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Messenger: PurpleBlue Sent: 11/7/2015 3:25:42 PM

There was also an ancient calender having 13 months 28 days each plus one day.

Today winter solstice is around December 21, but because of calendar changes, it was originally December 25th.

Another explanation: The sun dies on 21th, rests for three days and resurrects on 24th (Christmas eve).

What the I means with KaBa, VoodooRuutz?

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 11/7/2015 5:56:01 PM

Ancient black stone,

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 11/7/2015 6:10:15 PM

Yes I VoodooRuutz! Love the building on SABA. Didn't know about the council of Elders. Beautiful!

Some more interesting connections with SABA/SHEBA/SHIVA/SEVEN

Shiva is the Lord of the Sabbath. 
Shiva as Lord of Yoga, Fulfilling the Seven Chakras. Shiva meant Seven throughout the Ancient World.
Names of Shiva in the Old Testament 
Relevant to the Sabbath: Sheba, Seba, Saba, Tsaba.

Even in the Bible, Sheba means “Land of Seven” and refers to Cush and Arabia.

We find that AST (Auset/Isis" has its origins from S'ba (Saba/seven) coming out of Kush.

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 11/7/2015 6:25:50 PM

Adding more "seasonings" to this pot ah Ital reasonings... :) All InI reasonings on this thread building beautifully.

VoodooRuutz, di I actually sparked I memory about Saba and the council of elders...when KABA was give thanks! I had to dig and find whete ini remember reading that from!

ON KABA the ancient black stone that came from the heavens (cosmos) and landed in Ethiopia, and how this ties all the reasonings in thread into one:

From "African Origins of the Major World Religions", a collaborative effort by Dr Yosef Ben-Jochannan (Master/Teacher from Ethiopia, a "Falashan" himself), CharlesFinch, Modupe Oduoye (who links the Teachings to the Interior of Afrika), Tsegaye Gabre-Medhin, an Ethiopian playwight, poet, and Kemetologist) and Amon Saba Saakana ( Kemetologist, and author of "Colonialism and the Destruction of the Mind):


KA IS THE CREATIVE FORCE that first gave birth to itself. It proceeded from the head of Nout, which is the Universe. Hence, from the beginning, KA is the "being" of our planet which became the manifistation of the first GOD-HEAD. It became the Cosmos that forms character in the human being who embodies it in its natural, organic and instintive constituents.

KA is the selective affinity or magnet power that draws spirit into incarnation. BA IS THE SPIRIT FORCE. It is the symbol of the human soul represented by the bird. BA is also the messenger that flies between the Sky and the Earth until it is purified by the KA to incorporate itself into the newly born human body. Between the beginning and the end BA is the breath which is in everything. It is the spirit force that constitutes the world and its final perfection.

RA IS THE LIGHT FORCE that first preceeded from NOUT, the void, or darkness. It is the rising sun by which the day and the night came to be depicted. RA is also the first Cause that held light and darkness in parallel potential in order that a third factor, "Life" came to reality. It is the Universal Power that acts throughout nature on seed and sex to produce new life.

"Utterances" of the "Primitive Trinity". the KA, the BA, and the RA (Ka-Ba-Ra), dates as far back as the prehistoric mythology of Khemet., "The Black Land", perhaps beginning between the periods of the late migration of homo-sapien man "from the southern lakes and rivers of the Niles" to the Kom Ombo Basin (20,000 to 11,000 B.C.) and continuing into the early Neolithic-Cuprothic or New Stone Age and Copper Tools Period (9000 to 7000 B.C.) of the "First NagAda Cultures".

"Isis had first travelled as a goddess from ETHIOPIA into Egypt" wrote Verru in his "Antiquities". When in the origin they named Egypt itself "Kamit" or "the Black Country", the early Kon Ombo settlers also refered to themselves as "KAM", the strongest Egyptian term expressing Blackness. From the verb "Kemti", which is "to burn", is derived the direct Greek transliteration "Ethiop" or "burnt faces", a synonymn-adjective of "Aethop" (i.e: Aesop) the Black philosopher of early Greece, and of the Hebrew word "Kush" which effects the sound of BURNING-FIRE in BOTH the present day ETHIOPIAN "KAMITIC" and "SEMITIC" language.

Also, in effect, recorded history of classical antiquity confirms that, beginning "about six thousand two hundred and eighteen years ago (4236 B.C.), these "Kamitic" Ka-Ba-Ra names of primitive antiquity had, in the HIEROGLYPHS, "appeared along with the discovery of the Egyptian Calender"; a calender aptly termed "the only intelligent calender which ever existed in human history".

