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Questions for the faith

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Messenger: Lightning Bolton Sent: 1/9/2013 8:24:27 PM

Hey everyone,
This is my first post, I won't go to much into my background because I don't figure I will be a huge presence on this forum, but there are a few questions I had for the Rastas that I pose to alot of people around where I live.
First off, I'm white. I'm a young guy, I travel alot, and I run into alot of white Rastas, who usually convert after listening to Bob Marley Legend and growing dreadlocks. So here are my questions, and understand that I'm not writing this with a cynical or spiteful spirit, but that I actually want to know.

First, why is Bob Marley still seen as a huge force and symbol behind the Rastafari movement when he converted to Ethiopian Orthodox?
Second, if you happen to be a white Rasta, do you also support the Exodus, that is, do you support the mass relocation of all black people to Africa?
Third, why do you support Marcus Garvey's teachings as well as Haile Selassie's, when Marcus Garvey is quoted as saying “When the facts of history are written Haile Selassie of Abyssinia will go down as a great coward who ran away from his country to save his skin and left the millions of his countrymen to struggle through a terrible war that he brought upon them because of his political ignorance and his racial disloyalty. (Garvey, 1937)” Marcus Garvey further said, “Haile Selassie was not God or a great reformer; but a callous, greedy, thieving autocrat, who should be remembered for the murdering leech that he was.”

Thats about it, thanks for reading.

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 1/9/2013 9:45:53 PM

Lightning Bolton,

Bob Marley was Rasta and there is no real proof that he renounced Rasta. His children are Rasta.

Black people who were forcibly taken to the west as slaves have a Right to Return to Africa, and RastafarI chant Repatriation to Africa.

Marcus Garvey made the comments against Selassie I when Marcus was living in England and was reading false babylon propaganda. Prior to that, Marcus spoke very positively about Selassie I as a Great African King.

Messenger: Baba Sent: 2/14/2013 10:16:49 AM

HAILE bless!

Iman "white" too, however HIM QUADAMAWI HAILE SELASSIE teach InI dat we are all ONE, no matter what anybody may say! HIM Irated us equal to each others!

Repatriation for I personally is a mental thing. Prophet Garvey teach we Africa for the Africans, so i dont feel a need to settle there...

For InI Bob is just a musician who fullfilled his mission, InI dont glorify Bob like others may...
A lot of people think he betray the movement converting to Ethiopian Orthodox Church. InI dont see dat, because our LORD and EMPEROR is the defender of the Ethiopian Orthodox faith!


Messenger: 1forTruth Sent: 2/14/2013 2:02:28 PM

Gretings Lightning,

It is true that Marcus questioned and doubted Haile Selassie, but if you read your bible, you will see that the cousin of Yeshua, John the Baptist questioned HIM when he was in a dark place, jail (Matt 11:1-3). Yes, some Rastfari view Garvey as John the Baptist, preparing the way for InI King. So his actions falls right in line with scripture, for scripture never dies (heb 4:12). There is also a scriputre that says each person will return to their own heritage(Jer 12:15), so if you don't see yuh self in Africa, then your ancestors maybe somewhere else, after the Lord pluck out the wicked thing. It jus happen to be that Garvey is an African promoting Africa. Rastafari is about finding your roots and downstroying all the weeds and lies that you were told about your history and who you are as person and following the christ in you and his word under his divine promises. There is so much to be said about this,

but musically Bob Marley is like the Aaron, brother of Moses, who spoke for Moses (Exo 7:1-2), preaching for equal rights, peace, unity, and to site up JAH RASTAFARI as the living one. To bring to attention that Haile Selassie is King of King and Lord of Lords. God in a King, Yeshua as the Lion from an ancient promise in the first book of the bible Genesis 49:10. There is no problem with Brother Bob being an Ethiopian Orthodox, cuase for one to drop Rastafari means that they see Rastafari as a sin and dont see the oneness between the two. It is Exactly similar to how one will say they are baptist, under the umbrella of Christianity. InI is Rastafari under the umbrella of Orthodox Christianity, the only true faith that has a King. That is a fact. But peace and love still, bun division.

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