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Black parents give birth to a white child...

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Messenger: SOERASTA02 Sent: 7/24/2012 2:24:10 PM

No more black and white supremacy please. We are all supreme under Jah.Freedom Iberation love and Inity for all. Ifrica is all of our home. Bring all of Jah children together.

Messenger: Nazarite_I Sent: 7/24/2012 5:59:19 PM

I don't know if you're from England or not, but if you are you should know that this sun paper isn't even as good as the paper I keep next to the toilet through it has babylon propoganda printed all over it.

I heard the story before, but what they won't mention in there is that this is a result of the slave trade atrocity still. Back in those days, Europeans institutionalised the rape of African women, so what I and I see in this time is that the decendants of those Africans who were transported away through slavery can and do occasionally give birth to children who look exactly like European children through the genes skipping a few generations, even though the parents might look blacker than black. I and I very rarely see the same thing happening with African people who were never transported as part of that atrocity. Because of the colonial systems instituted in Africa it still happens, but never to the same degree as in the Carribean and America. Wherever this occurs though, the reality remains that it is the result of sexual violence of the worst kind manifesting long after the event.

So no, this does not make Europeans Africans. I and I don't hold any race or nation of people above any other race or nation, so there is no need for all this business with European people trying to justify themselves as Africans. I and I say equal rights and justice for all in this time, so know yourself and stop lusting over the next man's land and then I and I can get on with the Inity.

Blessed love

Messenger: SOERASTA02 Sent: 7/24/2012 6:47:05 PM

First off InI is Jamaican (black) mixed with Chamorro (people of Guam also known as Asian pacific Islanders) but FIRST AND FOREMOST InI is a child of Jah and an Earth dweller. So InI and InI lusts after NO material thing such as land, money, cars, clothes ect.

Now then..

Many different publications printed this story InI read about it previously and just picked the first one InI saw. The I can look it up anywhere online from whichever source The I sees fit. InI is a black man so which land do InI lust over? InI don't lust over any land whatsoever because the whole earth belong to InI because Jah make it so. Just because others won't let InI in I land doesn't make it "supremely theirs" Every grain of sand, tree, creature, and flower petal belongs to InI as much as it belongs to The I because Jah make it so as stated in Genesis.

So reason me this, If the I parents gives the I a game station to share with The I's sibling and your sibling takes it and wont let The I play on it anymore does it make it his? NO man. It still belongs to both of you. So is the way with all of the land on mama earth. No matter how long The I's sibling claims it as their own doesn't change that the supreme power (your father in this case) said it belongs to both of you.

Jah don't teach to divide our blessings and gifts based on color. Jah teach to share them with our Idren and as it says in the Ible, all human beings are Jah children so naturally EVERYONE is our brothers and sisters.

Messenger: Nazarite_I Sent: 7/24/2012 8:37:47 PM

Well obviously I assumed certain things that weren't correct, so yes I, plenty of what I said there isn't applicable. I had a feeling after I wrote that I had read something about the I before where the I explained the I's background, so I was wrong on that point about the I being European and lusting over Africa like I see plenty of so called European Rastaman doing in this time. That's the problem with this internet communication, I and I can't sit down and talk eye to eye so certain things get assumed.

I even like that Reasoning the I is coming forward with now, but I'd still like to know how the article the I brought forward is relevant to that, because what I said about the cause of that is no lie, and I bet none of the articles the I could have chosen from would have explained that, let alone one from the Sun of all papers.

A couple things I and I need to Reason still though; True that the Most High is the ruler over all of Iration, and he never placed one nation above any other nation. He blessed each and every nation with life and love, but I don't think I and I are dealing with Genesis days in this time. These are the Revelation times now, and the worlds been mashed up in between those times. So the reality now is that actually yes, certain people have and are taking other peoples land and resources, that the Most High placed them in and blessed them with, and brutalising the people in the process. In this time, that is the reality and there is no disputing it.

I like how the I brought in the example of the games machine as well, because even though I put fire on the video games now, that was a reality for I and I little brother when I was younger, so let I and I work with it. The situation the I describes is like the situation that I and I want to achieve. Everyone living in love and sharing and caring in full knowledge that the Most High commanded it. So I and I have this situation where the games machine is being shared between the siblings with the father presiding over it and everything is nice... What happens then if when the father is out, one brother goes into the next brothers room, breaks or steals all his things, beats up his brother and leaves him for dead, rapes his brothers girlfriend and takes the games machine off back to his room and locks the door so when his brother wakes up, he's locked out and can't get his things back? What happens then when the father comes back and finds things in that kind of mess?
I and I brother never quarrel like that (give thanks), but if we did, I would hope that I father would have kicked in the locked door and beat the offending brother bad to teach him a lesson and then ship him off to jail for his crimes. And when the jail term is up, that brother better make reparations for his wrong, otherwise can you really see peace and harmony reigning between the two of them?

