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Using the Internet for Research and Studies

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Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/31/2014 1:21:20 PM

I was considering a new topic for this but it fits here nicely:

The reason Garveys Africa is sometimes so persistent with his ideology

Whether ones agree or disagree with what I post. Often than not, I will try and back any ideology I have with a reference. If I find new references or information regarding an old topic then (to the dislike of some) I may bring it up again, new Fire. This isn't to vex anyone but to better ourselves, and il explain why.

Referencs may be from internet sources, books or important elders; the more latter of the options obviously the better the quality of reference. The reason I do this is to encourage the I dem whether in agreement or not, even total disagreement of my argument; to go and do their OWN research into what they believe and how the I may see things differently. It's one thing to hold a view and to reason on it. But when ones are studious about it, as Haile Selassie I himself encouraged, it gives one a better foot holding in the argument and more importantly a better understanding for self. Don't just regurgitate things what ones think ones should say. Find things out, and why, for yourself. And be studious about it. Jah no partial at all. When having this approach to any reasoning, it will give the recipient a better chance of taking onboard and even agreeing with what you are putting forward, but you have to be able to explain in detail with references when and if necessary. Otherwise you run the risk of sounding belief-based. Beliefs are a good thing in the right circumstances but we are talking about a Reasoning, brothers and sisters with their own viewpoints discussing various topics. The idea shouldn't be that each person says what they believe, everyone disagree and that's reasoning done. Somebody if not all should learn something...!?

Note - I'm not talking about belief based reasonings, like What is God, what is the meaning of life etc, in which the individualism of each argument are equally important.

After putting an argument foward; when the I have a counter argument put to them that logically and based off the strength of references provided from each side, holds more weight and sense than your argument; have the wisdom to be humble and not afraid of admitting defeat. It is ok not to know enough / be prepared enough to have every answer or everything right everytime. It might be that you are right! And just need a better research / stronger references for your argument. It might be that you are right but executed your argument pooly. It may be that you are wrong!!! And need to re-evaluate your consciousness. That too is important as it only benefits the I !

Only the day before yesterday I was humbled by Ras Raza who thankfully cleared up an issue of the Empress earthdate in Ethiopia. And now have a better overstanding within I consciousness. Accurate is immaculate.

Haile I
Guidance and protection

Messenger: RAS-NATE-1995 Sent: 3/31/2014 3:15:32 PM

Give thanks for the blessed instructions and reasoning strategy.

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Haile Selassie I