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burning what?

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Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/19/2014 8:53:23 AM



"Garvey's Afrika doesnt need to come with anything new, he is not JAH."

A wha dis Rasta?

None at all.

Haile Selassie a I and I. I I. Ye are Gods. Sight the Jah within the I. Haile Selassie I ah I and I. Come nuh....

Sound like semantics but dem ting stuck me

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 2/19/2014 11:55:03 PM

This quote from Garveys Africa in this thread is the reason I made this Reasoning.

I find little 'to burn' with the works of those who you mentioned, especially doctor Jochannen.

So, historical inaccuracies and self imagined falsehoods are acceptable if they are esoteric?

He finds so much to burn in the Bible, but little or nothing to burn from the writings of Doctor Jochannen? He comes and criticizes people for taking the Bible literally and not being critical regarding its contents, but he chooses to do the same thing with other people's writings. My point is that if a person is truly interested in truth, he or she will burn fire on any information they receive, to filter out at least some of the falsehoods if there are any. I feel that this is an important thing for people to Learn or they will just continue to replace one falsehood with another.

I couldn't find the articles that I saw in the past about Doctor Jochannen , but came across this book review by a bredren named Ozodi Osuji originally from Nigeria. If he can find so much to burn in Doctor Jochannen writings, why can't Garveys Africa find anything? If Garveys Africa is as critical and interested in uncovering truth and burning falsehoods as he appears to be, how could he be so blind about some people's words?

Here are some of the things he says about the book.

link to book review

I have to say that this book is very annoying; its claims are so outrageous that it takes enormous patience to wade through the hundreds of pages of verbiage the man spilled out.
Dr. Ben wrote nonsense that aimed at making African Americans feel superior to white Americans; he appealed to certain African Americans hence they celebrate his books.

I forced myself to read Dr. Ben because he is recognized as one of the gurus of Afrocentrism and since I am motivated to understand Afrocentrists I had to read him. If not my desire to understand Afrocentricism I would not have tortured my mind reading what I automatically realized is bullshit.
Dr. Ben did not write anything that could withstand empirical verification; his writing lacks academic rigor. He merely took from this or that writer that seemed to have encountered some light in old Africa and used this thread to weave his elaborate lies about how Africa produced Western civilizations (such as Greece and Rome).

Here is a Reasoning I made before:

I have observed that most people accept as truth the stories that appeal to them. It is not so much about how well the story convinced them, it is more about the story telling them what they want to hear.

On the other side people tend to consider the stories that don't appeal to them as false.

Almost all wars of the past and present are full of appeals from both sides. People believe the good about their side and disbelieve the bad, and people believe the bad about the others and disbelieve the good.

Selassie I taught I and I a different way of thinking, to remove the appeals and deal with truth and rights.

One day all the peels of the appeals will be removed and what will remain is the real truth. Until then, people will hold on tight to their peels because it sounds the sweetest to their ears.


Messenger: Sister Sent: 2/20/2014 4:34:06 AM

Interesting book review and not exactly balanced or objective. I wont make comment on the author or the book but...

"In my judgment, it is now time for human beings to have the courage to accept our sameness and equality and quit talking about differences for there are no racial differences at all. People of all races are 99.9% the same; their only difference is their skin color and texture of hair. We must stop emphasizing what separates us and stress what unifies us, our common humanity."

He is making a point, badly, above. I think he is saying human beings are flesh and that we have in common, he is forgetting about anything inherited that is spiritual in form and function. Division is a way to conquer, but to look to a generic culture and abandon that which is Jah given in this life would be an offence. He seems to be taking a pro-Euro, scientific stance himself, not a neutral one.


Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/20/2014 6:28:39 AM

Your not using your logic ark I your using your emotion.

The esoteric issue is an important one as the bible has affected more people than dr Ben hence currently holds more power. So it would be more of a priority to set the lies and misconceptions within the bible straight first seeing as it coverts a wider demographic.

The works of dr Ben and anyone are not without criticism nobody is without criticism as I had already said. But to suggest that I or my brethren have not already critiqued and checked dr bens sources and references is not giving us out credit. People have done this extensively. I cannot see many faults at all with dr bens work, sorry to disappoint

I told you I have no fault with dr bens philosophy on African studies not his research. Dr Ben is an accredited Ivy League lecturer so before anyone questions his scholarly work they would have to have some academic credentials themselves. I asked YOU what your issue with any of the philosophy was..... What you did was say you don't know (you probably haven't read his work) and copied and pasted one man in Nigerians argument.....

The Nigerian said he can't stand dr Ben and he doesn't like dr Ben.

I'm beginning to doubt,

Do you actually know what a scholarly critique of work is? Challenger the references come with different sources of info don't just say 'I don't like it'

You will have to come better than that my friend.

And I'm happy to debate dr bens work with anyone. You think is just doctor Ben? Do you know how many African scholars have defined and tweaked / gone over his work over the past 30 years? We are happy to engage in scholarly debate, anything else is a joke.

A few take homes:
Why are you so obsessed with Garveys Africa? More so than real life rasta issues like Pinnacle as levite pointed out.
Dr Ben has never claimed Gods word
Dr Ben has never said or written anything anti African or against the traditions and culture indiginous to Africa.
Dr Ben is a scholar, not a preacher.


Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/20/2014 8:55:55 AM

Typed while on road, hence the typos.

I still don't overstand how the man is critiquing a scholarly body of work by saying 'he doesn't like him' Mary lefkowitz had a better critique than that.
And I'm still bemused to how you don't overstand the difference between an alleged 'word of god' and a history book. There are many erroneous history books. None of them claim to be gods word. Do you not overstand the consequences of that claim when placed upon a book written by man? That's the main focus of the bible argument. The sooner people overstand it was all created by the minds of man and is not the word of god any more than dr bens book or my very post.

Anyway, the confusion levels are running too high. All I can say is anything anti African will be forever burned out by I rasta. GA out

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 2/21/2014 1:15:32 AM

The Nigerian said he can't stand dr Ben and he doesn't like dr Ben

I didn't remember reading that, so I read the article again and he never said either of those things.

The esoteric issue is an important one as the bible has affected more people than dr Ben hence currently holds more power. So it would be more of a priority to set the lies and misconceptions within the bible straight first seeing as it coverts a wider demographic.

I sight what the I is saying.

I am not obsessed with you. You have been going on and on with the same things here for a long time now, and while I try to stay out of a lot of it, sometimes I feel like saying something.

I would much rather Reason about other things, and have attempted to introduce other Reasonings. Regarding the Pinnacle Reasoning, the I was asking for an update and nobody has told I any information about what was happening. I assumed the I already checked online and were looking for additional information about it.

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