It's a strange example the I used, but it works to illustrate the point that this is no game thing going on in this time and instead of kicks, this Father is coming with lightning and brimstone and fire and terrible judgement for those who disobey that natural order. I think the I is getting I a bit wrong as I got the I wrong in the beginning in thinking that I'm talking about some sort of segregation thing. That's not what I'm saying at all, because I and I burn segregation. What I am saying is that Africa belongs to the Africans, so the plunderous situation I and I see going on now needs to stop, and the way to stop that is for Africans to rise themselves and restore their birthright, just the same as how Europe belongs to I as a European and I people need to rise themselves and break down this babylon system. Once Righteousness reigns over the earth, then I and I will have true Inity, and location won't be anything but a place, because Selassie I reigns over it all and I and I will walk about freely instead of this borderline situation that babylon imposes on I and I.

Blessed love

Messenger: SOERASTA02 Sent: 7/25/2012 12:32:41 AM

Check this video

Messenger: SOERASTA02 Sent: 7/25/2012 2:51:03 AM

Thank The I for the enlightening and respectful reasoning Idren. In a way The I is correct about the Internet reasonings but InI don't see it as a problem but a blessing because we can communicate without judgment based on appearance but talking heart to heart the way we are supposed to communicate. InI skin color is merely a beautiful decoration Jah has blessed I and all of humanity with for they can look upon I color and InI theirs and see that we are decorated beautifully. The "problem" (not to say InI has a problem with the I because Iman loves the I) comes when the IDEA that color makes InI different. In this way the Internet reasoning is pure and Iman can talk soul to soul the way Jah speaks(put loosely) But still even with the misunderstanding respect from me to you because InI make mistakes as well.

InI don't quite understand what the I mean by the second item though? None the less InI will make a brief comment on what I think the I meant.

The words in the article or the source of publication are not exactly the of the main significance, but rather the fact that this event did occur. Just do a search for "black parents white child" and their are a number of sources that reported this. Also the I should know that this is not an isolated incident. Check the video I posted above.

InI do see what The I is saying about the varying seriousness of the reasoning InI posed about the video game and The I's reasoning on raping and locking out ect. But trust, no man escapes judgment and Jah take care of that for I so I need not worry or try to impart my own judgment. More on that later...

Now check this reasoning.

There is a larger and smaller picture of everything.

Many INDIVIDUALS who posses darker complexion (more melanin) view the "whiteman" as a collective unified entity encompassing ALL people who possess significantly less melanin, when in fact the "whiteman" and should be looked instead as *wait for it........ "man". MAN being the key word."The white-man" is merely a group of INDIVIDUAL people having similar physical traits. People try to make it easy by consolidation of individuals based on a similar trait. InI is not upset with everyone with that trait but rather the INDIVIDUALS who hurt other INDIVIDUALS.

(Whiteman can be substituted for European because they mean the same thing in this context.)

These INDIVIDUALS are my bredren and sisteren under Jah. InI is just as upset and hurt by brother "Tom Jones" whom killed brother "Rakeem Umbute" as InI is at brother "Jahkwon Aribe" whom killed brother "Jeffery Adams" PERIOD.

Jah don't judge people of a RACE or GROUP collectively based on physical traits but rather INDIVIDUALLY. Hence everyone has some sort of a personal relationship with Jah (good or bad). Things start to complicate now zeen? Given that, InI is a follower of Jah teachings. InI Are the divisions between European and African starting to break down yet? Ok. we shall see.

You say Africa for Africans and Europe for Europeans right? But Most High JAH say Momma Earth for EVERYONE! If Jah wanted to put lines and borders in the land he would have drawn them HIMSELF and he is perfectly capable of that. Jah would create a force field that would not allow white people into Africa and Black people into Europe. Tink seh him is not capable? Jah wants all people to dwell across all the land. InI is an earthling!!! How sad would it be if InI told my daughter she is not to go to see Jah beauty in creation of the Austrian Alps because that beauty is not "for her". Foolishness!! Jah say be fruitful and multiply across the land!!!

