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Messenger: Major Scorpion Sent: 11/29/2004 1:05:11 PM

When do you know that you found a Truth?

Messenger: Lioness_Susan Sent: 11/29/2004 1:28:37 PM


I guess.. when the i know within your irits ,that this is something that is logically..i mean every one has their own truth/reality...just to meds and sus out what is truth in your irits.
...and this is within the conscience..the truth..
hope i overstood the question

humble always
Sista Susan

Messenger: Major Scorpion Sent: 11/29/2004 1:50:04 PM

the I said:

"i mean every one has their own truth/reality"

it is nog because somebody says he found truth, that it is the Truth. I search after Truth in the Bible (but is everything in the Bible written by Jah or are there also parts written by man?) I am also searching after Truth in what RasTafarI say (but how can I know it is really said by HIM?).

Babylon is working everywhere....

so When do I know something is True?

Messenger: NineMile2004 Sent: 11/29/2004 2:31:29 PM

Yes I agree, everyone has to find his or her own truth. It will come together piece by piece. We learn everyday from scripture and experience and by embracing teachings and thoughts of others.

I am finding my truth by my own personal journey into ONE LOVE: ONE LOVE, ONE AIM, ONE DESTINY

JAH RastafarI



Messenger: NineMile2004 Sent: 11/29/2004 2:32:51 PM

Even scripture in the bible was written down by man so I believe InI shall not take everything as the truth but study and learn from it and the ONE truth will develop from there.



Messenger: SisMenenI Sent: 12/1/2004 12:04:29 AM

This seems to be a great question for many.. "is there ONE truth?"

The bible is many times a contradiction, it takes a clear mind and meditation to truly overstand from reading the scriptures. If you read an "eye for an eye" and then "Turn the other cheek" .. what do you do? This is where the knowledge of JAH in Man comes in.. THE I has the gift to seek truth within self!

An African elder in "Stepping Razor Red X" tells a metaphor that has proven very interesting to me, often when ones are debating, each are trying to pull the truth to their side. But the truth is standing there right in the middle, solid and un-moved. A meditation.

Most importantly.. know yourself.. know what is true for you.. do not "believe".. KNOW.


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Haile Selassie I