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Messenger: tehg00dbudz Sent: 8/20/2013 5:56:13 PM

Good afternoon. I'm in a situation in school where I am confronted on a daily bases about my tam where I keep my dreads out of sight for polite sake. The administration at my school refuses to let me wear my tam even in my pretext of my belief. They want a "Priest or whom ever" to write a letter to them why I should (have to) wear it. I've explain why I'm well within my right to wear it under the First amendment, and again they refuse to allow it. They are violating my right of individuality (Freedom of speech). What should I do? Anyone willing to type a letter and emailing it to I and I? I isire for my right. It's ital.

Messenger: Ras Hemp Sent: 8/20/2013 8:04:18 PM

What if you just keep your tam off?

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 8/20/2013 10:09:32 PM

Do they want mail, or would they accept email?

Messenger: 1forTruth Sent: 8/20/2013 11:10:43 PM

That is against your religious right

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 8/21/2013 1:43:38 AM

Blessed I and I

Well, the I asked for help. so here is my part in effort to help.

Firstly, blessed bro Ark I for the willingness the I shares here.

Second of all, the HOLY BIBLE explains to the I that the I should grow the I s Locks. And that the I's Head is Christ.

Any nation going against the HOLY BIBLE should be delt with by the UN.
But anyways, its the I's school, so the I needs to explain to the principle of the school and even show the principle the HOLY BIBLE and how the I BELIEVES in the WORD.

The principle can't mess with I and I Human Rights.
Every Human Being has the right to his/her own Belief.

Blessed I.

Remember, no body can mess with the I's belief.
Fight for I and I Rights.

Jah Ras TafarI
Human Beings are given Freedom

Blessed I

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 8/21/2013 2:03:43 AM

Remember tehg00dbudz

Only Christ can Set the I free.
Only In Christ will Humans recieve their freedom.
Believe in the Christ the I is set free.

And theres more..
the I needs to explain to the I principle who the Christ is.
Looks like the I's school principle is not a christian?
If a being don't understand Christ, the being will never understand Ras TafarI.

1 Corrinthians 11:3
But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 8/21/2013 3:03:36 AM

Why do we need wars and armys and nations?why don't we live in peace and harmony ? we don't need un nations armies legues of nations fightings why we need them the world and in the history? All they do is fight and cause more harm than before. Why the a destruction to the world. I and I rather bring peace. who needs armies.we don't need them. I and I need peace.peace for all I and I believe in the most high God Jah Ras TafarI I and I know the heavenly Jah bring peace and no destruction. Blessed I

Messenger: tehg00dbudz Sent: 10/23/2013 9:16:09 PM

Email me. I'll print it.

Messenger: Raybob Sent: 10/28/2013 7:09:53 AM

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 10/28/2013 10:53:49 PM

1 Corrinthians 11:3
But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.


This is one of the most SEXIST doctrines from the bible. The idea that god is the head of the house, under which is the man, under which is the woman.
ORIGINAL version of the ancient traditions show it was always King Alpha with Queen Omega. Isis with Horus. Emporer Haile Selassie with Empress Menen. Woman lie next to man. Anyway the same people who put this doctrine out removed the woman from the Holy Trinity and changed her into a Spirit!

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