Now to the I's written reasoning. First InI would like to address the statement "What happens then if when the father is out"

Unlike an earth flesh and blood father our heavenly father is never "out". Nuff said

Reason this now, The I is reasoning of things resides in a smaller parameter of time for the "video game" situation and an alot larger one for the "slavery" situation. But they are exactly the same and punishment is dealt in both situations..Jah timing is impeccable and Jah is eternal so seconds minutes hours and millennium aren't of the same significance that us see in the flesh. Let InI explain.

When The I father comes and sends your brother to jail for locking you out and raping your girlfriend and taking your game system The I is satisfied with this now right? But this reasoning is in mortal parameters of time.

The soul is eternal.

Now, imagine your brother is punished by your father and you never really see it happen nor assume it did occurred in your lifetime. None the less it happened. Then what? So are the ways of Jah!!! Is the I brain juices flowing? All you can really KNOW (with faith) is that your father is a good man and he would not let this go unpunished and knowing your father he always does what is right. Without that faith you will become bitter towards your brother.

Which brings me to my next point.

The wicked ol slave master and his slave. Imagine at the age 12 wicked ol slave master gets a slave and wicked ol slave master beats that slave bloody every day and throughout the years that slave makes slave master plenty money, builds him a house, feeds him, tends his field ect. Slave still never curse Jah for this. Then one day after 70 years of service wicked old slave master gets angry and shoots his slave and kills him dead. Slave shows up in heaven and he is welcomed with open arms for his undying faith, as if this wasn't enough Jah increase his riches exponentially for staying strong even under persecution!!!!

Then later on down the line years later wicked ol slave master dies of natural causes. Now it is time for judgement!!!!!! Jah looks upon him and shows him all of his wickedness and slave master says to Jah "curse that nigger! I don't regret one second!!" Naturally Jah deems him unfit for his kingdom and his soul is cast into hell for ETERNITY to burn shackled in chains and feel pain forever!!! JUDGEMENT!!!

Now I say to you Idren this earth is for all of us and we are all brother and sister and those of us whom are unfair to our brothers and sisters will receive their judgment. Hopefully, for their sake it isn't the death sentence.

One love. One life. One blood.

Messenger: Nazarite_I Sent: 7/25/2012 7:02:31 AM

Like I said Idren, I saw the story before and I know its no isolated thing, thats how I know the knowledge I came forward with in that first Reasoning. The problem I had with the source was more of a gut reaction to the sun paper, because it is only published to keep the people in ignorace, and it does that far too well. What I was asking the I, was how the information that some black parents have given birth to a white child suddenly meant that all people are Africans. I brought forward the information I brought forward to show that the imformation in the article isn't quite as it seems, because the sun newspaper would never print the truth about why that happens. They might mention that it is caused by genes skipping generations, but they won't remind the people that in this case, 99% of the time that is through their African ancestors being raped as part of colonial domination.
Trust I, I and I are not in disagreement that the colour of a mans skin is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes, because so His Majesty set it in this time. I am a white man and the I is black man, and I and I Reason all the same because I and I have knowledge of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I and Raspect for One another, but like the I said, certain individual among every nation and people are wicked and transgress against their fellow man.
The situation right now though is that plenty of those individuals hold power in this world, and they set up a system that only allows people like them to prosper. These days, anyone can enter their world as long as they have the money to fit in, whether they are European, African, Chinese, Martian or whatever, but the roots of that system lie firmly in Europe and America and still boosts a European supremacy order through the systems of goverance and economics that keep the world in bondage for the purposes of financial gain. Of course I and I see that crumbling before I and I very eyes in this time, but through all of that there are still the people at the bottom who have been kept down by that system for generations upon generations and bear the physical, emotional and cultural scars to prove it. I and I all know the example of Africa, which is still exploited by babylon with no regard for the people other than maliciousness when they stand up for what is rightfully theirs.

Jah never drew straight lines and borders on the earth, but just through reality, I and I can see that certain things aren't meant to be. I Idren was saying the other day how mosquitos were Haile Selassie I's greatest soldier against the Italians when they invaded, because the Ethiopians were immune to the diseases they carried, but malaria came and killed off the Italian troops. See now in Australia, the decendents of the Englishmen who were transported there have a skin cancer epidemic through the sun shining too hot for them, but the Aboriginies rarely ever develop it. See how all I African Idren here in England get the sniffles when its cold and suffer from bad hay fever because their body isn't used to the pollens on the wind. Even His Majesty and Empress Menen catch cold and become ill when He was exiled here. I'm not saying that every man should be in one place or another through the colour of his skin, but every nation and people has their home, and no matter where they travel (because mankind is free to move of his own accord, no matter what babylon say about passports and visas) they better do it with Raspect, otherwise judgement will catch up with them.

