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Bunny Wailer Threatening To Sue Snoop Lion For Being A Fraudulent Rasta

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Messenger: RAS-NATE-1995 Sent: 10/8/2013 10:08:10 AM


InI have already had a reasoning about snoop lion,and him faking it,and maybe even work for the enemy...

I man listened through his whole new album,and I found it nothing close to RASTAFARI,he seems to confuse Rasta with that whole Gangsta conception of Smoke weed and hustle and bustle.

the only time Selassie name is mentioned in his whole album is in one song,and its not even him saying it,but Busta Rhymes,who is not even a RASTAMAN,but a gangsta rapper,and they all seem to polute the youth minds.

dont get it wrong,I man not judging,cos only JAH know what within the man...

but he just no seem to be for REAL;

so just check this page:


Messenger: 1forTruth Sent: 10/9/2013 9:23:23 AM

Iman think its to soon to tell who he truly is, as one starting out Rastafari it will take time for one to develop from the babe they are into a babe with teeth and then forward onto the next development as a child. Iman is not making an excuse for him, but if he never lived this levity or was raised in it, it will take time for him reach these expectations that a man placed on him, which is folly cuz InI look to reach the expectations of Jah.

If he is phony Selassie I will deal with it, in the mean time jus love him and increase his light to remove his darkness, I don't mean buy his music but keep him up in prayer. Selassie love and Christ guidance

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/8/2013 10:34:27 AM

Lol I love the concept of Rastas in Jamaica getting along with snoop happily on his journey. Bunny is an anomaly and he is always disgruntled, for the majority there was no problem with snoop and his trod. Yet here we have Rasta who may have never visited the island or Africa, has European ancestry, and him a tell snoop him fake?

Wish Garvey a site dis

Anyway, what I should say is, do not judge. Snoop a make a conscious effort. This is all a journey nobody start and end up at di finish straight away. Even if he don't finish the fact that snoop doggy dog made a Jamaican influenced conscious positive album for the youths to pickup is a JOY and BLESSING. Big up doggy dog

Messenger: Raybob Sent: 11/8/2013 10:05:39 PM

Bunny seems to just be relaying the truth. From what I gather, he also accuses Rita Marley of murdering Bob, in collaboration with their record producer. Read here:

Messenger: Jah Dub Sent: 11/8/2013 10:28:31 PM

Snoop Lion is being real about seeking Jah Rastafari. I do not judge. I'm a white man in Texas, USA trying to find a better way of life thru Jah, Rasta Livity & Reggae/Dub music....calling me a fake is a more reasonable

BTW: Bunny seems to have backed off. The threat to sue coincided with Snoop's CD release date

Jah Dub gonna listen to Dub music now!

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Haile Selassie I