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Help, I'm white, but a Rastaman

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Messenger: Raybob Sent: 8/29/2013 12:39:51 AM

Brief background, grew up in the system, outside the system, came to Jah but found 'church', studied bible, challenged pastors, got kicked out of some, was 'worship leader', left with written explanation no elder could challenge, was heavy web poster in bible study forum, became moderator for years of 'end times' and 'bible study' groups.

I heard and played some reggae in bands I've been with but, as a musician, I heard melodies, harmonies, not words until listening to "No woman no cry". I had lost my wife and thought it was about not crying over no woman. Ha ha. I then searched every Marley song I could find, seeing more truths with every song I heard. Now, it's hard to listen to or sing much else but Marley songs. Still absorbing it all.

Back to the christian forum, I felt I was part of an elite few that understood about Jesus bringing the kingdom in Acts 2, not some future time. I assumed babylon represented organized church system, but now realize it's so much more than just that. I had posted in mod section of my new found boldness, and desire to expose big pharma, big ag, all as of the devil system, of their tongue talkers and their 'altars', to explain how Rastafari IS Emmanuel, how Bob Marley was a martyr of the true gospel, .. etc. I was banned from the forum, then later permitted to enter, but not as mod. ha ha

Anywhere I go, I create stress, I was told by a close friend. Help, I'm white, but want to puke because of that fact. Thanks to the internet, the more real history I find out of "USA" I see, how sick and wrong everything was/is, and how distorted it was/is presented in 'schools' and 'churches'.

Messenger: SamsonNyah Sent: 8/29/2013 6:22:16 AM

Greetings Raybob,
I self am as they say "white" but thats irrelevent as Rasta is not about creed nor color, it teaches unity and self reliance. As you know the great Bob Marley himself is as much white as he is black. Dont use babylon system to label iself we are just people. And the more people realise that the quicker babylon shall fall and it will fall!!

Messenger: Raybob Sent: 8/29/2013 2:45:26 PM

Great to know other whites understand. I came out of that system that claims they know Yah came, yet deny the kingdom came. If they could only read their bibles instead of making a religion out of it, they might understand. Then they would know all they really need to understand is found on two pages, John 16 and Acts 2.

It's only since this past June that I fully realized I'm fully Rasta. I also know that since then, I don't personally, locally, know anyone that understands that at all, except one good friend. I'm sure he understands, yet we've never mentioned a word between us about it. Will get to see him again in a month or so.

Messenger: Iman Bo Sent: 8/30/2013 1:57:16 AM

Greetings Raybob

I and I second what SamsonNyah said, RasTafari abolish "black" and "white" sectarian mentality.

There is no need to be ashamed of complexion or appearance. Over I trod with RasTafari, I have come to learn that judgement should be based on deeds before all else. If those deeds are righteous, then they are so. If those deeds are morally depraved, then they are so. I too am disappointed that that some of I ancestors put faith in falsified teachings and whited-sepulchers, and that Babylon seems to have spread it's wings...All that can be done now is to resist and persist in goodness and peace. Even though I uphold Haile Selassie I as Earth's Rightful Ruler, I do not go around telling people this and expecting them to fall to their knees. I goal and aspiration is to exemplify the great teachings of Yeshua and Haile Selassie I and Mother Earth, so that I life would speak the sacred language. I do not profess my beliefs to be the final say, only a contribution to the WHOLE. Not the WHOLE truth, just A truth. And it only becomes truth through the coherence of actions and words.
I and I consider all good deeds to be the true gospel.

Living in a Babylonian city, I self have felt lonely or not fully understood by others, but I always remember that I am never without the most High source of life and encouragement to do better. I just try to hold on and see the good humanity in all people, straight through the forsaken misdirection.

Forward Still Brother

Messenger: SamsonNyah Sent: 8/30/2013 6:27:58 PM

Greetings Iman bo and all who read this post i am humbled by everyones comments and mindset as i share the same feelings in i self, i also live in a babylon city where babylon has a firm grip. I have no Rasta friends apart from my own brother who has always shared his feelings as i self. But aslong as yuh keep the fyah burning in your heart and live in a righteous and humble way you will never be far from the most high.
More love and prosperity
JAH guidance and protection

Messenger: RAS-NATE-1995 Sent: 9/3/2013 11:00:57 AM

Greetings in the name of the MOST I JAH the almighty I,
first,the I needs to Iverstand that being Rasta,is living by the teachings of Haile I Selassie I,and by the way he show InI to live.
if the i would overstand that,than the I would notice that the Most I,does not judge man according to,skin color,race,creed,...
so the I's problem is really not that the I is white,but the problem is in your head,you have to make up your mind,for there are enough people out there who call themselves Rasta,but still have a great lack of self confidence,and judge themselves,and others by skin color,and other such foolishness...

the gift of JAH RASTAFARI is for all men to share,for he created all men.

InI cannot afford weakness,pray to JAH that he will give you wisdom,and overstanding...

have you heard of then singer Alborosie,he is white but he doesn't seem to act like he's ashamed of it,becos he's not...
anyway the connection to JAH is not a skin color thing,but rather an Iritual thing,so if you have a pure heart and spiritually Inect to JAH,than your skin color will no longer be a burden to you,but you will laugh at your foolishness....

all Ises to JAH RASTAFARI;

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 10/24/2013 12:37:37 PM

Each to his own.

