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The Prayer of Enoch's Vision

Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: ALMIGHTYSON Sent: 1/31/2014 6:09:02 PM

After God showed Enoch the visions of these last days, Enoch spake with the breath of his mouth, and with the tougue of flesh, which God has made for the children of the flesh of men, that they should speak therewith, and He gave them breath and a tongue and a mouth that they should speak therewith:

'Blessed be Thou, I Am, King
Great and mighty in Thy greatness,
God of the whole creation of heaven
King of Kings and God of the whole world.

And Thy power and kingship and
greatness abide for ever and ever,
And throughout all generations Thy dominion;
And all the heavens are Thy throne for ever,
And the whole earth thy footstool for ever and ever.

For thou hast made and Thou rulest all things,
And nothing is too hard for Thee,
Wisdom departs not from the place of
Thy throne,
Nor turns away from Thy presence.
And Thou Knowest and Seest and Hearest Everything.
And there is nothing hidden from Thee [For thou seest everything].

And now the angels of Thy heavens are guilty of trespass,
And upon the flesh of men abideth Thy wrath until the great day of judgement.

And now, Oh I AM, God and Great King
I implore and beseech Thee to fulfil my prayer,
To leave me a posterity on earth,
And not destroy all the flesh of man,
And make the earth without inhabitant,
So that there should be an eternal destruction

And now, I AM, destroy from the earth the flesh which has aroused Thy Wrath,
But the flesh of righteousness and uprightness establish as a plant of the eternal seed
And hide not Thy face from the prayer of Thy Servant, O God'

(If you want me to type the vision let I know) ..Bless

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Haile Selassie I