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They took the woman out of the trinity and....

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Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 3/28/2014 8:28:30 PM

Greetings loved Ones.
Yes brother Melchezidek, I was also perplexed by that seemingly out-of-place comment. RASpect Idren, all peace and joy to I&I.
GA the I has shared some interesting articles here, giving thanks. But in searching for info on those Pinnacle Point glyphs the Iyah spoke of, I cannot find a thing.
That third link is especially thought-provoking. This idea of humanity being created by another species who visited Irth... Hmmm... I&I should create a new reasoning to discuss that maybe.
Ises and Glory to the Almighty Most High JAH.

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 3/28/2014 8:59:45 PM

Cultures all ova da world talk but beings comin yah long ago who dey descend fum or da beings taught dem certain skills

Yoruba say dey descend from Oduduwa who com down ona chain fum heb'm!
Dogon descend fum da Nommos fum da Sirius star system

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 3/28/2014 9:24:14 PM

Yes I. I have created another thread to reason on this idea:

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/29/2014 5:36:34 AM

Jah child, maybe this can help you

"The oldest inscription yet discovered dates to 162,000 BC at Pinnacle Point in South Africa. Called Old European, this script appears on nearly every continent, and continued in use until the nineteenth century in Scandinavia."

Called old European uno...... Is there a place where white supremacy doesn't come knocking? Anyway more proof that Africans were transnavigating the world from tens to hundreds of thousand years ago

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 3/29/2014 5:39:39 AM

Wherefore I say unto the I, All manner of blasphemy shall be forgiven : but blasphemy against JAH shall not be forgiven.

Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 3/29/2014 1:27:43 PM


Which blasphemy????

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 3/30/2014 4:48:29 AM

To Hell with your egyptian babylonian idols

RASTA is the Truth

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/30/2014 5:21:17 AM

To hell? You don't have to send I to hell brethren we de ya anyway, according to your book, pray for we!

(3) Heaven or hell is determined by whether a person believes (puts their trust) in Christ alone to save them (John 3:16, 36, etc.).

We don't fraid of Babylon and their hell concept. Rasta conquer any guy with fork and red tail. Heaven in the sky and hell a ground, you can stick with that ideology if you wish but don't put that onto others. Christians always worried about Rasta and hell....

Did you just wake up vex or did something in particular burn you up? Because the lAst time I checked YOU were making ancient egypt new topics about pictures on wall and 'the ancient Egyptians are the true black nazarites' I guess you change your mind now.

Intolerance, lack of overstanding, and Christian self righteousness are a terrible thing.

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 3/30/2014 5:58:51 AM


Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/30/2014 6:04:09 AM


You continue brethren. Use Selassie I name to Burn up African beliefs.

*Turns up the volume on I Kabaka Pyramid*

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