Our Ethiopian Calender which is still in use today, is indeed the only one in the world keeping its inherent base on these astrological calculations of the old Egyptian classical antiquity. In fact, our more original Ethiopian name "HaBaSha" or "KaBaSa", meaning in the original old Egyptian, "Children of the Ka and of the Ba", also bases itself on this same traditional antiquity. Narmer Ka Menes, who, about five thousand seven hundred years ago, founded the First Dynasty by uniting Upper and Lower Egypt, is the FIRST PRIEST KING OF KAMIT to officially proclaim the KA name into the sanctuary of Memphis "the first religious capital of the world." Here, "a priest was washed clean and his power to fulfil his vocation."

Historians, both of classical antiquity and of the early Christian era, confirm that no other theology anticipated the Christian Logos Doctrine so closely as that as that of the old Egyptian primitive Trinity of the Ka-Ba-Ra, AND CREATED THE CHRISTIAN TRINITY OF "GOD THE FATHER, GOD THE SON, AND GOD THE HOLY GHOST". The story of the birth of Moses, also closely immitates the original mythological birth-story of Osiris Ka. Moses, who's wonder-working rod had been earlier dedicated by the Egyptians in all of their temples to Isis. The Bible too, in the Acts, Chapter 7, vs. 22, says that "Moses was learned in ALL the wisdom of the Egyptians, and was mighty in words and deeds". Moses himself was an innitiate of the Kamitic religion, "a priest of Isis". His INNITIATE NAME was Osarisiph. In one of the doctrines of the KABARA which later emerged in the Jewish Zohar, called the Hebrew Kabbalah, the hieroglyphs, Heratic, Meroetic (Nile Civiliazations), Hebraic, and GEEZ and later Arabic.

It is in this clear sociological stratum that Moses, the "Priest of Isis" who earlier held up Isis's own symbol of the rod and sacred serpent in his worship at the Nile Temple of Memphis, later also held up the SAME ROD and sacred serpent as banner of his Jewish followers, when as "Priest of Israel" he led them out of the 
"Land of Kam".

It is therefore that we are not surprised to find the Ka-Ba-Ra serpent figure on the rod of Moses strill prevalent today in the "Betre Aron" service of the ETHIOPIAN COPTIC CHURCH ; the serpent feature of the "Boku" rod of the ETHIOPIAN Oromo Gada (Ka Ada); the annual processional performance of the Holy Covenant Church of Our Lady of Axum abound with her Isiac sistrums and "Warab" dances; the annual processional performance of the ETHIOPIAN Epiphany and Oromo Erecha, STILL journeying to the lakes and rivers to engage in their seperate but similar sprinkle of the sacred waters; the intermingled Isaic adorations to the Abdar-Atete-Mariam on the first day of the ETHIOPIAN month, Gimbot; the KARAISMS of the anual QULUBI and GIFITI, Lady of Sheik-Hussein processions; the "karaism" in the "KirarIso" invocation-song in the annual FASIKA (Easter) resurection of the Christ, and the procession performed around the MEDREK of the church in search of His lost body. The Bacchic dances of the Oromo Atete, the Tigrai Ado Kabare (Ada KABARA), and the Christian Amara Aquabit, are but VERY FEW EXAMPLES OF THE RELEVANT Ka-Ba-Ra Culture STILL surviving in Minds and Religious Practices (ETHIOPIANS...and deeply imbedded within the Ethiopian Coptic Church.)

To the ancient Egyptians the "trinity" of the Ka, the Ba, and the Ra is like a sinble sacred tree (like the Adbara or Baobab tree) standing in one harmony, with roots, trunks, leaves and fruits. (This is the origin of the tree used in Hebrew Kabbalah).

Throughout Classical Antiquity, historians have recorded that the Ethiopians stood out BOTH in their MORAL COURAGE and RELIGIOUS PIETY. Herodotus and Diodorus (Western Father of History) had particularly stressed that Sobaq (SHABAKA), the ETHIOPIAN Pharoah "far surpassed his predecessors in peity and uprightness." Homer, in the Iliad, tells us that the Olympians were fond of visiting the PIOUS ETHIOPIANS. Zeus himself, followed by ALL the gods of Greece, went to FEAST with "the blameless Ethiopians", where he remained for 12 days.

