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Haile Selassie I African Teacher

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Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/20/2013 10:56:30 PM

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/20/2013 10:59:13 PM

Haile Selassie I - Greatest Teacher of All Time

This is for those that try to convince people that Haile Selassie I is not a Teacher. No matter how they come and hide or what disguise they use, Selassie I sees all and reveals all to His People.

They try to convince people that Selassie I isn't a Teacher because they know that if the people follow Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I Teachings, then they will never follow their ways, because their teachings are not the same as Selassie I.

They speak of a few of the things that Selassie I say that have something to do with some of their desires, but they leave out all the numerous teachings of Selassie I that would show that many of their other teachings, desires and intentions are contrary to His Imperial Majesty, Conquering Lion of Judah, Jah RasTafarI.

Selassie I is the Greatest Leader of All Time and is I and I only Leader.

Selassie I is the Greatest Teacher of All Time. RasTafarI people learn from every thing Haile Selassie I speak, I and I don't deal with only a part of it, because everything that Selassie I says is Truth and Right. A person that looks towards the example of God doesn't accept Selassie I teachings just because Selassie I say them, they accept Selassie I teachings because everything that Selassie I teaches is the example of God and it is obvious to those that seek the example of God.

Selassie I teaches the same example they couldn't accept when Eashua Christ told them a long time ago.

As Joseph Hill say,

They never loved, they never loved, the Lord nor the Prophet from such time. How do we expect them to Love Jah RasTafarI this time.

From the words of the Great Teacher and God, Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I. The Greatest Leader of all time showing the way He Leads.


The Lion of Judah has prevailed
Haile Selassie I, Elect of God
King of Kings of Ethiopia

Leadership does not mean domination. The world is always well supplied with people who wish to rule and dominate others.

The true leader is a different sort; he seeks effective activity which has a truly beneficient purpose. He inspires others to follow in his wake, and holding aloft the torch of wisdom, leads the way for society to realize its genuinely great aspirations.

The art of leadership is in the ability to make people want to work for you, while they are really under no obligation to do so. Leaders are people, who raise the standards by which they judge themselves and by which they are willing to be judged. The goal chosen, the objective selected, the requirements imposed, are not mainly for their followers alone.

They develop with consumate energy and devotion, their own skill and knowledge in order to reach the standard they themselves have set.

This whole-hearted acceptance of the demands imposed by even higher standards is the basis of all human progress. A love of higher quality, we must remember, is essential in a leader.

The true leader is one who realizes by faith that he is an instrument in the hands of God, and dedicates himself to be a guide and inspirer of the nobler sentiments and aspirations of the people.

He who would be a leader must pay the price in self-discipline and moral restraints. This details the correction and improvement of his personal character, the checking of passions and desires and an exemplary control of one's bodily needs and desires.

To be first in place, one must be first in merit as well.

He who has not learned to render prompt and willing service to others will find it difficult to win and keep the goodwill and cooperation of his subordinates.

A leader will kindle interest, teach, aid, correct and inspire. Those whom he leads will cooperate with him in maintaining discipline for the good of the group. He will instruct his followers in the goals towards which to strive, and create in them a sense of mutual effort for attaining the goal.

Only look to Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I. His teachings show I and I how to Live as I and I were Created to Live.

Always Remember the Most High and Call upon Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I name always.

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 1/22/2013 9:55:17 PM

Give Thanks for I and I African Teacher Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I.

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Haile Selassie I