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Who am I?

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Messenger: SOERASTA02 Sent: 7/8/2012 11:43:42 PM

InI will put it simple and clear InI don't sight Haile Sellassie I as Jah in the flesh. But then again who is InI to judge the I faith? for not one can judge the ways of Jah. Up to now InI considered I self Christifari, a term InI thought InI made up myself until InI seen some other group who claim this and try an judge n bun Rasta faith but still wear locks and play reggae. On these very forums InI have learned to read I Ible and develop InI own faith. InI honestly believe Rasta way of life is a real Christian way of life in the way Yesuah would live and be proud of. Is InI alone? InI respect Rasta livity and do not desire to be part of Babylon in any respect. Who am I?

Messenger: DURU Sent: 7/9/2012 12:33:28 AM

Blessed to all

Greetings , soerasta, who am I? D same I as anyone else,and this I is no plural but 1


Messenger: SOERASTA02 Sent: 7/9/2012 2:33:57 AM

So much said in so little words. Thank you.

Messenger: chica Sent: 7/9/2012 3:52:42 PM

Duru please explain what Jah mean when the Bible says, "I am that am." What does that mean?

Messenger: DURU Sent: 7/10/2012 1:28:15 AM

Blessed to all

Greetings chica, it points out dat JAH not in d sky but within, when ppl say I am , this I am in all of us is 1 I am, this I am is Awareness , when ppl say I am THIS or THAT , I am is refered to d personality ,this personality is personal ,and is created by experience,ppl and society, this personality is many and on this personality majority is identified with, this personality is d ego, this limits d potentials of ppl ,and from this ego greed,lust,is born ,because d I am is identified with d ego,it separate itself from creation ,all what d ego do is d benefit for d ego only.

I am is d higher I d seat of d heart d life giver and its selfless

I am this or that ,is d lower I d personality ,this personality dies so it represents death if not aware of life giver,and its selfish

To identify with d heart higher I is unity cause this I is 1
To identify with d mind lower I is separation cause this I is many

InI are not human but life itself ,when identified with d lower I d body is a prison but if identified with d higher I d body is a temple

That's y d ancients say" think with d heart not with d mind"


Messenger: chica Sent: 7/10/2012 2:37:03 PM

Thank you for explaining. I will need much time to consider all that you have explained. I am just learning the meaning of "selah." Perhaps this is a time when that expression should be used, yes? Selah... Blessings

Messenger: chica Sent: 7/12/2012 12:20:28 PM

Duru, I found the following article on the internet when I was attempting to research about H.I.M.:

"Arch Bishop Yesehaq head of the Kingston chapter of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Jamaica was
initially sent to Jamaica by His Majesty to establish the church and to dispel the worship of Selassie.
Selassie felt that if he personally commissioned someone to start a church that worshipped Christ and
not himself, the Rastafarians would follow the true Christ. It was these reasonings and many others that
eventually brought Bob Marley to be baptized into the Ethiopian Orthodox church by Arch Bishop
Yesehaq. This conversion is well documented in Jamaica and was strongly criticized by many Rastas.
In Yesehaq's interview with Ian Boyne on JBC's "Profile" (Jamaica's most popular talk show), he
discusses this matter in great detail, explaining Bob's conversion as one whole hour of weeping
sobbing and tears of repentance. Another confirmation of this fact is the following: If it was not for his
denouncing Selassie as God, his conversion and baptism into the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and
acceptance of their belief system, his funeral would have never taken place in their church. For the
Ethiopian Orthodox Church does not hold any ceremonies (including funerals) for non-members.

To further back up this fact is the testimony of Judy Mowatt. She was one of the famous "I-Threes," and
a strong worshipper of Selassie. Judy was initially disturbed by Bob's commitment to accept the
doctrine of the Ethiopian Orthodox church and be baptized into their body. She and others were
frustrated with Bob for forsaking all that he had stood for in his music and mission for so many years.
However, almost twenty years later Judy Mowatt completely understands the commitment that Bob had
made. For just a few years ago as documented in Reggae Report vol 14#6, Judy Mowatt became what
she calls a "fulfilled Rasta," by becoming a born again Christian. She believes that Selassie was a very
godly man, but was not God. This belief was backed by two recordings that she possessed that were
interviews with Selassie in which he discussed the fact that Rastafarians revered him as god, yet he
clearly denied being God/Christ."

As you can imagine, now I am so very confused. I remember reading a thread where RastafariYess informed me that HIM never professes to be Messiah, nor Christ, nor Jah. This article seems to back up what RastafariYess informed me of.

So HIM never wanted to be identified as Chrst/God?

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 7/12/2012 12:57:31 PM


Don't listen to babylon propaganda, Selassie I never said he is not God. Selassie I is the Most High God, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Selassie I met with several Rasta Elders in person who worship HIM,including King Emmanuel Charles Edwards and Mortimmo Planno.

Also, the EOTC accepted Rastas into the Church while Selassie I was in control of the church. It was only when the Dergue came into power that the EOTC started rejecting Rastas from the Church.

Here is an excerpt from a book:

Former Senator and Gleaner editor, Hector Wynter, tells of asking him, during his visit to Jamaica in 1966, when he was going to tell Rastafarians he was not God. 'Who am I to disturb their belief?' replied the emperor.

