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Messenger: SOERASTA02 Sent: 8/5/2012 11:32:23 PM

InI thinks it is a good time for a good ol fashioned re-introduction and InI urges each one of the I to do the same so that we are more knowledgeable of each other.

I name is Christopher Groves InI is 20 years old. Jamaican and Guamanian and has been on this forum on and off since InI was 13 or 14. InI first came to this forum out of both curiosity and truth seeking when InI was a young kid. InI always admired the Isdom of the people on here (back then there was a lot more people) and the spirit of "each one teach one". InI was also attracted to the way one was always encouraged to read them Ible and do reasearch to gain a real overstanding of things.

Over the years InI has been in and out and recently decided to come back as a way to return to InI roots and source of I Isdom as a child. Even though InI don't sight Selassie I as Jah InI had always held true that Rasta InI grew up knowing live like true Christians.

InI overstand that I might have created somewhat of a disturbance to others and the I should know that there is no disrespect intended but only pure love for everyone. InI always was and always will be open to any type of reasonings anyone has to offer because everyone is InI Idren and nothing but pure love for everyone in the world zeen?

InI seems to stir up trouble on both sides because the "Christian" Idren critisize InI livity and reject I when InI ask them about some wrong practices and InI also have I Rasta Idren critisize InI and call I a "Xtian", protestant, or Geezus person or whichever names they have.

INI IS NEITHER OF THESE THINGS..InI is just Iself..A man who follow Yeshua..simple.

InI loves all of everyone,

Love and blessings


Messenger: burningbush Sent: 8/6/2012 2:01:44 AM

Greetings in the Name of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I.

My name is Michael Baxter, some call me Baxter Rasta, Ras Moses, burningbush, or Rasta. I am 18 yrs. old, born in Springfield, Missouri but lived in all over Missouri, Maui, and Arkansas, here in USA.

I found Ras Tafari when I was in a group home, and began to trod serious as a FarI youth when I got out of that group home, and after smoking some Ites herb, Ras Tafari called me saying "I AM the Lion of Zion." And then I felt peace and felt guidance and Itection.

I am of Irish/Scandinavian descent and currently.reside at Bletel Residential Home in Waynesville, Missouri, which is a group home run by some people from Ghana who don't like for me to be a Rastafarian.
I am an aspiring musician and play guitar, djembe, and western style drums. I write my own material and sing and am also an aspiring Rasta writer.

My old english teacher Sista Rosa is a Rasta Elder, and has met Bob Marley and Joseph Hill.
I would love to fund Rastafarian causes in the future.
Some places I would like to see is Israel, Ghana, Kenya, DRC, St. Lucia, and of course Ethiopia, which is where I and I God and King Haile Selassie sits in the highlands of Ethiopia judging all evildoers.
I would also love to see where my ancestry comes from.

I love music, my favorite artists are Bob Marley, Joseph Hill, I Wayne, Ras Michael and the Sons of Negus, amd Anthony B.

I love marijuana cause it combines Earth Water Wind Fire bjt do not smoke that much, instead finding myself.

May Haile Selassie bless we all.

Messenger: Jhamn Sent: 8/6/2012 7:36:37 PM

I am Joey Abi-Habib of Lebanese descent i began trodding Rastafari 2 years ago when i was 16. I felt it connected with what ini had been searching for since i was a child. herb to me is meant to keep i from sinning as all i need in life is herb a women and good friends.

SOERASTA I deeply admire thee for i intelligence and genuine kindness.

Herb heal my mind and restore order, i believe i have some form of minor autism.

Messenger: SOERASTA02 Sent: 8/6/2012 10:39:22 PM

Greetings unto the I and BIG thanks for the kind words Idren Jhamn!!! InI will pass them up to father Jah whom InI Isdom stems from!!!!

Consider the I self healed Idren InI did pray for the I and InI knows Big papa Jah Jah can do all things lol.

Blessings and guidance unto the I may the I find Jah at Ivery footstep.

Messenger: SOERASTA02 Sent: 8/6/2012 10:44:33 PM

The same thing for the I Idren burningbush. InI knows the I has gone through many tribulations. May Jah guide the I to greener pastures.

The I must accept Jah into the I heart and recognize no weakness within the I and assert dominance among the I inner temple. Tell the duppy dem that Jah live there and them can no longer live and work within the I. Them authority ova the I's life is null and void!!!!!

Blessings and cool runinns Idren...

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