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Messenger: Muslimfari777 Sent: 2/15/2013 8:55:05 PM

Hello and asalaam, I am a practicing Muslim and I have a interest in the rasta way of life, and may want to live the Rasta way of life. The only problem is that I am afraid that Rastafarianism would contradict my Muslim faith and I wish to keep it. I heard of "Muslim Rastas" but there is so little information about them, So please help?!?! Blessings 1 love 1 race 1 god.

Messenger: DURU Sent: 2/16/2013 6:24:34 AM

Blessed to all

Greetings muslimfari777, RastafarI is not a religion just as d I stated its a way of life ,living natural which is Ital(vital) in fact it strengthens InI faith , some Rastas read d bible some not but its about equal rights and justice for all and self realization , all is equal , since InI carry d name Rastafari d respect to His Imperial Majesty is part of it since H.I.M is d reason of d way of life , some recognise H.I.M as god ,some as guru and some as Inspiration for d divinity of InI, african redemption plays a big role obviously because of being d victim of white supremacy till now and is affecting d whole humane race and nature itself.
D "InI" realization has its major importance because of its spiritual essence , which explains that d higher I is InI reality and is all same 1 consciousness which is life itself and d lower I which d majority are identified with is just a tool to function on these world,and from identification with d lower I ,ego or d mind dominated d heart or consciousness of man d ego is born and is d cause of all fear,greed,lust,separation,dominance and destructive acts towards InI and nature. In I overstanding is JAH or ALLAH is this consciousness which is 1 and eternal present in everything.


Messenger: Matthew Sent: 2/16/2013 1:51:24 PM

Yes I


(Words of RasTafarI)

Messenger: Nazarite_I Sent: 2/16/2013 8:01:38 PM

Ises and love Idren, whether the I is RastafarI or Muslim.

Really all I can advise the I is to Iditate and search the Iself for answers to the I's own questions and discover the path that the Most High is leading the I on, but I will share some knowledge with the I that I pray the I finds uplifting. I know some RastafarI people who hold Islam in some low regard through past and recent atrocities committed against the Afrikan people by so-called Muslims, but none of them find time seek out and examine the Iritual teachings of the Qur'an or some of the Islamic mystics like the Sufi poet Rumi, and that is a shame, because if they did they would realise that those people who enslave and brutalise others are no Muslims, just hypocrites and devil worshipers like the Pope in Rome who's personal bank owns a majority share in the berretta arms company.

Haile Selassie I always showed love and respect to the Muslim residents of His Kingdom, allowing them to freely practice their faith and law, making a point to visit mosques and found Muslim schools. I and I all know that His Majesty spoke of the spiritual kinsmanship of the mystics of whatever faith. Ethiopia accepted Islam even before Mecca through the kindness of the King of Axum after Mohammed sent his followers there to seek refuge from downpression. I haven't managed to identify it Iself yet, but I have heard well studied Idren speak even of a prophesy in the Qur'an that says that when the house of David joins with the decendants of Mohammed, great things shall occur, and when I and I check the lineage of Empress Menen I, She is irrefutably descended from the lineage of the prophet. So if that prophesy is true, then it has already fulfilled in this time when Ras TafarI married Itege Menen. In West Afrika around Mali, Niger and the other nations with large Muslim populations and a long heritage of Islamic practice and scholarship, I and I can still see Muslim men who take up the equivalent of I and I Nazarine vow and let their locks natty up and grow and stop shaving their beard to symbolise their Livivation to Allah, and from the few things I have read about these men, they deal with the self-realised truth of divinity in flesh and the totality of Iration as I and I do. One of the things I read was one of these mystics being asked what he thinks about I and I RastafarI, and the man said straight up that I and I are Iritual kinsmen from the Root of creation.

Finally though, I have a piece of flowetry I wrote the other day on just this subject:

In this time things are seeming dire
And I know that the only hope is Iyah
I don't care what you call Him, don't get stuck in the mire
Religious division is a trap and of it I tire
Time to kill it, burn it on a pyre
Rastaman, don't stop, chant and cast it in the fire
Build it up with logs, go for ones that's dryer
I've got no problem saying Sikhs and Hindus I admire
I'll sit down, Reason and drink tea with a friar
Answer questions about my locks when they inquire
I'll stop and help a Muslim change his tyre
Love, to that we can all aspire
I'll shout it in the streets like a crier
That this division is of dirty babylon the liar
About time we came together, our youth we must inspire
To work as One to make the changes we require

Heart of love Idren, and guidance on the I's trod.


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Haile Selassie I