To me Rasta is a response to the words of Marcus Garvey and his black power regime (which in turn was a response to post slavery colonialism) and the words of Leonard Howell. Rasta to me seems to emphasize all things INDIGINOUS - and started as a black power movement this initially meant all things African. Repartriate to Africa, use African dialect, use African clothing. How many dreads even went to War to fight for Africa from Ethiopia to SA? To me, Rasta is a direct connection with ones original identity. This is KEY as Black people who have come through 400 years+ of slavery stripped of names, religion and all forms of identity; are born into this world with a severe case of Identity Crisis
- this doesnt only happen to black people of course. But it is evident and has been studied in detail over the past 100-150 years when applied to the black race and the consequences of invasion and slavery.
Each to his own but to ME and many black Rastafari, BEFORE even opening a bible, or seeing what HIM looked like or listening to any of his speeches, we see his Majesty as the ruler of a ancient indiginous throne and empire which has never succumbed and bowed to western rule or domination. This is special. When we look deeper we see that this is the ONLY throne/empire in Africa with this history. EVERYwhere else has been overtaken by foreign invasion for 100s of years. Infact the arab has beeen in africa for over 3-4000 years!
So to Me, and to many ORIGINAL RASTAS, RASTAFARI represents the eternal opposition to foreiegn domination or rule or even influence on our indiginous practices. Just as the throne on which HIM sits, represents also. To ME, RASTA is a celebration of my identity and culture after 100s of years of disillusion.

Rather than just slam me as racist, surely ones can at least get what I and so many rasta are saying?

Messenger: Raybob Sent: 10/24/2013 8:06:33 PM

I in I most grateful for comments here, and most grateful for this forum to share our overstanding. Thank you, RAS-NATE-1995, for speaking of singer Alborosie. Listening now, but need to concentrate later on his great messages I'm hearing. Haven't been in touch with most newer music, other than may recent finding of Dezarie, from Virgin Islands. Still immersing myself with Bob Marley for 'listening pleasure' past 1.5 years.

Thank you, GARVEYS AFRICA, for your 'racist' overstanding. InI sure the more you ponder Rastafari, the more connected you become to your roots. For me, the more I overstand Rastafari, the more I overstand the whore Babylon, and the beast it rides upon, and the more I overstand my earthly father's essentially 'disowning' of me since childhood, for ganga, playing music, etc., not to mention my later "Christian" living, then later Rastafari. InI also grateful for Dr Google, where I'm finding historic information with a click and a click, such as the Kebra Nagast, the overstanding of how Jah took the kingdom from Solomon and gave it to the son Jah chose in Ethiopia, and researching history of RCC, secret societies, Jesuits, Judeo-Christianity, etc.

I currently have 2 children in public schools. Once current custody courts are settled, I will be home schooling them. I've had to explain to them how I've had to unlearn almost everything I learned in schools, to even begin to understand how to live as Jah intended. They both will have much unlearning to do, having been stuck with their worldly, unloving mommy the past year, for school days. Should be very easy to do at their ages. Their younger brother, 3, will be no trouble at all, not yet having the 'schooling' the older two have had.

My beginning this thread with the title "Help..." was not really a request for help, just something that came to my mind from many years ago. In the '80s, there was a TV commercial of an old lady saying "Help, I've fallen and can't get up". I was musician in a C&W band then and a guitarist came up with this joke, "Help, I'm white, and I can't get down". If you don't get the joke, you won't get the title of this thread. ;)

JAH BLESSINGS from the most high almighty JAH Rastafari

Messenger: Iman Bo Sent: 10/25/2013 3:17:24 AM

Ras TafarI has love for all people of the Earth, all who rise upon righteousness

The root of mankind is Africa /Alkebulan, so why should it be wrong for all creeds to honor and uphold the teachings of an African King /Negus I?

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 10/25/2013 6:47:41 AM

Nothing wrong with that, and his teachings and lessons are for everyone. But for me for example to follow the many teachings of say Buddha doesn't make me a Buddhist necessarily, or following what ghandi had to offer doesn't make me a Hindu. So we are discussing the idea of a European rasta.

There's nothing wrong, intact it's a joy to see people taking heed to the words of jah. But my thought would be that this would lead one to a celebration of ones own culture...... Not a borrowed culture. I know we 'all come from Africa' but that was over tens of thousands of years ago and the European has a whoole lot of culture for himself from then to now.

Haile selassie clearly defined himself as an African leader. The meetings for the organisation of African unity were in his backyard. He was set to be president of the United States of Africa. And as I said, he sits on the most culturally significant and indiginous throne known to mankind.

When I sight the fullness of his majesty I don't look to the fact he was Christian or any thing like that, I look to his Africanness and representation of my original culture, African tradition. I've seen Hindus come to Jamaica and reason with some ancient dreads and then go back to India with dreadlocks, smoking ganja, and living righteous - but they don't call themselves rastafari. Through HIM revealing himself to them that pushed the. into the direction of their own culture and identity. There's something to be learned there.

YouTube: cross examination of a rasta

- for some good explanation and views from an early dread

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