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Two questions

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Messenger: Ras Kanjas Sent: 8/1/2012 5:14:25 AM

SuperSmile.........a fire burn you!
How could you say the Bible is a mess?
It's you and Mutabaruka who are a mess, seen?

You think Lot and his two daughters must have been destroyed like Sodom just because they had unlawful sexual intercourse, since God had recently destroyed Sodom for her wickedness, right?

What caused the good man Lot to lie with his daughters?
Was it not wine?

So instead of putting the fire upon Lot, you should burn out the wine, seen?

Besides, Lot's wickedness had not yet reached the heavens like that of Sodom which had accumulated, seen?
God is longsuffering, so instead of blaming Him for not punishing Lot, we should praise Him for showing great mercy to Lot and his two daughters, seen?
Praise Jah because He is merciful and forgiving!

Holy Emmanuel-I
Jah Rastafari

Ras Kanjas

Messenger: SOERASTA02 Sent: 8/1/2012 5:55:14 AM

Ras Kanjas.

First greetings and respect to the I.

The I must not speak so harshly about SuperSmile. The Ible we follow says we must correct others with gentleness and love. InI knows how much one can be offended when another person doubts or criticize InI Ible that InI holds dear but one must not forget the great value on love and humbleness. We must not only proclaim the gospel but demonstrate it to non believers and or doubters. Yesuah does not burn fiyah in that way and we must not either. Yesuah burn fiyah thru kindness and demonstrating his ways. This way we do not scare away our Idren but bring them closer by our words and actions. They will only know the "error" of their doubts if we show them what goodness Jah teaches in the Ible.

This is how many people who proclaim to be "Christian" scare non-believers away from Jah. The same brothers and sisters we should be helping. They see us as mean judgmental fake people instead of kind good people who wish to help. They don't want to be part of something like that and who can blame them? They then think Yesuah was mean, judgmental and hateful because we carry his name.

InI don't bun fiya pon wine because wine is just a product of grapes that Yesuah himself drink. A man with many wicked thoughts will demonstrate them if he drinks wine and is made drunk.

InI dont burn fiyah pon Lot either. That is a job for Jah and Jah only.

InI will burn fiyah pon Lot's wicked thoughts and succumbing to them.

One can only burn fiyah one another person when the I is perfect in thought and practice. It is our job to forgive and love and glorify Jah name in our life and practice because we are not perfect. Jah alone can bun the whole person.

Do not call other Idren names bredda. Show them kindness and love and their hearts will be open to the Jah the I serve. No better way

Love respect and blessings unto all

Messenger: SOERASTA02 Sent: 8/1/2012 6:04:09 AM

Imagine if The I said or thought or did a wrong thing against Jah unknowingly and Jah burst The I into flames. Jah has every right to burst the I into flames and send The I to hell every time The I commits a sin.

It is thru Jah compassion and mercy that this does not happen. As a man of Jah the I must demonstrate this compassion mercy patience and kindness and glorify Jah.

Scripture time!!

Do not judge another because by the same measure you judge another you shall also be judged.

Do not attempt to point out the speck in your brothers eye when there is a plank in your own.

End scripture

If you point a finger at another there will always be 3 pointing right back at you.

InI loves the I Ras Kanjas. The I is very wise. This is just a friendly reminder of how we should treat our brothers and sisters. :)

Peace and love Idren

Messenger: burningbush Sent: 8/1/2012 6:04:30 AM

Your Jesus Christ turn the Water into wine.
That is past.
Know Jah Rastafari because He is FUTURE.
Now is time to turn the wine back into water.

Messenger: SuperSmile Sent: 8/1/2012 6:30:38 AM

if you read what i put Ras Kanjas you will see i was just saying what mutu was saying in his reasonings, and i was just pointing things out which dont make sence.. giving you reason to question what you read.. And watch yourself man, Dont get so hot headed, for woo unto them who are quick to anger.

"God is longsuffering, so instead of blaming Him for not punishing Lot"

where did i blame the most high?? watch what you write because its not good to slander the name of a man with folly

one love

Messenger: Ras Kanjas Sent: 8/1/2012 9:55:15 AM


The reason why I blazed a fire upon you is because in your post you disrespected God's decision in destroying Sodom but sparing Lot.
You expressed that God is unfair because He did nothing in retribution for Lot's wickedness, yet He had recently destroyed Sodom in retribution for her wickedness!
So you expected Him to do the same thing that He had done to Sodom to everyone who sins against Him, to prove that He is fair, right?
Because in your post you complained of God being partial, and showing favour to Lot, seen?

That's why I had to burn you...for doubting the integrity of Jah in His judgements!

You said you burn Lot's wicked thoughts...........point of correction, it was not because of his thoughts but his firstborn daughter's, seen?

And why do you say you don't burn wine?

Listen, things like cocaine and wine must be burnt out by all Rastafarians, because they are negative, harmful and of no benefit to humanity, seen?
Rather we should promote the herb for it is good for the mind, seen?

Be not afraid to burn wine because wine ain't a person so you won't be judged for judging others!


