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Ras Tafari Bible

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Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 3/29/2014 5:14:27 AM

The Bible in Ras Tafari should be read daily. Rasta that don't read the Bible should at least try. Haile Selassie I is the only I found worthy of opening the Bible. Ras Tafari must open the Bible and open the seals theirin. A I that refuses the Bible is not an I but a self righteous prick, and is a stab in the face for RASTA. RASTA don't deal with these clowns. If you don't accept JAHWord, you'll be on your way to the circus, only to prove that your entertaining others instead of opening the book and its seals. It has been proven that JAHSpirit is Holy and can be upon priestesses and priests, so ladies, Empresses, please, its you too thn open the book and loosen its seals. Every I has to see the light for the I and I selfs.

Blessed my Lords and Empresses

Jah Blessed

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/29/2014 5:47:35 AM

Rasta dictatorship now? Watching others before watching yourself is a thing to be avoided according to the same scripture you tell I to read.

If haile selassie I is the only one worthy to open the bible and loosen the seals, then what makes the I worthy? If the I is telling I to do the same. Then Haile Selassie is not the only one worthy?

Trouble me a make still.

But easy and humble with the prick business. Live up, for:

All manner of blasphemy shall be forgiven : but blasphemy against JAH shall not be forgiven.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 3/29/2014 12:37:15 PM

Blessed brother Melchezidek, please share a favorite scripture or one the I has been studying lately.
I&I all have strong Ivictions, still, Iwombman beg the zealous Iman to please maintain RASpect of the Idren even with opposing views. Are derogatory statements truly necessary?
I&I can reason and even disagree in peace and love, with the purity of JAH Irit.

For JAH is I&I judge, JAH is I&I lawgiver, JAH is I&I king: it is JAH who saves I&I.
Isaiah 33:22

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 3/29/2014 12:38:19 PM

Shabbat shalom beloved Idren.

Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 3/29/2014 1:35:15 PM

The Bible is Anti-Nature,thus anti the character of Selassie I.

Your bible tells us dat plants and herbs were made first before there was made the Sun.

When I look clearly,the Sun is the life-giver,nothing can exist without the Sun.

This clearly shows the Irit of Selassie I never inspired no one to write dat book.

Still the bible aint necessary for I spiritual growth.

Messenger: RasTafarIWork Sent: 3/29/2014 2:51:35 PM

When I read from The Bible, I see awesome things, that violate the nature Im conversent with, then I Look Clearly. I sight wonderful things, even things that seem opposite to me.
When I marvel at the wonder of photosynthesis, I descover that there Is He Who set the triger of it All, I sight that there Is A Inteligent Life Giving Creator, Benovelent Father.

Messenger: RasTafarIWork Sent: 3/29/2014 3:04:53 PM

Sometimes in Engineering, a creator realises it is beautiful and meaningful to start and proceed assembly from reverse.

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 3/30/2014 4:56:41 AM

Give thanks brothers and sisters.

There just has to be bible haters...

They made to hate the bible.

Give thanks to all those who really reads the bible and not hate it.

As the Emperor say in his bible speech: "my love for it increases with the passage of time"


Messenger: RasTafarIWork Sent: 3/31/2014 12:24:10 PM

..."my love for it increases with the passage of time"

Messenger: ReayBrock Sent: 11/20/2019 9:38:46 PMHidden
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