The FEAST is NONE OTHER THAN THE FESTIVITY OF THE KA-BA-RA. From the beginning to PRESENT DAY ETHIOPIA'S Axum, where Almugah, the (Horus) SUN-RA, and ASHTAR, the (ISIS) MOON-BA, STILL RISE ON the phallic sacred (Oriris Ka) or Black KaBa Stone, the primitive Trinity of the Ka-Ba-Ra STILL SURVIVES IN THE PEOPLE'S STRONG, COGNITIVE UMBILICAL CORD.

What the Jews know as the "Sabazian" worship-dance is the "Sabean" or SABBATIC worship-dance which is a derivative of Baal or Adon and was originally the Kamitic Phallic god, Bacchus, FOR THE DANCE PERFORMED BY DAVID ROUND THE ARK WAS A "CIRCLE DANCE" and was CHARATERISTIC of the Sabean dance of ETHIOPIA/KAMIT. And as in the "Wereb" dance it denoted THE MOTION OF THE PLANETS AROUND THE SUN, and the leaping of the Prophets of Bacchus (BaKa) (1 Kings 18-26, Judges 21-21, 23). This was declared a JUDAIC DANCE (JUDAH), and later became a Christian dance of the COPTIC CHURCH TO DATE. When Moses instituted the Yom-Saba or SABBATH DAY, the allegory of the Lord God resting from his work of Creation on the 7th day. In Hebrew the word "Sab" also meant "Grey Headed Men" and that therefore the Saba-day was the day on which the "grey headed men" or sacrifices at the KaBa, the Ancient Ka-Ba-Ra black stone. Also the original hieroglyphic word SABA which meant "People of the Spirit Force", or "person" as in the GEEZ or "mass of people" as in the Oromo (ANcient language from Interior of Ethiopia).

Some points of Influence of Osiris-Ka as "Black God" and Confluence of Isis-Ba as "Etiopian Woman"

1) Osiris-Ka was called "The Great Black" (7000 B.C)

2) Now these are the generations of the sons of Noah: Sem, Kam, and Japhet....and the sons of Kam were KUSH, Mithraim, Phut and Canaan. (2230 B.C.)

3) Abraham, the great father and Prophet of the Semitic race, married Hagar, an Ethiopian Woman. (Old Testament, Genesis, about 1921 B.C.)

4) Moses the great leader of Prophet of the Jewish race, married an Ethiopian Woman (1571 B.C.) It was God himself who wedded the Ethiopian Woman to Moses, "and that Moses deserved high praise for having married the Ethiopian woman, her nature, tested BY FIRE, THAT CANNOT BE CHANGED.

5) Saba, the Ethiopian Queen, had a son by Solomon, the King of 
Israel (about 1000 B.C.) "From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia will I receive my dispersed ones"; Matthew, 12:42.

6) Zeus the great god of the Greeks, was also called the "Ethiop" 
(815 B.C.)

7) Memnon, the King of Greece, was refered to as "Black" is believed to have descended from the Ethiopians. (415 B.C)

8) Christ, the Divine Infant (Ethiopian), who also went to Kamit to 
be learned in Her wisdom. (New Testament, about 1 A.D.)..."That Jesus supplemented his INITIATION in the JEWISH KABALA with an additional aquisition of the Wisdom of Egypt."

9) The prophet Mohammed married an Ethiopian Woman. (about 552 A.D.)

In the name of MA'AT (Divine Balance, Cosmic Order, and Truth)

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 11/10/2015 2:02:57 PM

i always thought that there are other "versions" of the sabbath. like kemetic origins. i dont know but i still appreciate sababth day.

Messenger: PurpleBlue Sent: 11/13/2015 5:57:02 AM


Ises RastaGoddess, makes me also think about the MER-KA-BA the star tetrahedron energy field around InI human temple...

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 11/13/2015 12:08:29 PM

Indeed PurpleBlue. The same thing crossed I mind!

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 11/20/2015 9:06:10 AM

ah. merkaba. i think also the urantia book is based on it heavily.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 11/20/2015 2:58:15 PM

Greetings + Love!