I don't really have time right now to address the whole thing, but I'll come the rest later.

Blessed love

Messenger: SOERASTA02 Sent: 7/25/2012 6:03:49 PM

InI can overstand why the I doesn't like the "source" and InI respect that because Babylon works in the ways of the devil and he is a liar.

Side clip: They did look down the lineage of the family and tested the genes ect. and found no evidence of "white" genes.


The devil is also a trickster. He is a clever little thing. The devil will purposely build an image of lies to try to fool I but I am not only I but INI and InI cannot be fooled! After he puts up his lying front he will cast out the truth with the soul purpose of filling you with doubt.

This is the same way he uses the Ible in attempt to manipulate InI bredren. A man/wombman shows up in church and a pastor preaches manipulated truths to them. Then that person finds out the pastor is false, mean, evil teaching. So what does the typical person do? They bun Iman Ible and cast Jah word pon the ground and spit on it!!!

Problem is that they don't bother read it themselves. They push their opinion of the pastor onto Jah word and the devil sits and laughs.

Dont be fooled Jah only and the I will know the truth when The I sees it. Anyways, that is neither here nor there.

Onwards then.

The I deals too much with flesh and blood earthly things Idren

The I states "certain individual among every nation and people are wicked and transgress against their fellow man." this is true and always been true.

What InI don't agree with is this : "The situation right now though is that plenty of those individuals hold power in this world, and they set up a system that only allows people like them to prosper."

The greatest power and only real power is the power of Jah! Jah reside with InI and within the I. InI can see him. If Jah reside within us then then no man shall hold "power" over us without consent but on the contrary we have ultimate power over Babylon!! In this way Babylon is not "prospering" because in reality Babylon is a hungry starved beast and holds on by a thread. This is why Babylon always seems to be in some sort of "crisis" Babylon cannot prosper aslong as Jah is in we hearts. SCRIPTURE

Now the illusion.
Babylon digs up Gold, creates unfair systems, and drives a fancy car as a "representation" of power. Then he offers these things to us and says if you have them then you will have power and be happy slowly luring us out of Jah light into darkness, then our power is gone.

The only REAL bondage is mental and spiritual bondage an that can't be taken away without consent. The devil must have permission to enter a body. Yes those people might be in "physical" bondage but not all of them are in mental bondage. Chains, whips and labor don't make you a slave. Tomorrow a man can kidnap me and tattoo slave on my head but InI still ain't no damn slave. If we still praise Jah and trust him they are truly free. Jah freed the slaves a long time ago. Just some didn't accept Jah and couldn't be free.

It is a bigger shame to think you are free and to be a slave than to be labeled a slave and know your free.

The relationship between Babylonians (those who's minds are infected by devil teachings) and those they are oppressing reminds me of my step father and InI and how InI first learned how to conquer the devil.

First InI would like to thank Jah for always holding on to InI and being a real father and never relinquishing his grip.

When InI was 2 years old I father and mother divorced and my mother married my step-father shortly after. When InI was 3 years old my step father asked my mother if he could give me a beating (apparently I did something wrong) My mother agreed and that's how it all started. My step father beat me pretty much for fun, he degraded me, made me eat my own vomit, made me stay in my room on punishment for no reason, choke slammed me on a tile floor when I was 7 years old, all while InI hadn't done a thing wrong (step dad had this lying/whoppin game) and the list goes on. Even still InI step-brother would do alot of mischievous things and would get away clean with no punishment at all. Throughout all of this abuse and unfairness InI held fast to Jah and him to me. InI doesn't know exactly where I love for Jah originated because we weren't a "religious family" but InI knows from since I can remember it was Jah always by my side and no beating could beat Jah out of I heart.

It was then that InI came to accept mortal death and knew that the destruction of flesh is not the ending to life and InI came to know true freedom within I self that no man could take away.

I would pray to Jah that my mother was home and hope to see her car in the driveway because I knew if she was home I at least wouldn't get a beating but that wasn't always the case (my mom worked for the military and wasn't home often). At the time InI didn't know what purpose those tribulations had but today I do, these things were all tests and conditionings that lead up to the life InI live today. Jah gave me this life because he knew if I held on to him in the worst times InI would become strong and have the power to really understand brothers and sisters in need. InI had to go through that pain so I could know their pain, truly feel their pain and help them overcome mental slavery and realize their true self worth and realize Jah is there to help them like he helped me.

