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Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 9/16/2012 4:45:04 PM

Greetings RasTafari sons and dawtas at home and abroad.Fulltime I hear people talking about what Jah has prepared for us in future.Fulltime people say"dat was what Jah has planned"or"dat was what Jah wanted to be."Many have always try to comfort or excuse themselves from their deeds.Is there anything called Predestination???HUMBLE BLESSINGS

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 9/17/2012 1:40:27 PM

Here is a Reasoning about that

Free Will vs. Destiny

Everything is the will of Jah, except for one thing, our mind(meaning what we think). Jah has given us the power to choose, because this was the power man and woman wanted from the time of our days in the Garden of Eden.

So we have the choice to be with Jah, or work against Jah. RasTafarI is always there to guide us in the path of harmony if we choose to listen. But Jah has given us the choice to make our own path, whatever path it is.

So I see life as a combination of the consequences of the choices we make and the will of Jah.

Jah has the power and strength to intervene and cause things to happen. Jah can help those that want and ask for Jah help and Jah can stop those that need to be stopped.

But in general, Jah gives us our choice and the world reacts to these actions.

And I think that Jah granted us our desire of choice for a good reason. For now RasTafarI will see who will remain with Jah when given the choice and who will go away. And also, who will return to Jah again.

It is much better to have a son that stays with you, not because he has no other choice, but because this is what he wants. Then Jah will know who is truly One with Jah.

The world is full of actions and reactions. If you see fire and touch it, you will get burned. It is not that we are punished by Jah for touching the fire. It is that fire has a certain structure, and we have a certain structure. And when fire comes in contact with us, our flesh is damaged.

This is how I see the world as a whole. It has a certain structure, and we have to know how to harmonize with it, or we will recieve the reactions to our actions. For example, the reactions we receive as a result of our destruction of our environment.

I see Jah as the One who can show us how to get through and harmonize. To be our rudder so that the waves don't overtake us. Jah made creation to work and harmonize as One, just as he made our own bodies to work and harmonize as One. And in the same way that we can destroy our body if we don't use our parts for the benefit of our body, we can destroy some of creation and ourselves by not living as One with creation.


Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 9/18/2012 6:00:52 PM

Greetings Iloved Ark I.Iman was going through the reasonings the I just posted.I agree with the Idren(cant remember the name)who said man manifest Jah will but what he manifest maybe not the will of Jah.Read the story when Moses brought the Israelites out of bondage,Pharaoh was hardhearted and it is written dat Jah made it so as to manifest His Mighty Power.I think Jah has a certain purpose of everything dat happens in creation,e.g when He wants to destroy the wicked,He makes them hardhearted so as to destroy dem in their own misunderstanding,these people will not be doing Jah will but it is Jah will dat they dont do Jah will.Mek InI reason more pon dis issue...iron sharpens iron.LOVE AND RASPECT

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 9/19/2012 12:54:55 AM

I think that it is more about Selassie I designing the earth and universe so that evil falls.

Evil always tends to destroy itself eventually.

Messenger: Jhamn Sent: 9/19/2012 1:12:09 AM

Word sound powa reasoning ark I

Yes let d hardearted perish , if him wan worship d moon don't u fight Im down!

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