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Paranoia and ganja - my thoughts

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Messenger: Lioness star Sent: 11/6/2013 10:07:22 PM

Haile-I, I extracted some thoughts from a post I read and made a topic out of it.. I am going to give my thoughts and see how you all feel about it. the western world to me has took many things and spun it to be negative .. when I look at the relationship between ganja and paranoia I think this... paranoia is not negative .. I feel it is ( in my best words at this time ) to just be a realization of your actual circumstances .. whether that actualization of reality is makes them conjure up that which is good or bad on their life is up to the individuals reaction to the ganja.. however I don't like that negative outlook to label it as paranoia which needs to be medicated all because someone's reaction to ganja made them think of their vulnerability and or made them come to understanding of the false security of this society...for me being able to acknowledge your true circumstance is a blessing because then you can do something to improve it if need be..I think however that some people's behavior once they get that realization to naturally rebel is what scares the western world so they want to diagnose it in order to invalidate and suppress that individuals reaction .. tell me what you think.....

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/7/2013 8:27:22 AM

We been robbed raped and savaged out here for anything between 400 - 4000 years. We are not told of any of these going ons and Infact it is all elaborately covered up and takes much study and research. Ganja helps to uncover this. But after such events , I feel we have every right to be 'paranoid' while in a Babylon? Can't trust the teachers the preachers the priests and clergy men the government the council the television the media the food chains the supermarkets..... A parro pinto

Teddy brukshot: 'yes me bloodclart parro!'

Messenger: RAS-NATE-1995 Sent: 11/8/2013 1:00:10 PM

I man see it this way,a high level of Rasta consiousness,is considered paranoia to Babylonians.
Ky-mani say in one song of his:we are in danger for the words that we speak.this is not Paranoia,but reality.
H.I.M say:Remember all those that the enemy has haunted and killed.
I see these words not only as to keep those people in rememberance,but so that we can be aware of the enemy,and how he can do the same to us...
however in the Iest point of view,InI should not spend time worying,because InI have the Iest of all,Jah RastafarI Almighty I,and InI must learn to put our trust in him,as Ark I mentioned in his reasoning,Haile Selassie I is higher than any evil or combination of InI must realize this and look towards Jah.
But we must also stay aware,and be ready to protect ourselves to the maximum of our ability,the rest lies in Jah Jah hands.
The herb can never coz any real problems like Babylon say it can,it can only reveal to InI what is hidden within,so that we can fight it out...
and all babylon does is hide everything with their medication and foolishness,so that people think their "fine" again,but under pressure everything comes out anyway.We must walk through the darkness,to get to the light,not pretend or try to neutralize the reality that we are in the darkness still...

Blessed Love;
InI Jah RastafarI;
King Selassie I ruleth for Iver more JAH;

Messenger: Lioness star Sent: 11/8/2013 6:11:17 PM

Ras-Nate-1995 and Garvey's Africa - Haile I , give thanks for both of your reasoning on this topic. It has shown me that InI must look past those things which are prescribed as "crazy" by the system for the systems benefit . InI am left with two powerful thoughts from both of you that will stick wit me and I will share . one " we must walk through the darkness to get to the light and two the realization that we have every right to be paranoid in Babylon after what has been done and is being done,, however to put any fear to Jah who is the conqueror of all evilness.Thanks for the reasoning.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/10/2013 6:01:22 PM

Yes sistren.

I have an issue with many of Babylons labels. For example a person who lose they job and they wife and they mother, becomes 'depressed' and may need Prozac or even CBT. Surely in this situation what babylon calls 'Depressed' is a natural response to life occurances. I said 'in this example' as I know it doesn't always apply, and ther definately is a concept called Depression.

But back to we as a people. Imagine my slave master see that I dont trust him. He'd say I'm paranoid and start me on a pill which directly affects the chemical balance in my brain. I cant get with that. If we are on an even pedestal, and I claim with no basis (just delusion) that your out to get me, or to hurt me and such, this is paranoia. BUT If in the past I've experienced you repeatedly rob from me, and then i say i dont trust you, your out to hurt me; thats called reality.

Right now there is definately an OVER diagnosis of Schizophrenia (including PARANOID schizophrenia) in the young, usually male, so-called 'Afro-Carribean' society.

If ANYTHING is not conducive with the common train of thought in the West, then you are styled as abnormal, and must be rectified. This is babylon number one commandment and concept. This is why they fight every other culture then their own. From Columbus, to the missionaries, to the psychiatrist, to the police.

I dont think we're crazy. I think we're responding.

And to tie this back to Ganja, its the awakening.

Messenger: Lioness star Sent: 11/10/2013 6:58:33 PM

Garvey's Africa - Greetings..
I think what you wrote sums the reality of it all up very well.. I am not an avid ganja smoker however I must say that I was misled about it for a very long time based on the stigma it was given.. I do believe some abuse it in a way because my thoughts are that it is medicinal and for meditative purposes.. It makes me think higher, sparks my creativity , and is an awakening to things I may not want to confront under normal circumstances. Sometimes you can be so brainwashed but my attitude about it totally changed when I heard Bob Marley say something to the effect of " herb is a plant" .. Even though that is a true and simple fact when you hear so many people put a negative light on it you ' forget ' the true nature of things.. So that was my Ah-hah moment and taught me to overlook what is said about things until u find the true essence of what it really is... Again thanks.. I will post 2 more topics .. I always look forward to your insight.. One love

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Haile Selassie I