These are the images that I have been wanting to share, about the Kemetic calendar of 10-day Strongs, with four resting days in each Strong. I still have more to learn about the reasonings for using this exact setup, so if anyone has knowledge to share please do! According to Neb Naba this 10-day cycle is the Iriginal, and the seven day schedule came after. I will copy the Ixplanation from the Earth Center website:

About the Calendar
The Sidereal Calendar is the world’s most astronomically accurate calendar. Yet it is humanity’s oldest calendar: it was in use during the times of the Pharaohs in Kemet. Throughout the world, many cultures have been forced to use the Gregorian calendar because of violent conversion and colonisation. The Sidereal Calendar gives one a link to his or her respective heritage through humanity’s source culture, while providing accurate time division. It unites all of humanity as one people, while giving all of us a reference in time and space that is not based on socio-religious or political events.

The model for the zodiac signs, astrology, the constellations and horoscopes is found in the Sidereal Calendar. All other zodiacs, such as the Greek and Chinese, are based on this model. Each of the original thirteen months are governed by a Neter (Divinity) Who influences the personality and destiny of individuals born within that month. Find out your sign according to this original Kemetic science of astrology. Find out what taboos are imposed on you by that Divinity. Align yourself with the principles of nature and the universe that your Ancestors knew so well.

The Sirius Star
Every 1461 years, the Earth, the Sun and the Sirius Star align. This event, known as the heliacal rising, causes a huge energetic impact on Earth and its inhabitants. Throughout history, this period has coincided with catastrophic events. The Sidereal Calendar was created to chart this cycle. We will be in the 415th year since the last heliacal rising. This 1461 year cycle is known as a Great Year or a Neter (God) Year.

The cycle of the Sirius Star (known in Kemet as Septet) also influences the seasonal cycles of the Earth. The Kemetic New Year (September 11th) coincides with the time of year when Septet rises at the same time, or close to the same time as the Sun. This time of year also marks the rainy season in the tropical regions, as well as hurricane season.

The Real Year and the Origins of the Leap Year
The astronomical reality is that 365 days or 366 days do not represent a year; this is if we keep in mind the importance of exact positioning, whether it is Synodic or Sidereal. A cycle is complete only if it offers two similar positions. The concept of a year revolving around 365 or 366 days is, in reality, a seasonal cycle from which the important elements are the four seasons that we notice.

1461 revolutions of the Earth (1461 years) gives to the interstellar conjunctions seen through the Earth the astronomical phenomenon we call the Heliacal Rising of Sirius. The cycle of 1461 years can be divided into cycles of medium years of 1461 days. The 1461 day cycle is the real cycle of a revolution of Earth and can be divided into 3 years of 365 days and 1 year of 366 days. The 1461 day cycle is known as a real year because it is a complete cycle, whereas each 365 or 366 day cycle is known as a seasonal year or a farmer’s year…

The seasonal year is divided into 13 months: 12 months of 30 days and 1 month of 5 days. Each 30 day month is divided into 10 day periods known as metheru (pronounced “met-heru’). One month of 5 days comes as the 13th month and completes the end of the seasonal cycle. At the end of the 4th consecutive seasonal cycle, a 6th day is added to the 13th month. This day, known as World Renewal Day, is added to keep the calendar in astronomical alignment with the Septet cycle. This is where the modern idea of the leap year comes from. In other words, the year of 366 days generally known as the “leap year” is, in reality, the last portion of the medium year of 1461 days.

Spiritual Applications
The Sidereal calendar is also the basis for Kemetic spiritual activities, being the reference for when the Holy Days are and when offerings to the Divine and Ancestral Worlds are to be made.

Each month of the calendar is governed by one of the Kemetic Deities. The characteristics of each Deity will influence the personality of each person born in their respective months. This is the origin of the modern zodiac. The calendar provides a description and depiction of the Deities of each month. Also included are the animals sacred to to each Deity. It is forbidden to consume or kill animals sacred to the Deity governing the month of one’s birth.

The daily spiritual activities of the Kemetic Initiate are known as the zemzem. This is a time of energetic alignment with the Divine World and communion with one’s ancestors. The appropriate days for performing the zemzem and refraining from performing the zemzem are detailed in the calendar.

Each month is divided into periods of 10 days known as metheru (pronounced “met-heru”). Each metheru includes 6 days for performing the zemzem, 2 days of rest where zemzem is not performed, one Ancestral Day where offerings are made to one’s ancestors and one Divine Holy Day where offerings are made to the Divine World. These details are also included in the calendar.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 11/20/2015 3:09:33 PM

RasGoddess I give thankhs for the teachings! The linguistic and historical comparisons the I bring forward are indeed perfect to bring all of the thoughts of the thread into one teaching! Well done, beautifully said. More Iducation

Btw apologies on the images being sideways, I am not sure how to change that in this situation.

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