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Alcohol and Reggea music

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Messenger: Jendahye Sent: 10/6/2012 11:26:08 AM

Bless love to all my sistren and Idrens ,
I m always wondering about them artists who pretend themselfs Rastafarians yet them perforfm in Bars and all festivals who sell alcohol , why them nah choice places for families where we can bring our youths and share real and clean Livity .. i m not sure to associate Roots reggae to Rastafarie.. so many cheats .Bless up Jendahye

Messenger: Matthew Sent: 10/6/2012 11:33:12 AM

Who needs the message of RasTafarI more than those living dirty babylon lives?
Who was Christs message for?

Blessed Love

Messenger: Ras Kanjas Sent: 10/7/2012 4:40:09 AM

Yes-I, Matthew ask them?

They should know that the doctor does not come to the health,
rather, he comes to heal the sick!
And those who are sick are found in those dirty places like beer halls and bars!


Messenger: Nazarite_I Sent: 10/7/2012 1:52:04 PM

I must admit I sometimes find the mixing of vibes at a lot of reggae events quite challenging. Because the music is soundsystem music, bars and clubs are normally the only places these days in I part of the world that can host host such events because of licencing laws and noise restrictions. I would love to go to a dance and have just a nice time and step out of babylon for a little while, and there are some sessions where I and I can do that, but they are Rasta run and controlled events. There is a very nice regular session put on by a group of Nyahbinghi Empresses in I area that has Rasta security and no alcohol is served on the premesis, so ital food, juice, roots and ganja are all thats in the dance and the people just have a good time in love and Inity.
Most dances though aren't run by RastafarI people, so the only reason the venue will be running it is to make money off the bar, and they don't care who comes in the dance as long as they pay and don't cause too much trouble. A lot of the time in this area, the people playing and making the music like the soundmen and the producers aren't even Rasta people, they just play Rasta roots music. When I go into those dances, I might still catch a vibe and hold an Ises if its not too crowded, but someone might try to sell I cocaine or ketamine because they confuse I with one of the many false Rasta people they know who use the stuff, and everybody else is drunk or mashed on pills, so I and I who know the Roots of the music and came for a nice time have to crowd together at the back. Fights break out and people get obnoxious and the place gets dirty.
Its something I've been Reasoning with Ones and Ones about, and while I and I are trodding in these places, I and I were Reasoning that I and I should go out of I and I way to show the correct example to the people and step in when I and I see behaviour that isn't fitting in a place where the Kings name is being called and His face is on the banners. Already when someone offers I drugs, I tell them straight that they aren't welcome and I don't do it discretely. If someone is being obnoxious and disrespecting people, I and I should gather a few Rastaman and go tell them to cool down and enjoy themselves or leave, and if they want to argue, then pull them out and let security deal with them, because I and I should be on good terms with them, and respect their duty. Normally when that's the case they respect I and I back, so I and I don't get searched on the way in, or at least if they do search, they leave I and I herbs alone.
I and I have to stand as leaders for the people if I and I choose to trod in these places because the I is right that plenty of them are lost and looking for light. That is why plenty of them come to Roots dances in the first place, because even though they don't know themselves, they like hearing about His Majesty and equal rights and justice. They like seeing the Rasta people gathered together Reasoning and they like Reasoning and smoking with I and I too, so if I and I just shine the light, then I and I can rise the standards of the people through I and I example. So if there is an argument developing, I and I shouldn't stand by and let it turn into a fight. Step up and use humble word sounds to keep the peace. If a man is drunk and lusting after every girl and bothering them, step in and tell him to stop following his little head and move with some respect towards his Sisters. Let the people see I and I as a Righteous example in the confusion of babylon. They can't see a man with locks sipping a beer and winding on a girl he just met as an example of a Rastaman. Let them see I and I as the dignified and loving defenders of truth and Rights being sung about in the music, then they might change their ways.

Blessed love

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Haile Selassie I