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Inter racial breeding

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Messenger: Jah Dub Sent: 12/9/2013 11:38:35 PM

As far as Iman is concerned- If Iman fell in love with a woman who is of another color/race...we could have children. And we would feel it's our business alone. I have no business discussing others and their offspring other than to say: love is the bond/not race

Jah Dub says: Jah Bless Ya! Play some reggae/dub music & feel irie, mon!

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 12/13/2013 7:51:38 AM

There is no PROOF that we are all born from the same ancestors, as I said its still up for debate. And white supremacy come from the 15th Century when white people, by observing the blueprint set by the Arab slave trade and invasion of Africa of the preceding thousand years

White people, as Babylonians, went into Africa and enslaved and colonised black people. In other words, Europeans went into Africa and enslaved and colonised Africans. What are you even saying?

how are you arguing race on the week of Mandela death. How do you explain Apartheid? The Babylon forces? Which Babylon forces?

Sent December 2013

The different nations is what the I said to be the different races,then does the I not know that they all come from a man called Noah? Because after the flood, there was a man called Noah, who was on a boat, and survived the flood, with his family. His children then went out to populate the earth after the flood. Does the I not know this???

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 12/15/2013 7:05:24 AM

- let me reason Noah now.

Noah is a damn blasted liad like Christopher Columbus. There was never ever any flood or ice age affected in Africa. The rest of the world may have suffered such conditions. We know the early European / white man had to struggle for thousands of years through the ice. Nevertheless, we see this story as a direct attempt ( one of many ) to detract from African history in all it's glory. And then retell the history of mankind and civilisation as arising from where Noah land his boat somewhere in the Middle East, some people say Iraq / Suma. Suma, conveniently being where the earliest Hebrew texts are found.

..... Let me stop here and ask - how can a flood wipe out fish? What about di sea creature dem? Anyway - Noah pack up all of life on earth and move to somewhere in the Middle East - and start life from the beginning again from this point as described by the rest of the Old Testament.

What a judgement on Africa....

As an African historian I cannot accept that story. Africans can trace them civilisation directly back at least 10,000 years and we have evidence of buildings and mines from 50000 years, bones of early human from 2.7 million years. We have evidence of lineage - uninterrupted by flood or Christian gods - from millenia before the alleged flood up until New Testament times. Make dem gweh with flood story. And if you check it, Adam and Eve, Noah and his brethren - all involve incest on a certain level if you want to take it there. Everybody doesnt come from one man.

And then we have the alleged curse of Ham....

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 12/15/2013 7:05:25 AM

Dr Ben and Dr Clarke did good reasoning on this.

There's also the book: Blacked out Through Whitewash - S. E. Suzar

Messenger: jah jeff Sent: 12/16/2013 3:11:11 PM

I like all colors of skin but i dont like when people pass up others or feel they are better than you because they are more racially pure or what ever, unfortunately that is how most people think. sad but true. I think most people don't agree with it (mixing) but try to hide it because they dont want people to think they are racist. If you dont believe in it then dont have sex with someone outside your race, dont pretend to like it if you really dont, be true and honest. I tend to like mixed race women who are light brown or mulatto looking that is my preference and i feel more comfortable being with a brown woman than a "pure" black woman. one love.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 12/16/2013 4:51:57 PM

^^ key question. What race are you?

If your mixed or brown skin too then I overstand.

If your black then id like to know why you specified brown skin woman and not black? Is there an element of self hatred?

If your white then again I want to know why you don't mind brown skin women but not darker skin? Mulatto favouritism among whites makes me sick..... And you in this scenario would be contributing the most damage in terms of racial genocide as you are not mixing with a black girl and having mixed children. You are selecting mixed girls and having mixed children with 50% more racial dilution, from a MINORITY group. This if repeated once or twice is the racial suicide pointed out by Marcus Garvey.


Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 12/16/2013 5:48:30 PM

Let me stop here and ask - how can a flood wipe out fish? What about di sea creature dem?

Blessed Iyah man.

I and I is here to tell the story of a man who white people call Noah.

I man call this man Father I. this man is real. The Bible also, is not from white men. Look in Ithiopia, look in Afrika, here and there is are ancient books, that only africans know, not white people. The Ithiopian Bible, there are some extra books that are there-in. Anyways, I said I will tell of Noah.

White men diss, us blacks or africans, saying we are un-intelegent,
Now look here, Noah was a black man, who was known not only by one name, and takes the charactors of the Hero in flood stories. It was a black man, with black hands, who built a Black man's Ark and filled it with black man's Culture. Anyways, there are lots of these stories and the best of these can be heard amongst I and I Elders.

So the white Man translate the Incient African Language of Ge'ez and Amharic of the Incient Scrolls, into Greek and to English. Some of these guys are colonialists, and only care of their pictures, which portrates a white Jesus, white Moses, and white Noah.

Now I and I Knows that the Emperor is not white, but of Color and is African.

For many years Ithiopians were living among the Nile river, and all these years of Istory of Greeks entering Afrika, them had to settle too with the Ithiopians. Even them greeks claim to have come from Afrika.

The point is, the Bible, or the books that are in the English Bibles is a copy of the original scrolls and texts from Incient Ithiopia.

And take note, Jesus and His Desciples did not speak much hebrew, but often spoke Ge'ez and Amharic. This is the Language all the Incients in the Istory spoke. Emperor Haile Selassie I was the only I worthy of reading those books and translating his work from that Incient language, Ge'ez into modern Amharic. And from the Haile Selassie I Bible, I and I and helpers who volinteers to do this work at no cost, to translate the Haile Selassie I Bible into english so we all can read and overstand the Scroll of Jah.

Now look, the I is free to believe anything, and I and I says, Go Ahead, learn Black History the way you've been tought, But just remember, respect the Incients, for theire Incient wisdom and knowledge, and for keeping it, so to reveale it in later times.

Blessed Lord

Blessed Love


Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 12/16/2013 6:26:40 PM

Melchezidek.... The idea that the writings and teachings of the bible are stolen from Africa is not wrong and I nah fight you over the details kingman. Blessed.

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 12/16/2013 6:28:37 PM


I and I no fight.

I and I is here to reason.

And Blessed for what the I knows and says here.

Blessed for this Reasoning

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 12/16/2013 6:30:39 PM

Haha a true. It's a Jamaican proverb I think when I say I nah fight you I jus mean I agree with the I (apart from maybe some minor detail but we can reason that another time!)

Bless up

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