From the outside to others, it may have looked like the devil had beaten me...both of us knew this wasn't true this is why he continued to beat my flesh frantically hoping for me to fold and denounce Jah my only true friend. But time and time again I beat that devil always trying to be the best I could and being kind to others and generally being a good kid.

I remember that last beating still, and when Jah saw it time he came to my rescue.

(This is the "game" my step dad played.)

I was already grounded for something and earlier in the day he made me do push ups and sit ups until my nose bled all over the floor and my younger sister came in, got scared and started crying.

The last time was when my lil brother and sister (who were about 3 and 5) was playing with my toys and left them out and he then asked me "why I left my toys out" and I told him "I didn't "and he would beat me and accuse me of lying. Then he would ask why I lied and I never knew what to say and he would beat me some more. After that it was actually a pretty good day and I proudly showed the welt marks on back to him and my older brother like it was all good.

A few days later my mom was back in town for a few days from a deployment and I was soo happy to see her because her and I always had this awesome bond. I showed her the welt marks he had given me and pretty much laughed it off. Then she gave me a big hug and said "I'm gonna take care of you". Then about a day later my aunt and uncle came to our house in Oklahoma all the way from Arkansas and told my step dad that they were gonna take me away.

My step dad agreed and they took me to the hospital first to get checked out, and apparently it's protocol to call the police in child abuse cases. After that it was a bunch of legal stuff ect and I went to live with my biological father and my mom and him stayed together. Even after all this my step father blamed me and everyone else for what happened.

Until one day, he was sitting in the apartment by himself with only my sisters bunny rabbit in the room and he bowed his head and said he felt a hand on his shoulder and he knew it was Jah hand and he knew what he had to do. He repented his sins and he COMPLETELY changed his ways and he is a different man today. He assumed I hated him for all the bad things that he did to me and he still felt in his heart to make an apology out to me. InI had forgiven him already and InI love him to this day so I told him I forgave him and I still love him and visit him.

My mother, I realized when I got older should have saved me a long time ago. She knew what was happening and in a way she betrayed me, her first born child whom loved her most and thought her the most perfect thing in the world. InI forgive her and love her still because Jah told me I need to do this or else InI will never be free. Sure there are scars from my experiences but they are only scars, not open wounds. Jah heal I wounds thru love and forgiveness.

This is how you concur all evil, you leave no room for the devil and the only way is thru Jah love. If you love like Jah then the I can see thru Babylon. You can see thru a mans nationality, you can see thru his fancy suit, see thru his skin and see the good or evil in his heart, you can see where he was misled into brainwashing and mental slavery telling him to hurt his brother and pity him grant him mercy and treat him as you would do your own brother.

All brothers and sisters shall be welcome in each others house and if they want to bad mind you leave gifts at their door step. Even more sacrifice your own flesh for someone that hates you.

This is what Yesuah came to teach us. Live it in real time.

Like I told one of my afro-centric bredren whom believes the white man is the devil.

If you draw your weapon at a white man and the white man draws his weapon upon you. InI will happily take both rounds to my body and die so you can both see that the blood our bodies is red and the flesh beneath our skin is pink. Then hopefully you will realize that we are all family.

Messenger: SOERASTA02 Sent: 7/25/2012 6:11:43 PM

But about the whole sickness thing. That is a result of stagnation. We are stagnant in our nature that we are stationary in one location throughout a majority of our lives. The bible says be fruitful and multiply across the land. Maybe if we actually explored all lands as Jah intended then other climates and viruses wouldn't be so harmful to us. If you live in an oven your whole life, best believe you will get sick when you step into some air conditioning. It just takes getting used to.

I used to live in Germany when I was a kid and I loved the cold. Came to Miami and it was hot and uncomfortable until I got used to it. When I go somewhere cold now I get the sniffles.

If you breed people that are are very similar, over time their similar traits will become dominant amongst all people. Imagine if we all breed and no one cares about skin color or nationality. We would have some super strong immune systems.

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 7/27/2012 2:58:10 AM

Maybe the black couple had a white baby because they have been real racist? This a good way Jah can teach them to love more...for racism is lack of love and the ways of jah are mysterious teaching in wonderous ways.

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