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What are your views on Rasta and de Seling of alcohol?

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Messenger: Black heart Sent: 6/25/2012 1:58:59 PM

Greetings brothers n sistas. If a rasta runs a shop, is it ok fo de I to include alcohol n ciggerates amongs de things de rasta sell? Is ok fo rasta to own n run a liquor(alcohol) store? How about a butchery?

Messenger: SuperSmile Sent: 6/25/2012 3:09:09 PM

if i was against them things which i am, i wouldnt sell it to people because why would i want them to cause damage to theirself off the substance that i would be selling them.

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 6/25/2012 8:47:51 PM

It is a bad karma to run a butchery or sell alcohol or cigaretes or pharmecuticals or too be a slave master or a prison guard and soo much more. What you rap is what you sow. Ital is Vital. Inquire on what is right and be righteous. no violence, taking care of bodies and souls within....Rastafari heals and Never Kills

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 6/26/2012 12:23:22 AM

If you're going to sell tobacco cigarettes why not sell them rat poison as well?

I don't think Rastas should really be involved in the liquor trade either. "Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging".

Messenger: Black heart Sent: 6/26/2012 12:41:36 AM

Giv thanks brothers Jessep86, Supersmile n Eleazer. More questions. Can rasta work in a motuary (e.g. washing dead bodies)? How about runing or workin in barber shop or hair salon (e.g. Cutting people's hair n altering people's hair with chemicals)?

Messenger: Matthew Sent: 6/26/2012 4:19:16 AM

If my wife and children are hungry Im gonna do what ever it takes to put food on the table. Some ones aren't privallidged enough to be able to pick and choose what they do
Its I job to provide for I family, that comes first to I. Selassie I knows. And whats the other option? Babylon hand outs?
Blessed love

Messenger: Black heart Sent: 6/27/2012 1:51:12 AM

Ye man. I do overstand de I bro Mathew. De issue of employment is realy complicated fo rasta people. Sometimes life can be so hard such dat u can't afford even to get some ital. U end up goin to Babylon for employment where dem tell u dat u haffi cut your locks to be employed. U'll be forced to cut your hair. After u employed, u'll be made to comb de remaining short hair. U'll also face some religeous percecution. He who feels it knows it. It realy is a hard road to travel but I n I haffe overcome. One perfect love.

Messenger: Ras Kanjas Sent: 6/27/2012 2:14:13 AM


It is not you who put the food upon the table for your wife and children,
But Jah alone does that, seen?

If He does not show you the way to get that meal,
then how would you be able to put the food upon that table?

So you don't have to do whatever it takes to provide your family with food, seen?
You have to choose right only to feed your family!


Messenger: Ras Kanjas Sent: 6/27/2012 2:25:44 AM

Seems that you are saying if Jah fails to provide you with food so that your family is hungry, you will play the harlot and work for Satan inorder to put the food upon your table, right?

Messenger: Ras Kanjas Sent: 6/27/2012 2:28:11 AM

Then me tell you what;
Jah will never fail to put the food upon His servant's table!


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Haile Selassie I