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Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 9/2/2015 12:05:18 PM

The devil made you a slave and gave you a bible....

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 9/12/2015 7:23:24 PM

lately ive said that i think about "real" sins a lot. right now i think that nobody is perfect and everybody is a "sinner" somehow in deed. but not in a way the church tells us. i think everybody can and should learn from her or his own mistakes and try to focus on a "clean" and truely fullfilling, useful lifestyle although everybody of us will make mistakes again and again. so we have to learn every day. its just natural. but everybody, even children and priests as well as rapists and murderers, can also say if she or he witnesses wicked acts in society and has the right to be angry and fight it. i believe in the power of positive energy.

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 9/18/2015 5:14:45 AM

fitness is a very special topic. i have received critical responses for arguments like that in the past during my life but i think a negative site of the trend regarding most of the youths visit gyms on a regular basis these days is that they walk to the gym while they smoke a bunch of cigarettes and after their work out session they go to the next fast food restaurant and drink beer afterwards. so going to the gym on a daily basis alone doesnt mean you live healthy to me. a gym is just a place that provides some tools to work out right (while on the road) to me. and the real body builer programs are not healthy at all. all of the protein is cancerous and bad for your guts. its not natural and many boidy builder use steroids.

so what i do for my body is following four methods of my own. one method is about food. a stric vegan and even ital diet. i try to eat consciously. even when it comes to grain. i dont take any drugs. not even soft drinks or coffee.

another method is to sleep right and to avoid lazyness. i take care of the household, go shopping, i cook and i always take a walk in the evening to relax and to collect positivity. between 1 and 3 o clock pm i try to sleep for half an hour again on weekends. i try to sleep a couple of minutes every afternoon. its good for your system.

the third thing is about stretching. everyday i do some yoga inspired moves for my back, my ankles, my bones and my muscles in general.
i lay down on the floor and use my legs and my shoulder to push my body up.
i use my legs and arms to push my mid section up while laying on my back.
i do knee strikes while laying on the floor.
on my back and also in push up position.
i just push my arms and legs in the air while laying on my back.
also while laying on the left and the right site.
i brace on my arms (lefdt and right) and i also do this bycicle move while laying on the floor.
i do sit ups while standing next to a wall to keep my back in a straight position.
i do a handstand against the wall and some sumersaults.
i just sit down on the floor and stand up again. those ones are tough sit ups.
i do normal sit ups on a chair.
i also stay in sit up position for a minute or two.
i stand up, spread my legs a little bit and start to spin my waist in cycles. its very good for your back.
i just do all kinds of strecthing moves for my ankles, legs and upper body.
i also like to dance several times a week.
i do balance exercises like standin on one leg and jump around while doing so.
i also go on my hands and knees and push my left leg and my right arm in the air. or the other way around. also in standing position. this is very good for your spine.
i also sprawl out several times a day and i try to avoid sitting for too long.

the last method is about sports itself. i try to jog for 40 minutes 4 days a week. also as as a warm up session. i do jumping jacks (also with weights). i do single leg training. i do sit ups. i do push ups. also with legs on a chair and single hand ones. i do something for my stomach muscles like leg lifts and jungle. also in standing position. i do something for my shoulders and arms with chin ups, also by the help of the doorhandle, and i push some weights. also single arm training and over head. i also carry water tanks several times a week and sometimes i do use them as weights or i do some push ups on them.

so you see you can work out at home without paying anything for it. i work out daily and im not even quite muscular. i just do it to take care of my body.

Messenger: KnowThySelf333 Sent: 9/19/2015 3:58:00 AM

What is unhealthy about bodybuilding programs or protein?
Much false information being spread on the internet.
A bodybuilding program is about lifting weights and keeping a healthy diet and lifestyle.
Some pro bodybuilders may use steroids but this doesnt prove bodybuilding or concern for your body to be unhealthy.Lifting weights has even revealed to be healthy for the heart as any other excercice.
Among athletes as runners for example there are those who take doping but that dont mean running is bad.The study that spread the false belief about protein having connection to cancer was not done properly.It was done by asking people what they remember eating the last day only and other factors and lifestyle habits were mot taken into account.
Powerlifters and other athletes who eat much protein to sustain muscle mass and strength are not more prone to cancer or unhealthier than other people who dont do sports at all.Even some who took steroids are still healthier at old age in comparison to other old people .Like Arnold still livin up at 68.

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 9/19/2015 2:41:25 PM

yes i! respect!

no offensive! but i think my imaginations of ital livity cant be compared to the one of a person who uses a quote from an aleister crowley book (a man who said that killing little children will empower you and that adolf hitler is a good rolemodel) along with a strange, magical looking number.

mentioning arnold schwarzenegger proves that you may believe in the site of rastafari which deals with secret societies. but dealing with crowley AND schwarzenegger means to follow babylon when it comes to the view of most rastas. freedom for everybody, no disrespect at all. but thats just not my point of view and following this route can be very dangerous.

i just believe that bodybuilding is a waste of time. its superficial and many body builders do it because of psychological problems. consuming that much protein can only be done by following a diet which isnt ital. which isnt natural. many statistics say its cancerous. i cant find it on youtube anymore because they have deleted stuff like this again of course.

