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They took the woman out of the trinity and....

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Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/12/2014 1:30:20 PM

I haven't studied enough of the subject to comment on Ancient Indian religion. So I will take what you say on face value. There is no doubt in my mind Christianity draws from both Indian and Kemetic sources

But the point remains, as Rasta, to deal with an all male divine trinity without any reference to the female as a God is a crime onto your mother. The dove may represent femininity but the original text and doctrine is father son and spirit.

As a side point, I innerstand the Egyptians saw their many gods as different manifestations of the same one divine essence. I think that's what you were saying about the Indian gods, it's essentially the same philosophy of duality.

I find no explanation for the Ankh being once the symbol of the divine capabilities of man and woman: Life. And now represented as the woman, alone. As well as being used as a symbol in Gothic practices and associated with devil worship and even witchcraft. Our sacred key of life, the Ankh.

These are the things we should question

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/12/2014 1:37:15 PM

Jeremiah 7:18

The Queen of Heaven

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 2/13/2014 5:13:17 AM

So, the trinty of Selassie I is in your eyes an all-male trinity as the jeudo-christian trinity?

I say Haile Selassie I is the Power of the Trinity and HIM is a male gender. HIM is the Might of the Trinity God Almighty and awarded best dressed king in the world 3 times.

Messenger: DURU Sent: 2/13/2014 6:26:11 AM

blessed to all

yes I , GA the ankh also did represented d Trinity of man,womb man and child , d oval symbolized feminine ,d two sides as uterus d child and d bottom d penis male, obviously christianity removed d feminine of d trinity and replaced it with a short short penis hence d christian cross and since d western Christians was developed by greeco roman which includes pedofilia as part of dem culture , which seems exaggerated but a fact part of den culture and obviously many priest has been accused with pedofilia,

melchezidek , d power of d trinity of H.I.M is just a title and rooted from christian doctrines , just a title ,
d roots InI must recognize is d livity InI developed through H.I.M and not by belief but by ancient or natural livity and unification with life by crucifying d ego , which is d symbol of d battle set and heru to be ausar again hence d resurrection.


Messenger: Iyah Oats Sent: 2/13/2014 11:37:45 AM

Messenger: Iyah Oats Sent: 2/13/2014 11:37:48 AM

Rasta deal with Christian Trinity. Power of the Trinity (Father, Son, Spirit) is one of our Fathers titles. Makes no sense to I to claim Rasta don't deal with Christian Trinity, all male as you say.

The word for "spirit" in Greek has no gender; in Hebrew the word for "spirit" is female in gender.

Rasta deal with this trinity and other forms of trinity also.

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 2/13/2014 1:21:02 PM

The christian title of the Trinity is given to the King of Kings Haile Selassie I who lived in the fullness of it. If the Trinity is just a title, then why all the fuss? The Hola Trinity is the power of one man found worthy and no other. There are no other gods before Haile Selassie I God Jah Ras Tafari. Jah Ras Tafari is the only God the Power of the Holy Trinity and is manifested in flesh to I and I in this time of H.I.M. Kingdom of Zion and H.I.M. Titles and Crown. Haile Selassie I Jah Ras Tafari is the Elect of God and Light of this World


Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/13/2014 1:57:23 PM

I still burn it along with the Ible Iyah Oats. The truth is an offense

Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 2/13/2014 3:08:15 PM

Rasta deal with Christian Trinity.
Power of the Trinity (Father, Son,
Spirit) is one of our Fathers titles.
Makes no sense to I to claim Rasta
don't deal with Christian Trinity, all
male as you say.

Who said Rasta should deal with Christian Trinity???For your own information,the trinity concept originated in Igypt as man,wombman and child as the concept of life,then these homosexuals changed it to man,child and Irit which is ridiculous.
Its an disrespect to Selassie to say that Him a gay trinity.
So Fyah burn greek trinity

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/13/2014 4:51:40 PM

+ By pointing out the root error of the ideology or etymology of the words, we are in no way discrediting or demeaning His Majesty or his title. The Title is 'Power of the Trinity.' The title is not 'father son and spirit' or 'male divinity'. What we are doing is seeing the SAME title of His Majesty, through a different interpretation. A more relative (Kushite), older, and harmonious interpretation which differs from that of Western philsophy.

Power of The Trinity
Man Wombman and Child
Amun Mut and Khonso
Ausar Auset and Heru
Haile Selassie, Empress Menen, AND Rastafari

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