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batty bwoys

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Messenger: NineMile2004 Sent: 2/15/2005 6:14:55 PM

I see it something like this. I should tolerate it but I do not have to accept that way of life. Neither should these people try to fight the ones that diasgree with their life styles and vice versa.



Messenger: Empress Nzingha Sent: 2/15/2005 6:49:20 PM

NineMile, what if the subject matter was changed from homosexuals to Rastas. And a white man said exactly the same thing you just said about you?
People have a tendancy to treat homosexuality like it's a choice some make in order to upset people and throw off the natural balance. Trust me if them man had a choice they would not choose a lifestyle that brings about hatred and prejudice. Homosexuality has existed at least as far back as Anchient Egypt (Kemet). With the exception of some of these young people (mostly girls) who think it's cool to be gay, these people are born this way. And their sexual preferance has no more to do with us than ours has to do with them. It's pure arrogance to feel as though you get to have a descision or really even an opinion about them, unless you allow them to have the same hateful opinion about you.
Human beings don't change species because of sexual prefrence. All hueman created by God. All hueman loved by God. If you judge one, you judge all and in doing so you judge God.

Love Peace and FREEDOM
Empress Nzingha

Messenger: NineMile2004 Sent: 2/16/2005 8:12:40 PM

I dont have to agree with it that doesnt mean I judge them. People kill people too and know the consequences and still do it.

I do not treat homosexuals any different than others but that doesnt mean I have to agree with their life style. There is more to it then just saying they are born with it, there are more reasons we may not have discovered yet for why it is that way or became that way.

I always try to treat people as equals, cause we are. Maybe I just dont have too much of an opinion on the subject, I know I reject it for myself but I dont care if someone else lives that way. Is it that people are born that way or not? I am not certain, there is more to it as I said. I think it is all choices, some have a harder times with some choices and others have a harder time with other choices. Sounds tuff I know. Easy to say too if I am not in that situation, I know.

Much Love



Messenger: Ras TajarI Sent: 2/16/2005 10:48:21 PM

What i would like to add is, first and for most like Dr. Binghi stated "Jah mek Adam and Eve not Adam and Steave." InI state people are not born gay but are experianced to homosexuality at a young and then cary those traits as life goes on, hence homosexuality is know nature to the adolesant. It is the enviornment and our surrandings that intervene on the lost souls which corrupts them. now I tell you this. It is a big difference if a straight person just turn gay than oppose to another person being a victem to society since childhooid. InI should not hate yes, but it is the devilish ways InI hate in the people. InI should Condemn these of doing such acts of tretures...



Messenger: Empress Nzingha Sent: 2/17/2005 12:57:45 PM

It is a neive opinion that homosexuals are not born that way, and it is also proof that you don't have any homosexual friends. I have quite a few homo and bisexual friends. I promise you it is not a choice for true homosexuals. And more over they are, other than sexual prefrence, no different than anyone else. I associate with people based on personality not incedentals.
For instance two of my best freinds are twin boys, they went to bording school together from kindergarden through 12th grade. They are both athletic and in many ways the same, but the are also diffrent in many ways. One of them is gay and the other is not gay. And the one who is gay has been gay for a very long time, he has tried relationships with women but it just didn't work for him. Most people upon meeting the twins have no idea that one of them is gay, because it does not define him. But most importantly I know this man will not burn because he was born same sex oriented, if he does burn its because of the choices he makes in life.
My God is a resonable God.

Love Peace and FREEDOM
Empress Nzingha

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 2/17/2005 9:46:40 PM

I don't believe that a man or woman is born gay, I believe it is a choice. I believe that some men are born more masculine and others more feminine, and that some women are born more feminine and others more masculine. But that doesn't mean that they are supposed to be gay, they are just supposed to be the way they are structured along the range of masculine and feminine. And join with another to Itinue their Life. It is the confusion that says that a feminine man or a masculine woman must be gay that convinces people of this, and so they follow what they have been taught.

If people are born gay as many people say, then that means that it is time for that person's line to end, the life of their foreparents was not meant to continue.

But I still see it as a choice that people make. A man is to Love their friend as a Brother, not a wife.

RasTafarI is a movement of Life, not death

Here is a reasoning I made some time ago, it was not specifically speaking about batty boys, but it applies to them.

