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Messenger: Sent: 2/3/2013 9:03:53 AM

Greetings everyone, I'm a youth (17).. I have been a follower of Christ all my life and do fear his father..I see myself as righteous and I also witness what happens to the righteous when he ask for forgiveness but continue in his ways..,i notice that I is not as healthy as I was before, seems like my immune and blood is a little low so i can easily catch a cold...I am a working boy who does construction and pray to the father to keep I healthy and strong so I can continue my daily work, I continue to smoke herb and pray for better days to come.. Jah has showed me in the Ible to stay away from certain types of women,I do but the lust sin comes to mind a bit, and that is a sin..I am looking forward to everyone's opinion, I am only a youth again so please come to I with sense, bless

Messenger: Sent: 2/3/2013 9:17:03 AM

When i seek help, I always ask Jah Jah for forgiveness understanding wisdom and meekness of Jesus Christ

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 2/3/2013 5:23:50 PM

yes babylon doing all can to keep people in sin and lower animal nature
but dont give in
Lust comes on strong , and kills
The spirit of Jah comes on stronger and gives peace
Christ is doing all to save INI and raise INI to glory next to JAH
hear the word, be near to the way, and more and more near every day, pray and go this way untill ONE in UNITY with The Trinity

Messenger: Sent: 2/4/2013 3:40:44 PM

Give thanks once again, I didnt know it leads to death..But to be honest, it is hard to trod this everyday life with the lust from females,and I pray to Jah to overcome this habit being im in high school..I must stand firm and let nothing move me, Bless

Messenger: ras big Sent: 2/28/2013 9:21:47 AM

qoute''it is indeed true dat there is perfection in humanity, day 2 day we do sin day 2 day we make mistakes bt even if we do that we know we have a chance of forgiveness 4rm de almighty god'' words of HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY

Messenger: chica Sent: 3/12/2013 8:06:28 PM

Greetings, Shakal_Lake17

Please remember if you are having sex, practice safe sex each and every time. Teenagers are one of the fastest growing population of AIDS victims, along with women. This is the world we live in. Abstinence is the safest practice, but if you indulge, please be safe about it. You spoke earlier of feeling like your immune system is weakening. There could be many causes for this, but I would suggest you get tested, just to be safe. Much respect... Chica

Messenger: SAKI Sent: 3/14/2013 9:10:18 AM


Messenger: Oluseyi (God Made This Child) Adeagbo ( Crown Circle) Sent: 3/14/2013 1:45:41 PM

It is interesting InI brought this up lust is a universal problem and abstruction to the teachings of his majesty that all the Idren must address Sistren among themselves and Bredren Like wise. Avoiding the lust is the answer not so much to ignore the fact it exists but to realize the situation the I is in and retreat flee from those things that will trap the soul.

[29] And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.

This is not in the sense to mutilate Iself but to overstand the seriousness of InI's approach to conscious and consentual sin. If a woman passes by the I remember she is a child of Jah no matter what color nor religion or affiliation. She is a daughter or a sister to someone then think of the relationship the I holds with the kin and your lust should vanish for it is not right for a brother to love his sister so. Praise Jah and no evil can touch I for in the doing his work you enter his protection.

Praise The Most High Emperor Haile King Selassie I
King Of Kings Lord Of Lords
Elect Of God
Conquering Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 3/15/2013 12:02:17 AM

Resist the devil, and the devil will flee

I was chanting to RasTafarI a few days ago and I asked Jah how I and I can keep away from temptation. I have reasoned in the past that if I and I only resist the physical manifestation of wickedness then the temptation will never be defeated. As long as the thought is there, it is possible for it to manifest into physical actions. So I and I must resist the thought of temptation, because if I and I don't allow the thought to arise, then I and I can no longer be tempted by it because it is blazed and defeated. But until the day comes where we blot out the transgression, it can sometimes be hard to resist the undesireable thoughts. Because as we try to resist, the thought keeps on trying to slip in from behind. So I asked Jah what to do when it is hard to resist.

But before I reason about the answer I received. I will show some reasonings about resisting temptation, because I feel that it is an important part of the battle.

To build up Righteousness, I and I need to resist and cast away wickedness. I and I should resist wicked thoughts as they come so they can't become action. It can be hard to do this because we have been giving in to temptation for generations. So in the beginning, the I might find yourself with more wicked thoughts and actions then you should. But as times goes on, and I and I Itinue to resist temptation, temptation will flee away and there will be much more Righteousness.

To resist temptation, I and I need to resist and stop the thought as it starts to rise. The sooner I and I resist, the closer I and I come to casting away temptation entirely. This is a process over time. Fasting builds up discipline in our mind, and cleans I and I vessel. This discipline to resist hunger, builds up I and I mental discipline in general. I and I can learn to resist hunger when necessary, resist sleep when necessary, and resist other things also.

In time, the I will gain more control over your own self, and be able to resist temptation in many situations, and eventually, if the I Faith is strong enough, the I will resist temptation in all situations.

Here is another reasoning about it:


So when I was chanting to Jah, another way I saw to keep away from tempation is to Praise Jah RasTafarI. If an undesirable thought arises and we are not able to resist the thought, then I and I can first Blaze Fire on our wickedness to sever it and Praise RasTafarI to take our mind and Spirit away from that and into Jah RasTafarI Praise. Let Jah Praise fill our thought and Spirit so that there is no room for wickedness. Also, by Praising RasTafarI I and I will receive help and strength from Jah to take our Spirit away from iniquity. And when I say Praise, I don't just mean to say Jah RasTafarI and done. I am saying to chant praises for whatever amount of time necessary. Chant in your mind or out loud if appropriate. Remember, the Pharisees love people to see them praise, but I and I are Praising Jah for Jah, not for other people.

It is harder to go back into the wicked thought after Praising Jah, because it won't feel right to transgress into wickedness immediately after you Praise Jah. And the Strength that Jah provides will make I and I stronger in resistance.

And what is even better is to spend your days and nights Praising RasTafarI. Even while you work you can Praise RasTafarI. If our minds are filled with Jah Praise all the time, wickedness will have no place. The more I and I Praise RasTafarI, the less time I and I will give I and I mind to go unto temptation.

Messenger: SAKI Sent: 3/15/2013 3:36:37 AM

greetings in name of haile selassie I. yes my bredren and sistren are not concious about that iya.and that iNi should be outspoken i so that we and i can know and be strong iNi and be mentally resistable on temptation i. i give thanks once again iNi.

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