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child of Jah seeking help from another

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Messenger: chia onelove Sent: 11/16/2013 9:31:12 AM

Trying to learn and practice these ways of life. Those around tell me that Jah is not the same as their God. I want to live my life in the purest way. Wont deny the way I feel because others do not understand. How do I help them see?

Blessings to all, One love.

Messenger: Raybob Sent: 11/16/2013 7:06:44 PM

If their 'god' isn't Jah, their god is NOT the only one, true, living God, Jah Ras Tafari. You can only plant seeds, or water ones that were planted, and pray for them. Jah does the harvest and opens their eyes. You can plant seeds of thought, depending on their background.

If their 'god' is a white Jesus with blue eyes, and having angels that look like men but have wings on their backs, they believed the great lie spoken of in II Thes. 2.

If their God is the white Jesus, email me and I can send a few emails I wrote to another that explain. If their God is the white Jesus, then have them read John 14 and 16 where He told disciples He would send the "Spirit of Truth" as their comforter to guide them in all fullness of joy in life. THen have them read Acts 2, when that spirit came to man, and devout men from every nation on earth understood the kingdom of God that came, in their own native languages, beacuase no language is really needed to understand. He who feels it, knows it, no words needed to explain it.

Later, councils of men organized religions based on the teachings, but God is spirit, not a physical place. Religions work in physical world. Jah is in the spirit world. KJV and others have same OT in all bibles, but there must be other NT writings besides the ones in the KJV that were written by Jews. Considering devout men from every nation understood, then obviously the KJV NT is not the only NT.

If they believe in that white Jesus, but are open to knowing the truth, the Kebra Nagast is a MUST READ for them to open their eyes.

Blessings in Jah

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 11/21/2013 1:10:39 AM

Lets them Glorigy their God when they see you and Iya Livity and Iya Works and Iya Transfiguration into the Likeness of the Most High JAH RASTAFARI, Emmanuel I

Bond truth with love and deliver with compassion spirit and power of Haile Selassie , The Power of The Trinity

Have mercy and give the spiritual babies milk, then baby food then solid food when they mature in their Irits. ill then they just like a child cant get a sophisticated but just need to be with them like The True Christ would be with the little ignorant innocent Children, Lord have Mercy upon IANDI sinners that they may repent and turn always toward, oh that your face would loo upon us and shine your blessings and forgiveness upon these wicked rotten children, give them the correction, the discipline they need, for you are our Father and discipline who you love , the discipline may not be enjoyed or even hated and frowned upon at the time, like a open rebuke is better than hidden love , and with your discipline and correction , by your rod and your staff we reap a harvest of righteousness that we rejoice in .
They mayn not like your harsh word, the truth is an offense but not a sin, they may not like us at the beginning but in the end they thank us for seeing the oneness of our souls that need to be saved and preserved in the presence of the most high JAH RASTAFARI

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Haile Selassie I