I see my life as the same as my father's and mother's life. I don't see my life as beginning when this flesh came out of I mother. I see I life as beginning when Jah created Life.

And I see that all of my ancestors since the beginning of time, have Itinued their life by fighting to survive and having children to Itinue their line.

So to I it is a shame when I hear people choosing not to have children, because of their lifestyle or any other reason. It is a great disrespect to all their foreparents who have Itinued this life for so very long. The only reason that we exist is because all of our foreparents Itinued Life.

Just think of how many centuries have past since I and I life began. So many centuries of struggling to Itinue this life. Then one selfish generation comes and only sees their life as born and dead, and give up what their foreparents fought so hard to keep.

If Jah strikes a man or woman so that they cannot have children, then this is Jah's doing. But if a man or woman chooses this, it is a great sin, and Jah will not turn his eyes away from this.


Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: SisMenenI Sent: 2/17/2005 11:49:17 PM

Capleton Interview.. as interviewed by TK Smith, who begins with a little bio here then gets into the interview:

My main objective in radio is to give relevant information to my listeners. As a youngster, I found myself more drawn to the disc jockeys, who would offer feature after feature - loaded with informative entertainment. It is this reason, why I have adopted the same styles as some of these disc jockeys.

Recently, a gay rights group called OutRage! has been creating havoc for some members of the dancehall community. OutRage! is organizing protests and pressuring major show promoters to drop dancehall acts whom they accuse of promoting violence against gays and lesbians. I have been following the progression of this story on my weekly shows at WRTN 93.5FM in New York.

For the benefit of my listeners, as well as to satisfy my own curiosity, I reached out to one of the accused; deejay Capleton. I wanted to find out how he felt about the conflict between the dancehall community and the gays and lesbians in the society. Here, I share the conversation we had during the New York Vibez / New York Top 30 radio program recently.

T.K.SMITH: Heís one of the hardest working and most loved deejays in the business; itís my pleasure to welcome to the New York Top 30, Capleton. How are you doing sir?

CAPLETON: Bless up; holy Emmanuel; Jah Rastafari. Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the ways of sinners, nor siteth in the seat of scorns. So let Jah rise and all his enemies scatter. I and I shall trample them from now and forever moreÖmore fire!

T.K.SMITH: Before we take things to task. Let me just ask you this. Aileen Bailey, how proud are you of her Olympic achievements (Aileen is Capletonís sister)?

CAPLETON: They never know it would happen. When Aileen give Veronica the baton, the whole of Athens get shaken. She did the whole Jamaica proud.

T.K.SMITH: Last time I spoke to Cocoa Tea, who is on tour with you; I was told you were all in Utah. How many cities have you been in the last seven days, and whatís the vibes been like?

CAPLETON: Well, the vibes have been great. A couple of the shows have been canceled because of the mis-interpretation of the lyrics used in some of my songs. Away from that, the people love the vibes. Because you know itís all about the music. The people know what we are all about. People know that our music is not advocating violence against anyone. Itís all about uplifting and righteousness. Itís all about purification and salvation. And when we say ďburnĒ or ďburn out,Ē it doesnít mean to literally go out there and burn people; or kill people; or chop up people. We just are trying to get people to see those negative ways and change.

T.K.SMITH: Freedom of speech is being threatened seriously in dancehall music.

CAPLETON: The 1st. amendment in America is freedom of speech. What I do is artistic expression. In Jamaica, [metaphorically speaking], people will say things like; kill and not actually mean that they are going to physically hurt someone. Like for instance, Bounty Killer will say gun and shoot while he is on stage or during a recording. He is actually referring to his mouth as the gun and his lyrics as the bullet. Years ago Bob Marley did a song called ďI Shot the Sheriff.Ē He did not go out there and literally shoot a Sheriff, nor did the Sheriff association come down on him. He shot the Sheriff with words. I donít think it is right for someone who doesnít understand our culture or language to try and interpret it for their own convenience or agenda.

T.K.SMITH: Do you know if there is a plan for dancehall artists as a group to counter these accusations?