arnold schwarzenegger is a perfect example of everything a bodybuilder can do wrong.

first of all, hes not that healthy. as a matter of fact, hes still quite young to suffer from things like a whole in his heart. a problem he clearly has to deal with because of the abuse of protein products.

schwarzeneggers father was a nazi, like silvester stallone has admitted but unfortunately schwarzenegger has deleted all of the reports on sites like
schwarzenegger has admitted that his father has caused psychological problems and that he, arnold schwarzenegger, admires dictators like adolf hitler in one of his first movies. a documentary about bodybuilding. he is responsible for deleting many reports on the internet regarding him acting like a racist.

schwarzenegger has used his look to molest many women. he was even sued many times because of molesting female journalists etc. he even had affairs with man according to internet reports.

schwarzenegger, who has betrayed his ex-wife, a kennedy, multiple times, shows that its possible to be friends with high members of both huge us-american parties while following own agends via skull and bones membership. he even took part at the bohemian grove meetings, a place many children were raped at if you believe numerous reports. he does all of that while posing as a non-political, muscular action hero for the masses.

he became a millionair in his 20s? i cant believe his story. schwarzenegger is a member of a certain blood line according to some sources and maybe he also had the right friends at the right time. hes not the healthy sportsman he seems to be.

Messenger: KnowThySelf333 Sent: 9/19/2015 3:35:58 PM

Double message posted!?

Messenger: KnowThySelf333 Sent: 9/19/2015 3:36:40 PM

I see you are one of those people who like to believe that Alex Jones type of thing and all that concpiracy bullshit bored people post on the internet LOL.

Are you refering to my nickname?Aleister crowley?
"Know thyself" was there long before Crowley and I don't see anything wrong with this saying as to me it means to basically look within and to learn about your self through deep insight and wisdom of the ancient and modern wiseman.

You see just because someone refers to a person on something specific like I refered to Arnold's health at 68 doesnt mean that I support ALL the things that person did or said.
And who are you to point fingers at someone who strive and achieved success in life through hard work?
Rastaman may see many things arnold or others do or say as different from our standards but that dont mean I cant agree and confirm where the same person who is wrong on somethings is right.Arnold also said he smoked Marijuana and said it's not a drug,does that mean Rasta should be against the sacrament?
See what I mean...

I dont fall for that other conspiracy bullshit wich random people on the internet post for intertaiment.

If I personally look at Arnold at his age now still doing movies and staying fit and look at other people in their 70s I see adifference.

Messenger: KnowThySelf333 Sent: 9/19/2015 3:54:40 PM

Reasoningtime uttered:

"consuming that much protein can only be done by following a diet which isnt ital."

That's a lie.
There are many Italists who are big.

Animal products are not the only good source of protein.

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 9/19/2015 5:22:37 PM

alright. seen.

like ive said before. no disrespect. personally i dont trouble no one. even if someone (not you) says hes a satanist or even if someone (dont mean anybody in this forum) says hes roman-catholic. rasta, muslim. dont care. i always try to work with the people to learn. i believe in the concept of "each one teach one". be a part of certain societies or not, be a fan of crowley or not, i dont care. the battlefield of today is the human mind. everyone has to make decisions on his own. i dont care about the views of others.

i know this quote only from crowley. i admit it. i didnt want to blame you. no way. but i know some rastas say HIM was a mason and they believe in acient african teachings like snakes as a way of the ancestors to appear again. thats fine to me. so maybe thats the link to crowley. everybody has to listen to her or his inner voice.

to be fair, i should have said that i had a lot of discussions about whats ital or not in this forum so all i wanted to say is that if you are even a fan of western bodybuilding than our opinions wont fit together. thats all. some rastas dont have an opinion on certain main stream things like i have.

i see that arnold was only an example. thats cool to me.

so i dont like arnolds work and i dont like bodybuilding itself personally. i can only say that I have seen a lot of negative sites of this sport. but maybe youre right. ok. maybe there are ital body builders. dont want to say that you are lieing.

i think im not an alex jones kind of guy. but im not a cnn guy as well. but that there are certain groups which much influence who deal with what most western main stream people describe as "occult" is just a fact. so i just put things together. everybody should believe what she or he wants.


Messenger: KnowThySelf333 Sent: 9/19/2015 8:26:44 PM

Its not people like Crowley who are the oppressors and cause destruction to the humanity.If we look at history we see that occult has been cruely persecuted by religious hypocrites with fire sticks.People fail to see that its not some occult people or magick people who openly speak of their opinions on life who are the problem.Its the big religions that brainwash man to kill and hate.So I like to question information provided by conspiracy theorists those who claim they know whats goin on and I come to the conclusion that occult and mysticism has little to do with opression of people while religion and politicks are used to control.When certain people talk about conspiracies and bohemian grove etc...
you cant blindly accept it as truth just because someone tries to sell a story.

I generally dont see bodybuilding among youths to be something negative or to be concerned about.Its more of a positive thing if youths work toward a goal of improving their body and put their mind into it.

I mentioned Alex Jones is because its this type of people who know they dont REALLY know shit but never the less choose to make money of peoples confirmation bias.

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