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Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/8/2014 8:56:13 AM

I know very little on this subject matter and the first time coming across the term this morning, so forgive my ignorance. But after at first being offended, then in laughter, I see these Europeans have a certain validity.

Has any1 else heard of the Thulean perspective? What do ones make of Europeans trying to go back to their pre-white supremacy and pre-Judeochristian mindset? And they are doing this without the misplaced "cultural thievery" which is sometimes adopted when leaving one doctrine only to end up in another culture which is still not indigenous to 'you.' For this I am agreeable with them, although MANY of their theories are..... well....


Thulean perspective

Posted on 11/02/2011 by Varg Vikernes
Français. Italiano. Magyar. Р;;;;у;;;;с;;;;с;;;;к;;;;и;;;;й;;;;. С;;;;р;;;;п;;;;с;;;;к;;;;и;;;;.

Our European culture (i. e. the pre-Christian culture in Europe) stems from the European man’s racial peculiarities. It is penetrated by our peculiar lawfulness, our peculiar sense of honour, our peculiar kindness, our peculiar sense of justice et cetera. I am not saying that others don’t have such characteristics, but our such characteristics are peculiar to us – just like their their such characteristics are peculiar to them. Their and our characteristics are different from each other, just like we are physically different from them; they too have hair, but our hair is different from theirs; they too have eyes, but our eyes are different from theirs; they too have skin, but our skin is different from theirs. This however is not a bad thing; it just adds to the diversity of mankind. I strongly oppose everything that seeks to destroy this diversity, just like I strongly oppose everything that seeks to destroy the diversity in the flora and fauna of our wonderful planet.


This is the reason why I so strongly oppose the Abrahamic religions, who all seek to destroy this diversity, either by turning all non-Jews into «human cattle» serving the Jews or by forcing a Muslim or Christian faith on everyone, thus destroying their native religion and culture. The Abrahamic religions are all serious threats to the diverity of mankind and are all actively seeking to destroy it.

Cultures already almost completely destroyed by Abrahamic Religions:

The Afghan culture

The Baltic culture

The Basque culture

The Berber culture

The British (i. e. the Pictish, Welsh and Irish) culture

The Dacian/Thracian culture

The Ethiopian culture

The Finnish culture

The Gaulish culture

The Greek culture

The Iberian culture

The Ilyrian culture

The Indian (i. e. Indus Valley) culture

The Latin (i. e. Italian) culture

The Mesoamerican cultures

The North American cultures

The Nubian culture

The Persian culture

The Philipinian culture

The Scandinavian (i. e. «Germanic») culture

The Scythian (i. e. «Slavic») culture

The Somali culture

The South American cultures

The Tuareg culture

et cetera, et cetera….

It is about time we (using legal means) stop this genocide and restore diversity on our planet! Peoples of the Earth; revive all Pagan faiths! HailaR WôðanaR!

To Each his Own
Posted on 11/02/2011
Italian. Magyar. Serbian.

Your kin is made up of different families, and they are important to you, but not as important as your family. Your tribe is made up of different kins, and it is important to you, but not as important as your kin. Your race is made up of different tribes, and it is important to you, but not as important as your tribe. Et cetera.

You should first and foremost work to ensure the survival of your family. When your family is safe, you can spend any time you have to spare to ensure the survival of the other families in your kin as well. If you have even more time to spare, you work to ensure the survival of the other kins in your tribe as well, et cetera. Mankind is of course your last priority in this context. You can in any case best ensure the survival of mankind by first ensuring the survival of your family, your kin, your tribe, your race and your species, in that order. Trying to ensure the survival of mankind before you ensure the survival of the smaller units is not only illogical and suicidal, but absurd. Even un-natural.


To fix our broken world we must start with our own families: the traditional family is the foundation of all human life. So we must first of all form traditional families. We must marry within our race, home-school our children whilst living a simpler life, and perhaps not finally, but at least next: return to our Pagan roots.