Messenger: Matthew Sent: 7/12/2012 7:01:38 PM

The only way to the oneness of the I AM is through following the example and living life for the most high. Some ones want to think they larger than life, Higher than the most high, pure ego. Selassie I is the life giver, the GODness in InI, we need to purify I selves that means pursuing the light of RasTafarI within until that light is all encompassing.

RasTafarI Blessings
Peace and Love

Messenger: DURU Sent: 7/13/2012 2:26:13 AM

Blessed to all

greetings chica, first of all RASTAFARI is not a biblical doctrine or any other but a natural livity from d inspiration of H.I.M.
RASTAFARI is an african liberation movement physical,mentally and spiritually
Physically africans and africa continent must be free from d damage been done by babylon,african redemtion ,if africa is free ,world willl be free too, in history ,african world leadership gave spirituality to d world.

Mentally,africa contribution must be known, to give back african pride back,mental slavery was even worst than physical ,it affects d generation deeply, and separates 1 to another,and d result is adaptation of other culture or religion ,and d effects can be very self destructive,because its from d african that these culture and religion came from,so africa must come back to its own position as d source of it, african mentality is wholistic ,to see all as 1 and 1 as all.

Spriritually, is to fucntion or live wholly(holy) the livity itself is d very essence of RASTAFARI. To be 1 with all , before babylon took control ,wholistic livity functions and d basis of all indigineous cultures,and to be identified with life not as an individual,d individual is just a function ,but since all functions as 1 ,d very idea of individual is eliminated ,this is d cruxifiction of ego for d sake of all, meaning eliminate every selfish desire ,cause individualism is d very cause of greed,lust and power.

There is a reason in history why a name is not given to JAH ,and a lower deity is its representative, if u observe in these present moment ,so much division in d name of JAH including rasta, who is d real god? To point out "somebody or someone or something" is god, is a blasphemy ,this means a man/wombman , a created being is now pointing out d creator d all knower, its like saying d eye which is 1 seeing all, is seeing itself, or d very source of ALL is pointed out,as someone is god, this is very insulting to creation ,ancient indigineous culture always worship its representative or a function of JAH,meaning to worship an attribute simply to give potential for d attribute dat d individual lacks.
How can an limited being point out d almighty,d infinity?mind can't grasp it because mind itself is limited.
A personal overstanding of god must remain personal but functions universal, d personal god is to fill up d gaps to be whole ,meaning to live better with d accordance of all,nature,man and self.
Haile selassie I ,Menen I , is I king and queen , I teacher or guru ,dat dispels darkness to light and yes I personal god,
Its better to say H.I.M is 1 with JAH through his works towards d uplifment and peace of us all,is d presence of JAH in man, if d action of man is for d progress of all then his works is godly.

Every 1 thinks different some ppl are stuck on religious dogmas so them need dogmas or theologies to get out of it ,or dem need a scripture to point out JAH, if d I is raised as christian ,d bible can be a help to have more faith but faith itself must be followed by knowledge , faith is d basis of knowledge ,to question faith just like d I is doing is a good thing ,d best thing is to doubt until all doubts vanish through knowledge,and all remains is wisdom.
For this rasta say know JAH dnt believe ,and this knowing is not through mind cause mind can't grasp it, but by being it , by being 1 with creation from d inspiration of H.I.M

Holy scriptures was not meant to be translated literally,its all myths and d very aim is to realize d hidden potentials of man ,mans divinity, to be peacefull in any situation ,to overstand dat d world is perfect and d only problem in d world is our minds,our way we think of it, we fantasize dat 1 day there will be a total peace on earth,with total no evil, in fact these again is an insult for creation , if d creator is perfect,d creation is perfect too ,now in these very present moment and always been perfect, these world is based on helping each other ,feed d hunger,heal d sick, this opportunities to help ,to give shelter to d homeless makes this world zion , d very good deeds of man is a sign of d presence of JAH.
To have an idea of an everlasting peace are for them who dnt want to take responsibility,its for lazy ppl,to say dat a better world will come is an insult of creation of today, them help simply cause them desire heaven and without this concept them will not do it , its better to help eternally than to help simply because u will go to heaven this is pure greed

JAH dnt reward or punish its InI that punishes and reward iself and others,this law is made before creation ,d law is first before creation, this law is love , a simple man dnt need a scripture to overstand life or JAH , or to function better, most of us are so indoctrinated that InI need a scripture to overstand Iself.

Chica dnt worry about d doctrines listen to ur heart and just be honest,make d best of life, rasta is not a choice ,u are it or not but it doesn't really matter,so many rivers that leads to d ocean ,d aim of rasta is to live 1 with creation ,this is d true worship of H.I.M to live 1 with creation,not simply by hailing H.I.M name ,action speaks louder than words, or to believe a dogma or doctrines, most of dem doctrine oriented ppl are fearfull and them only aim is to go to heaven in time of judgement but dem can wait forever,because everyday is judgement day and zion is here and now ,InI must not wait ,but InI is here to progress ,to help,to feed,to love,with an everlasting innerpeace. Just like H.I.M did.


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