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Rasta born American

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Messenger: Ras ElIjah Sent: 12/23/2004 2:24:05 PM

True, I know this will get no where. I was defending my way of thinking.

"To be an authentic Rastafarian one must be a Christian and an Israelight."

I was quotes thee I first sentence, look at something.


Authentic means orginial and many of the original RastafarI are far different from what you say. Many of these Elders I hope to one day rejoice with apon Heavenly Zion, for many were cut down in the rise of the'r learning.

"To be an authentic Rastafarian one must be a Christian and an Israelight."

I understand that was an opinion. I was just stating before that I dont beleive myself to be Ither of them.

"Well you can if you want to ... but you are wrong."

Hey man you have no authority of Justice.

"No apologeez."

Then why did you apologize to me.

Its funny to I that you have these problems with your words, your "high" wisdom, and Iya only 16.

Ras ElIjah

Messenger: Ras ElIjah Sent: 12/23/2004 8:13:30 PM

I do my own studys,not to say you dont or that yours are wrong. You think you impress I on what you think you know. Any man can read.

"If you can't take the heat ~ stay out of the kitchen !"

What heat you bringin because obviously you dont know what your sayin. Know that I didnt call you on your information I called your personality, which if you dont live by your words your letting your letting things slip.

All your giving is words I got my studys in my weekly lesson plan. I MAn a RastafarI, Im a youth that maybe but I live by my words. If you didnt try to act "smarter" than I you might learn something.

Further more If you do not reply with some kind of new out-look or consiouness I will not waste my time posting again. You have already got this topic off subject. With your post on a "Authentic RastafarI", I simply stated that it was not right for your to say that.

Ras ElIjah
Elijah(Elias) Dutch background<-Birth name.(you dont have to put your foot in your mouth.)

Messenger: NineMile2004 Sent: 12/23/2004 10:38:24 PM

brethren and sistren simmer down,

I recall Selassie also mentioning (please correct the I, I dont remember the quote word for word nor do I have the quote before me at this time): No man shall question the faith of another for no man can question/judge? the many ways of God.

To the I it is clear that Teff has a great knowledge of the scriptures he is refering to. Big Respect!

However, it is obvious to me that the large struggle InI are all facing lays (with similar weight to studying)in the way InI live our lifes in the light of JAH by applying what InI learn. one love, true forgiveness, and respect for all people. If InI dont live a positive life that way, then what good are all the studies? Yes they lay the foundation and give InI a model that will guide us but InI have to discipline our minds to make this Truth a positive in InI lifes.

InI all gather the truth piece by piece since we are all searching, InI just dont all find the same "piece of the puzzle" in the same order or at the same time. This is then what causes strife and arguments for InI. once the puzzle comes together it will all be clearer for InI. There is only one truth so by studying hard the scriptures and actively and consciously making InI lifes positive we gain an overstanding. Theory and Practice go hand in hand otherwise InI are just well educated foolish hypocrits.

Many Blessings to InI that are searching fo the truth.

Jah RastafarI


Messenger: Ras ElIjah Sent: 12/23/2004 10:53:28 PM

My givin was Elias, but I asked I old Grandfather of the others in my family named Elias and when he got to the older people some was named Elijah, and members of my family is named Elijah to this day I believe. Both names mentioned, I feel that Elijah is more suitable, but if thee I would rather for my title to be Elias I could careless of my title. As I get older I will become more descret, I one day hope to redeem myself in I own eyes. I have a long journey to learn about HIM and I myself I must take care of.

NonMile2004 im sorry if you get mad at I. I know I probly made this blow up more than it should have.

Ras ElIjah
Elias R.

Messenger: NineMile2004 Sent: 12/23/2004 11:08:02 PM

Elijah Brethren,

If the I think that I got mad then the I did not oerstand I reasoning, or I did not make my reasoning clear enough and therefore reached the opposite result o what the I's attention was.

Big Up to all that are searching for the truth instead of being blinded by Babylon

Much Love


Messenger: Ark I Sent: 12/24/2004 2:40:41 AM


You should try to verify what you say before you quote from the scriptures

You said,
Your knowledge MUST surpass that of the scribes and the pharisees.

What Christ said is,
Matthew 5:20
For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.

As far as I Iverstand, Elijah reads the scriptures. And I Iverstand what he is saying when he says he is RasTafarI and not Christian or Israelite.

When a person says they are RasTafarI, it is because they follow the ways of RasTafarI, so they learn the way to Live by the words that RasTafarI tells I and I and by the example RasTafarI set for I and I. And as Selassie I reads the scriptures and learns from them, I and I also read and learn.

The ways of Jah has never changed. People were shown the way to live in the beginning of Creation. Christ came and told them of the original ways because they went away from Jah ways. So the Ones that learned from Christ called themselves Christian instead of Jews, because the ways of the Jews were not the same as Christ. So the Christians formed their churches based on teachings of Christ. And in present times, the ways of the Christians are not the ways of Selassie I. So I and I follow the original way shown by RasTafarI and also seen in the scriptures. So I and I call ourselves RasTafarI instead of Christian. And I and I trod with the church of RasTafarI Haile Selassie I

RasTafarI made changes to fix the corruption in the church. The church had to change their ways and trod by Haile Selassie I direction, Selassie I directed them in truth and rights. But the people have chosen to trod their own way and so have the churches. I and I look at the principles and teachings of Selassie I and learn from them.

Elijah may be a youth, but his words and thoughts are higher than many who are men. And I have never treated him like a kid because he hasn't acted like a kid. A man must behave like an Elder if they are to be looked at as an Elder. And those that want to be looked at as an Elder are not behaving like an Elder.

And Empress1 gave some good advice and you disrespected her by saying:
Firts of all I would like to say to the sister "If you can't take the heat ~ stay out of the kitchen !"

You say this when she brought the hottest Fire here with Truth. You should have learned from her words instead of disrespecting her.

Get off your high horse bredren, your head might swell too much.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: NineMile2004 Sent: 12/24/2004 9:02:52 AM

Ark I, Brethren, Sistren,

First, I like to thank Teff, for having disciplined his mind right at this time when sending his earlier post assuming partial responsibility by ackknowledging being human and reevaluating some of his comments. Seen. InI all make mistakes, it is important to detect them and change them and then being disciplined to not repeat them and that is what InI all face every day.

Well if Selassie is Jesus in his second coming as many like to argue. Then we know that whoever believes and follows Jesus word calls themselves Christians. Then HIM decides to come again because changes need to be made to guide us. This time HIM comes with the name Ras Tafari, Haile Selassie so forth and InI that follow his teachings call themselves Rastafarians. Now InI do still live by Jesus teachings but InI added Rastafari teachings and this is great for it furthers InI in this ya time. I see the problem lays that InI throughout this world are feeling the need to use the earthly name of HIM and either side (Christians or Rastafarians) likes to refer to the name respectively. InI can argue that point but it will be hard to solve unless all accept and adopt Ras Tafari or unless InI learn about JAH true name as he shall be called on the spiritual plane and not earthly. I agree though from the knowledge InI possess at this time it makes more sense to InI to call ourselves Rastafarians and not Christians.

Just I comments.



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