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The beggining

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Messenger: RastaD Sent: 7/4/2012 3:30:16 PM

I man wants to know what I and I think life or/and the universe was like in the beginning of time? do I and I believe in the big bang? how did the universe a come? Evolution?

I want to know what I and I a think about these things.

Messenger: Black heart Sent: 7/9/2012 12:48:55 PM

Ye my king. In de begining was de force. De force was with n is de creator. De big bang is a theory just like de story of creation in de bible. Both theories are people's ideas on creation. Each of dis theories has its own errors so de truth might be between both of dem. Iration was n is effected by some forces. De combination of all de forces of iration is de creator himself. De big bang, volcanic eruption, conception, evolution, mutation n breeding are some of de many forces of iration. Glory to de forces of iration, glory to de creator, glory to Jah, glory to word, sound n power. Yes I.

Messenger: Ras Kanjas Sent: 7/9/2012 1:12:59 PM

Black heart,

Which story of creation are you talking about?

There is no story of creation in the Bible, seen?
It simply teaches you and me that God made the universe and the fullness thereof, seen?
And you think it's a story.........come on, got to show more raspect to the Scriptures!

I don't blame's the system that has made it so!
It seems to you that the Bible is to be compared with secular theories!

Fire burn..

Messenger: chica Sent: 7/9/2012 2:20:14 PM

Brother Ras Kanjas, even in the religious seminaries, when referring to the Bible, they speak of two and three different creation stories found in the Book of Genesis. That's what gets me so confused. You are so correct, the system has made it all up and then try to back it up with what they call religious theories. It's just a mess trying to filter through all of it, especially when searching for the truth. So much of it just comes across as a trumped up lie! Still, I continue to search... Blessings.

Messenger: Ras Kanjas Sent: 7/10/2012 12:52:44 AM

Yes-I Sistren,

got to keep a sharp look for lies when you are searching for truth,
lest they mess up your brains!


Messenger: Black heart Sent: 7/10/2012 1:56:12 AM

Ras Kanjas. What u read in de bible about iration is a story told by somebody. Iration didn't take place exactley like dat story is bein told. Does de creator get tired? Why is it said dat in de bible God worked for 6 days n rest on day 7? God doesn't need to rest. God doesn't get tired. Dat story is a theory like de big bang theory. I man don't blame u too, de system made u to be afraid of questioning de very same book dem used to enslave, colonise n kill de self esteem of I n I black people. I told u before dat we black people are Africans not Israelites. Most of de bible stories have got nothing to do with I n I black people. I n I black people don't come from Noah, Abraham or Moses, we come from our own African ancestors. It is iwa dat I n I must realise de mistakes made by rasta elders n de bible mistakes. I n I haffe make good use of our brains n eyes instead of bein blind folowers. It is also de iwa dat I n I affe free ourself from de chains of religion. Religion is one of de stumbling blocks to de inification of Africa. Jah gave I n I brains n eyes so dat we can serch fo de real truth. Revelations can heppen to anyone. Blessed love.

Messenger: DURU Sent: 7/10/2012 3:44:20 AM

Blessed to all

in the beginning d sunrise in d end sunsets.
This is d basis of creation d very backround is silence(darkness,peace).
Light represents movements(love)
Dark represents rest,silence(peace)
Everyday is creation and every night is judgement day ,

Life is not creation ,life is eternal so can't be created

Creation is contents of life , all that is born will die but life itself never came but always IS

Life is d playground of birth and death

Universe is like d mind, d more u think d more thoughts will arise, if thoughts is concentrated it becomes like reality after matter of time d very reality of man is d idea, this is mental slavery,

Meditation is a way to be beyond creation and destruction , d very essence of life, in meditation u witness d mind after certain time this mind will vanish , then d heart will rule , mind is d clouds in d sky blocking d sun (heart)

From silence creation rise and from silence it will descend
Let love be d only creation and peace as your destiny.


Messenger: SOERASTA02 Sent: 7/10/2012 4:03:29 AM

Man has studied birds for many years and cannot come to a "rational" conclusion as to how they know where they are going. The Irator operate out of rational conventional parameters. He is wise beyond reason or anything InI can understand as a human. If Jah used "reason" as we as humans understand it he wouldn't love us. The eternal mystery is part of the beauty. People too busy trying to figure this stuff out but at the end of every "how" is a "why". InI for one just want to enjoy it and I believe thats why.

Messenger: Ras Kanjas Sent: 7/10/2012 4:17:14 AM

Black heart,

You don't understand the nature of God, no wonder you think God doesn't need any rest!

Who is God?

You think Haile Selassie-I needed no rest...hahaha!
You think Jesus Christ needed no rest from all the great work He had done?

You don't understand who God is and why He instituted the Sabbath in Eden, do you?

Listen to me,
The Sabbath was instituted for you and me...not God to keep, and it has a very important purpose for mankind, seen?
When God first blessed the Sabbath by resting on it, He didn't do it so that He would repeat this every week, no!
But He did it inorder to show humanity how the Sabbath was supposed to be kept,
it was a demonstration, seen?

And to show that He is the Almighty, who does whatever pleases Him, Jesus and David did what was not expected on the Sabbaths, seen?
He ain't under the Sabbath like us, but above it, and above the Law!

And just that the white slave masters misused the Bible during slavery should not make you disrespect the Scriptures!
You see, God's Word is a sword...either correctly or incorrectly used, seen?
Those shrewd slave masters knew that you as a victim of slavery, would deny the Bible later on when you see some you don't have to fall in their snares, but you should overcome in this system!

And I am not afraid to question the Bible...don't you know how much fire I have for Saul?
But the entire Old Testament, Psalms in particular, is unquestionably pure God's Word, seen?

More fire still to blaze!

Messenger: SOERASTA02 Sent: 7/10/2012 4:30:07 AM

InI was thinkin the exact same thing about his word as a sword just before reading the I post. Crazyness lol. The I is right though, it is powerful and InI can use it to kill and enslave or heal and empower. Just like a sword can cut off your head or amputate an infected limb to save your life. Don't blame it on the sword but the one who bears it. Swords don't kill people, badmind ideas attached to human bodies holding swords kill people.

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