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'The Midnight Sun'

Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: tribulation Sent: 8/10/2012 11:15:50 AM

Oh Brothers, People,
I admit that at previous time I have crossed the border into Babylon, but only with dancing step. There is of course great trouble in the churches of all kinds, and there seems to be little that can be done about. Your doctrines to me are unsound, nonetheless your prophecy is accurate in every way I speak of your sacred book, the Kebara Negast, which is not the Bible but the most perfect guide to the unfoldment of human history. Was it not in Africa where the saviour was born, and is it then right for men to make hell of the Savior's life? Surely it is not wrong for Judah to declare war upon their false doctrines, and it is not right that they should have pretence of piety whilst preaching false occultism under the garb of Levi. I once owned a book of his and gave it to a man who looked more like one of his tribe mine is Daniel, and brothers what is yours? I would like to dispute with you in regards to the notion that there are 72 Nations which leave Babylon, to me this is a doctrine created by the Babylonish captivity and it's false translations of things. Shall we call Enoch Apocryphal, or Pseudegraphia? If it is Apocryphal then it is an aspect of the Babylon captivity, a form of the piracy which enslaved God's Chosen People. For in slavery you mourned, and thus you shall be comforted. The practises therefore of Rastafari are valid in relation to the Church, just as the practise of a martial arts might teach a person another religion.

Is it not strange oh people that in the captivity of English the youth should listen to the band 'Portishead', from Bristol? The work of the slave-traffickers continues to this day. It is true also that 'The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations', and it is the nations which surely is the foremost black magic therefore they must be cast out. This 'Augustine of Hippolyte' who claims to be the highest patriach, or is claimed to be perhaps I am not perfect in knowledge he sets the Ethiopic Church against the Jews and confuses the Jews with Norsemen. It is not right that the Tribe of Judah should on any occasion have faced persecution, rather this should have been the lot of the Norsemen who became the English, thus bringing about an increase in the Babylon captivity by promoting further Buddhist doctrines. 'The wanderers lot is one of hardship, separated from his Lord'. Thus the English King comes to connote the Lord with the Tribal Chief, leading us apart from our true nature and into the terrible nations, the black arts of Enoch. The Cathars were not wholly deluded perhaps in interrogating the Catholics in regards to this, however they were subdued by the brutal physical might of HRE. This of course is similar to the Buddhist syllable 'Hrih', connoting Africa, and also to 'TARE SANTA RI HRIH SUAVA'. Therefore the Catholic Church has sacrificed beings to 'hell', subduing them with brutal force, and thus can be compared to the Pharisees of the New Testament. So your doctrine in avoiding the eating of meat is noble, and Rastafari thus must be declared a valid religion and aspect of the Ethiopic Church, the Americans and their absurdities of unChristian logic notwithstanding.

Of course the rich and mighty kings of Earth who Christ prophecises the fall of are the papal authorities themselves, yet it is not possible for them to be subdued simply by 'becoming as little children'. God rewards each according to their works, and hence those who seek only the easy life of a child such as many of Martin Luther's children do, they are foolish and err in the respect that their lot in the Kingdom of Heaven will not be so joyful. But what of those who after death shall continue to bring death, and shall persecute Mothers and Children even with rains of fire? Indeed the Heavenly World, whether it reflect a premortal life amongst the animal and lower kingdoms which I suspect it does must continually be reformed and to say that it is not subject to change is to err, rather it only increases in joy until each soul acquires the Seventh Heaven. How long shall it be until each are made Archangels, a selfish man would question, but more pertinently how long shall it be until the demonic and inaccurate pictures which the papal authorities keep in their offices be burned by the poor rising up to be exalted?

It is true that the force of accusation is very great, and they shall always counter it by sending ghosts. I believe though that by their accusation they have condemned many an innocent man, both to die and to act foolishly. There are prisons in heaven for the likes of those who seek to reinforce and bring about the doctrines of this churches triumph only through material power. Nonetheless, there are prisons on earth for Jesuits, and the one who with great sacrifice became the Wandering Jew of Heaven surely has a place in the pattern of salvation, as do all. But to curse the Jews is to curse the winds and stars of Heaven, it is to curse the Mothers and Peoples of the Earth and to drive us apart from our tribes into the wicked false nations and their Empires! It is said that 'Christ was begotten of the Holy Spirit', but those who attempt to beget Christ through material power are truly enemies of him and 'cast out devils with devils'.

Some of course accuse thee, the Ethiopians, of having some interest in material power, for did Solomon not after all cast coins? But was this the work of thee or of the alchemists, I know not, and after all brothers remember you are only practising a martial art and not the true doctrines of the Church. That it is said Lucifer raised up a war in heaven is correct, but where 'the powers of the air and the authorities of this dark world' be concerned it is a neccessity that dispute arise, otherwise both this world and the world above shall fall into greater darkness. The Orthodox of course accuse things of you, and claim their doctrine the highest oh poor weeping Mothers, filled with pity and love, you shall be consoled. But whilst the Papal Authorities continue to hang pictures on their walls for do you think that hell is Eternal, no it is just very long indeed and slows the process of Evolution towards Deus, God then they shall surely be put to shame for posessing such riches at the cost of your lives, and your spirits, and they are not able to humble themselves believing their poverty absolute a form of nihilism, I venture.

But art thou the Ethiopians? And will you return, or rise up across the world? Nonetheless, all human beings have the right to return to the true doctrine.

I have another thing to enquire about with the Ethiopic Church may God Bless you all and Christ's Peace be with you who are in the lineage of Solomon and the Three Kings who bring gifts for the infant Christ.

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Haile Selassie I