19/2014 2:15:09 PM

Duru, thanks for that insightful post. Garveys Africa, as JAH Child said, thank you for the opposing view. And JAH Child, thank you for the balanced peace which comes from respecting those on both sides of an issue. May peace be with you all.

Messenger: Black Christ Salvation Sent: 4/20/2014 4:27:42 AM


Messenger: DURU Sent: 4/27/2014 1:05:44 AM

blessed to all

yes I , greetings GA , I over stand d I point but in fact since India was before kushite empire , it simply shows dat den culture is from afrikan culture such as any other culture , Iman surely dont agree rastafari is an Indian culture ,its d other way around , Indian culture rooted from kemet , and by over standing d Indian culture makes kmt spirituality easier to over stand , locks,ganja,ital,yoga,ascetism,meditation etc.... exist in afrika before India , its just many info of ancient afrika was not present on d west because of Christianity and restored InI culture in d west because of Indian culture in JA gave InI a better over standing of afrikan spirituality and its why Rastafari is again restored and become a gate way to accept , obeah,voodoo or any afrikan spirituality dat was demonized by Christians,
guru simply means "enlightened" which was " ausar" in kmt language, same as InI see H.I.M and its purpose to enlighten InI and when realized dat indeed is InI .

what do d I mean about "Almighty"?


Messenger: Ark I Sent: 4/27/2014 1:25:00 AM

The problem when people look at RasTafarI through the eyes of Hinduism, Christianity or other religions, is that they tend to try to adjust their version of RasTafarI based on the eyes they use to see it, instead of dealing with RasTafarI for what it is. RasTafarI ways has similarities with many different religions, but it is not the same as any of them. RasTafarI is what it is, and won't adjust itself for any religion, but will only grow and adjust itself based on RasTafarI Irits.

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