CAPLETON: Most definitely. The Music Federation in Jamaica has a plan. We realize that this is an agenda. And they are trying to use our music to further their thing. Itís all about politics and because of the level that our music has achieved. Itís not about any one artist. They are just using that as a smokescreen. Itís about attacking the music on a whole because it has gotten so strong and influential.

T.K.SMITH: The main perpetrator of this is a [gay activist] group called ďOutRage!,Ē from out of London. The protesting has now spilled over to the USA, however.

CAPLETON: They are very mischievous and donít have anything better to do. So they just surface and cause problems. George Bush is the President of America and he says he isnít into certain things. So I donít see why we as dancehall artists canít say we are not into certain things also. Every man has a right to decide his own destiny. But there is a judgment and there is no partiality in the judgment. People have a right to their own opinions. And people will criticize and have a right to do so.

T.K.SMITH: Some artists have bowed to the pressure and offered their various apologies.

CAPLETON: Music is an art and you should sing whatever you feel inside of you. You should sing about the things around you; everyday life; things that you observe. Therefore, itís not right for you to preach a certain message and then apologize for it. Whatever we say against immorality, or injustice, or inequality, exploitations; we have no apologies for.

Iíve been explaining myself for a number of years now. When I say ďfireĒ, itís not a literal fire. This fire comes through words; this fire comes through the way you live; this fire comes through sound and power. Itís all about liberation, self-esteem and self- awareness. All I can tell [the gay activists] is thanks for all the promotion they been giving me with all this controversy. People who never hear about Capleton before are now aware of me just because of all these newspapers writing about the gay rights situation.

T.K.SMITH: You have had a good year in 2004 so far, Top 30 wise. Some folks were wondering how come you did so little in 2003.

CAPLETON: Some times you have to give the younger artists them a chance. I pull back in 2003 so that others could have a slice of the cake. If I go on every big riddim out there, itís going to take away the hype from some of the other young artists on the riddim.
Remember, Capleton is the one who set it. Capleton responsible for everyman career. Elephant man, Buju Banton, Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Baby Cham, even the great Ninja Man. They are all influenced by my style, pattern, and lyrics. Check and see how many of them doing well since Capleton buss. Ask any of them when you see them.

T.K.SMITH: Youíre definitely one of the more influential reggae artists out there, and longevity has been kind to you.

CAPLETON: Fi real. I am very tolerant and not all about the hype. Itís all about love. People put me where I am today. Some people might misjudge me because of the music being so aggressive. They might think I am not approachable but that is far from the truth. If you approach me you will feel the love and be pleasantly surprised.

And as for the youths out there: be conscious and positive, stay strong. Go to school and get your education. And they should stay away from crimes; stay away from drugs. Donít heed to the termites of life and the obstacles. Hold your faith, stay focused and know what your goals are. And never let anyone tell you that you cannot make it in life because there are blessings for everyone.

T.K.SMITH: I love that message Capleton. Thank you so much for spending this time with us.

CAPLETON: It was a pleasure. And give thanks for having me on your program also. Much love and respect.

Catch you next time with the New York Vibez. You can also check me out on 93.5 FM (New York) on Tuesdays at 6pm and Wednesday nights at 12am with the New York Top 30 Countdown.


Messenger: needpeaceofmind84 Sent: 8/27/2007 8:46:30 AM


Messenger: Empress Nzingha Sent: 8/27/2007 11:15:04 AM

Link me.
Use needpeaceofmind84 as the subject line.
Don't worry, everyone can be helped, no one is doomed beyond repair.

Messenger: Ten Sent: 8/27/2007 7:16:55 PM

Blessings I n I
People are always afraid of difference and its cast as sin. Whether one chooses to be gay or their XY chromosomes are such that they are born gay people are that way for a reason that is known to the Most High. These practices have ben going on in Africa for centuries - women's friendships and marriages among the Lovedu in Lesotho, among tribes in Kenya and Cameroon have been a part of their culture - to protect the women from polygamous and arranged marriages and to help infertile women plus in the Caribbean there's the practice of marcacotte which allows young girls to discover their bodies as a way of preventing from experimenting with boys and all the ills therein. Obviously reasons for being in a same sex relationship in this traditinoal setting is different from the varieties of this cosmoploitan world, but it exists all the same. People should live as they feel best to express themselves otherwise they're just killing the reflection of God within them.

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