So I propose this as the solution, but know that it is not that simple. This is perhaps not the only things we need do in order to fix our broken world, but unless we do this first there will be no use for any other actions and then all we do will be in vain anyhow. There is no point in fixing the broken mast if there is a big hole in the hull and the ship is sinking. First mend the hull!

images (17)

We can, fairly easily, do what I propose above, and if we do, no matter what happens in the world, our families, our kins, our tribes, our races, our species and thus also mankind will prevail, survive and thrive. The other individuals, those who chose not to do this, will probably not, but… why should we care? “To each his own.”

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 3/8/2014 11:45:22 AM

I don't know about these people, but to speak on the subject of pre-Christian religions. I think it is blessed for people to embrace the ways of their ancestors, whether during or before Christianity, or whatever religion their people currently are.

One thing I Learned in I Trod as RasTafarI was to look into I history and learn about the history of I ancestors, including the history before Christianity, I searched as far in history as I could find written records. I didn't become pagan because of this because I Trod is RasTafarI, but if a person chooses that part of their history, that is blessed same way.

Garvey's Africa, the I has mostly made reference to Kemet when speaking about older African Trods, and the I has also made reference to atheism. Other than RasTafarI, does the I deal with Kemet as your Trod, atheism or something else?

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/8/2014 11:57:56 AM


Many don't realise, Rastafari IS paganism. As with atheism. Look to the definition and etymologies of the words.

I trod of Rastafari encompasses ALL of I ancient trods. To deal with Kemet and ignore the Yoruba or Mandinka practices would be foolish as they are all I. Pan-Africanism is not just a political term.


Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/8/2014 12:16:04 PM

'Burn pagan' is an Ancient Rasta dialect, based off our Christian and biblical roots. But when we were saying that we were making reference to those who disobey jah laws, the unruly and unrighteous. Those with no regard or those who falsely worship idols and material earthly things.

But getting out of that pseudo Christianised mindset we were enslaved with.... And looking objectively at the definition:

a person holding religious beliefs other than those of the main world religions.
"a Muslim majority had to live in close proximity to large communities of Christians and pagans"

Other definitions:
pagan - a person who does not acknowledge your god
gentile, heathen, infidel
nonreligious person - a person who does not manifest devotion to a deity
paynim - a heathen; a person who is not a Christian (especially a Muslim)
idol worshiper, idolater, idoliser, idolizer - a person who worships idols
2. pagan - a person who follows a polytheistic or pre-Christian religion (not a Christian or Muslim or Jew)
Adj. 1. pagan - not acknowledging the God of Christianity and Judaism and Islam
heathen, heathenish, ethnic
irreligious - hostile or indifferent to religion

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/8/2014 12:17:17 PM

We, Africans, first came into contact with the word from the likes of Columbus and his crew working on the Popes orders as they labelled all the indigenous practices and traditions (which they clearly didn't overstand) as Pagan. So yes I.

Very similar with the word A-Theos which I have already reasoned on.

High praises every time.

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 3/8/2014 1:11:22 PM

Bless UP Garvey's Africa!!!! Do d I think say Yoruba, Mandinka, Bakongo predate KMT or are mayb KMTic migrants? Do d I think InI diaspora fulfill a prophecy of d scattering o Ausar body??

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 3/8/2014 2:43:39 PM

Maybe if I was a neo-nazi I would be interested in Thuleanism. The Thule Society in Germany was associated with the early Nazi party.

I have Germanic ancestry, but I am not interested in worshiping the old Germanic gods such as Woden, Odin, Thor, and such.

The Thule Society (/ˈ;;;;;;;;θ;;;;;;;;juː;;;;;;;;liː;;;;;;;;/; German: Thule-Gesellschaft), originally the Studiengruppe für germanisches Altertum ("Study Group for Germanic Antiquity"), was a German occultist and völkisch group in Munich, named after a mythical northern country from Greek legend. The Society is notable chiefly as the organization that sponsored the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (DAP), which was later reorganized by Adolf Hitler into the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP or Nazi Party). According to Hitler biographer Ian Kershaw, the organization's "membership list... reads like a Who's Who of early Nazi sympathizers and leading figures in Munich", including Rudolf Hess, Alfred Rosenberg, Hans Frank, Julius Lehmann, Gottfried Feder, Dietrich Eckart, and Karl Harrer.[1] However, Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, an expert on the Thule Society, contends that while Hans Frank and Rudolf Hess had been Thule members, other leading Nazis had only been guests of the Thule or entirely unconnected with it.[2][3] While the ideology of the Thule Society and that of Hitler's regime agreed in philosophy, according to Johannes Hering, "There is no evidence that Hitler ever attended the Thule Society."[4]