Messenger: Black heart Sent: 8/1/2012 10:25:33 AM

Yes I bro Soerasta02, what de I seh about judgin n hatred is true. Trudat I n I affe love one anada despite our defferent views n beliefs. However I man just can't use de bible without questining it fo I man know it is de book dat was used by slave masters to enslave, colonise n brainwash I n I black people. Ones who want to fireburn let dem fireburn I fo I man a go seh it dis iwa dat de bible is not perfect. Let dem blaze more fire to I fo I will tell dat de bible contain some stories dat are not true but are only fiction n theories made through divergence from de original true stories. I n I black people don't come from neither Noah nor from dat Adam n Eve of Eden. I n I black people haffe free ourselves from de slave master's religion. I man don't bow to no book but bow to Jah. More fire.

Messenger: SOERASTA02 Sent: 8/1/2012 1:05:16 PM

InI says don't bun wine because wine as all things including Jah herb is only good in moderation. Yesuah drink wine and InI think even Selassie I drink wine (correct me if I'm wrong about Selassie I)

Wine is just like food or water. If the I eat too much the I gets fat and has heart problems ect. If the I drink too much water the I gets water poisoning and can die from it.

Wine has many benefits for the body and the heart when used in moderation. It is when one becomes drunk that problems occur (as with Lot)

The Ible teaches that the I can drink wine and be joyful but to NEVER become drunk. The Ible usually uses the words "drunkeness" "drunkard" ect.
Mi ah buss two juice den mi a go touch di road Idren.

The Ible teaches also teaches that the I can eat food but not to be a glutton or be gluttenous. Which means nuh bodda nyam off all a di stew peas dem and cyan buckle yuh jeans dem!!!

It teaches us to rest but not to become a laggard.
Yuh too idle bwoy!!! Get off yuh batty before Mi gi you two fiyah lick pon yuh head back!!!


Black heart with regards to the slave master them using Jah word as a tool to enslave the I is completely right. People have taken bits and pieces of Jah word as justification to do bad things but this is why InI always says.

Judge the man by the book not the book by the man.

If these slave masters were "real Christians" then they could have NEVER done the things they did. The Ible definition of slavery predates the slavery we all know today. A clearer translation of the word would actually be "bondservant" (many Ibles use this instead of "slavery")

Being a bondservant wasn't bad at all. If InI wanted something from the I, say 40 sheeps and 60 acres of land and InI didn't have the money InI could then work for the I as repayment. No matter how much InI owes unto the I the I must forgive the debt after 7 years and give InI some livestock and land.

Bondservants were allowed to own land and care for their families and most likely ate the food he helped grow. Also it was a sort of "on the job training" for younger men without skills who wanted to get their foot in the door so to speak.

The Ible even lines out how a master must treat his servant and how a servant must treat his master and the guidelines are very fair and just.

A lot of people like to sight the verse "Slaves submit to your masters." Knowing that di man is paying the I all perspective changes. The I shouldn't say to the man "yo mi Nah go clean the toilet dem." The I knew what he was signing up for and he should be obedient and clean the toilet.

The Ible also says all men slave, free, man, womban are all equal in the eyes of Jah. The slave and his master all have one master who is Jah.

One must form the distinction of "Babylon slavery" and bondservantry.

The Ible also places "kidnappers of men" among one of the highest sins along with adultry and murder. If the slave masters were real Christians they would never have done what they did.

Judge the man by the book but not the book by the man.

One thing Babylon try to do is make the I think that black people had no part in the Ible by painting pictures of only white men and thru media. On the contrary most of the people of the Ible were black or Ifrican most notably the Israelites.

InI does question the Ible so to speak in the translation of some words here and there (then InI research the most accurate translation of the one word) but thru reading it InI has found that the Ible is not wrong its man and "Christian tradition" that's wrong.

Remember the Ible is an old book and one must do away with tradition and overstand the times in which it was written as well as the context by reading it in large chunks instead of little verses.

Trust InI if the I reads more into the Ible the I will start to scratch his head and wonder what people is doin.

Babylon don't want Jah people to read the Ible he wants to only tell the I what it means. InI gain Isdom in study with Jah in InI heart.

Messenger: SOERASTA02 Sent: 8/1/2012 1:34:17 PM

What better way to run Jah people then to take the name of Jah himself as a "Christian". Devil always try to attack people of Jah. Devil wants to manifest himself in the heart of a man of Jah and lead others astray.

InI is not fooled!!! because InI has Jah in I heart and Jah word to give InI reference to recognize false teachings an bun dem out.

When it comes to bunnin fiyah.

InI hold Jah fiyah which is Jah light. InI fiya is made of love and Isdom and knowledge of Jah. InI fiyah like Jah is both wrathful and powerful as well as kind and loving.

If the I hasn't noticed InI has been burning hot fiyah in every post. But how The I might ask?

Jah fiyah does not burn a man. If it did the mans feelings would be hurt and he would run away from the light who is Jah and InI has failed. Jah fiyah bun the bad things in a mans heart and the bad things get burned and turn away. The same love InI has for all people burns the wicked things in a man. So are the ways of Jah.

Pure love and happiness unto all of the fam.


Messenger: burningbush Sent: 8/1/2012 3:08:24 PM

What I'm saying is the wine that you Geezus people love must be burned out.

Its a metaphor for reclaiming the roots of humanity, wine never made no tree gow, wine makes ya drunk, just like that slave ship S.S. Jesus Christ.
Just ad Ark I says Ras Tafari is for RasTarI people.
Christ is for the Christ people.
Without water, the tree never grows.

Respectful Ites

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