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Mami Wata

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Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/22/2014 2:03:20 PM

anyone on the continent or livaspora have any direct connection or experience with this Goddess and her overstanding?

I've only ever read secondary sources from Westerners. still, her picture graces my home:

Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 2/22/2014 2:59:21 PM

She is a mystical Irit,she calls anyone she chooses.
If one comes to the water and swim,one just feel exhausted until you drown.It is said if it chooses one and take him under water,the survivors must not cry or else she kills him.
If you gwaan underwater with it and you refuse to eat its food you go dead.

The family of the victim then must practice a ritual,playing drums and slaughtering an oxen for the victim to return and the victim would now be a Guru or sangoma

Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 2/22/2014 3:12:01 PM

We are also taught that she is an evil Irit under water

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/22/2014 3:45:30 PM

Interesting viewpoint give thanks zionmountain, slightly different to some Western African accounts but all is appreciated.

Is there no mention of looking at her.... And then if one was to look to another woman you would be in a problem? Or something like that. eyes only for the African wombman!

The idea of associating water with a deity or spirit is what I'm interested in. Only natural after we look to the sun....

Live up

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/22/2014 4:29:19 PM

Any other water spirits or Gods of water brother? Share your experience if the I can

Messenger: RAS-NATE-1995 Sent: 2/22/2014 4:52:21 PM

Yes I zion mountain.True what the I mentioned.she is believed to take people in to her world wich is under water,and if she let them go they usually return with a new spiritual overstanding and with dry clothes.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/1/2014 11:55:25 AM

"Mamisii" (meaning: "Queen of the Waters and Divination"), is the oldest priesthood of largely women in West Africa. Its origins date back to the "Cult of Issis" in ancient Kemet (Egypt). It is inherited matrilineally from the mother, but sometimes can be from a father of the maternal bloodline, and many are simply claimed by Mami Wata. Many can also have ceremony to Mami to ehance their spiritual path and development or increase their personal and business prospects.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 3/1/2014 9:31:53 PM

A friend of I empress named her daughter Oshun, who is a river goddess.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/2/2014 7:05:24 AM

There's a good book on her ive wanted to read for some time now. The Yoruba is something of a particular interest to me, there's also Osun, protector of a deity called ORI which I have always found 'coincidental'

Will try and find / share more information on Oshun of the Orishas

Live Up.
west African retentions

Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 5/11/2014 6:47:54 PM

This thread reminds I of a certain dream I had.
The dream went like so:
I landlord was fighting a mad man and I was watching them fight and I then said to I landlord "mek sure u leave the mad man cripple or dead or else he will do that to you"

After dat kind of dream,I then saw a mami wata and its like I started to shout "fire" "fire".
The mami wata then started to throw things like stars at I.

Believe I,the mami wata was so real,but Iman confused because some say its evil Irit.
Some say there is no male mami wata so these female species search for human males to reproduce.

I dont know wat a gwaan.

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