Here's a quote of Selassie I regarding paganism (context is Selassie speaking with Archbishop of Canterbury about Mussolini's invasion of Ethiopia):

I will appeal to Mr. Eden that the Foreign Office look into the matter once again.” After this, We begged him not to forget Us through his prayers. “It appears,” he said, “that the wish of all the big powers is to see to it that Ethiopia’s case is forgotten. On my part, while I have no political influence, I have the means of communicating with our officials. Hence, I will constantly remind them not to forget Your Majesty’s case. So much injustice and evil have been irrefutably committed. Yet, the fact that it has not been possible to do something about it is a fact that will continue to pain me for the rest of my life.” By so saying, he expressed his deep regrets to Us. I responded to him: “For the last 3,000 years Ethiopia has been struggling against paganism. Yet, it is a sad commentary that today it is denied its own freedom by another Christian people.” No sooner had I said this, than he said before We took leave, “This is a question which has deeply affected my conscience. I beg you not to rub salt into it.”

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 3/8/2014 2:52:41 PM

Garveys Africa:

Why did you post an article by Varg Vikernes? Perhaps you don't know much about this person?

Varg Vikernes is a crazy satanist white supremecist black metal musician who spent 21 years in prison for murdering a fellow black metal musician and burning down Norwegian churches. It really amazes me that you would listen to a person such as Varg Vikernes.

This person is about as far away from the Teachings of Haile Selassie I and Marcus Garvey as a person can get.

From wikipedia:

Varg Vikernes (Norwegian: [ˈ;;;;;;;;;;;;;ʋ;;;;;;;;;;;;;ɑ;;;;;;;;;;;;;rɡ;;;;;;;;;;;;; ˈ;;;;;;;;;;;;;ʋ;;;;;;;;;;;;;iː;;;;;;;;;;;;;kə;;;;;;;;;;;;;ɳ;;;;;;;;;;;;;eː;;;;;;;;;;;;;s]; born 11 February 1973 as Kristian Vikernes) is a Norwegian musician and writer.

In 1991, he founded the one-man music project Burzum and became part of the early Norwegian black metal scene. In 1992, he took part in the arson of at least three Christian churches in Norway, along with other members of the scene. By early 1993, Vikernes had recorded four albums as Burzum and another with fellow black metal band Mayhem. When Mayhem guitarist Øystein 'Euronymous' Aarseth was stabbed to death in August that year, Vikernes was arrested and charged with the murder.

In May 1994, Vikernes was sentenced to 21 years in prison for the murder of Euronymous and the arson of churches. During his time in prison he became affiliated with the Heathen Front and had several writings on Germanic paganism published.[3] He also recorded and released two dark ambient albums as Burzum. Having served almost 15 years of his sentence, Vikernes was released on parole in early 2009.[4][5] He settled in France with his wife and children, where he continued releasing music and writing.[6]

As of July 2013, he was registered as Louis Cachet in the Norwegian resident registration database.[1]

Varg Vikernes documentary:

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/8/2014 4:15:56 PM

Because I have no problem with the issues I raised. Jus because someone is painted as a devil by Babylon does not mean I will not listen to them. If white people want to be supremists within their own quarters then that's fine.... It's when white supremacy turns into imperialism and world domination that I have a problem.

The idea of white people leaving the corruption of society and Judeochristian religion and hailing up their ancient practices and their ancient gods ..... How is this concept any different than me doing the same and hailing up selassie I and looking back to Kemet etc. The principle at least is a sound one. Ones often do similar but end up with somebody else's culture at the end of it. This makes more sense to me.

But as I said at the start of the thread.... I came across this group this morning.

And so he burned a church.... Certain Ras have done much worse to the clergy lol

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/8/2014 4:21:22 PM

And I don't fight the definitions king. Rasta deal with paganism a just so it go, one can't be angry with the dictionary Fiya. The indiginous people of this earth are the original 'pagans' so says the Europeans who coined the term

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