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Leonard Howell

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Messenger: Black heart Sent: 6/16/2012 2:34:13 PM

Greetings to rasta people. Dis ikend I n I commemorate de earth day (16 June)of Howell. He is one of de early people who set de foundation of dis trod. He deserv more raspect. Just recallin I n I black prophets n liberators. Raspect to de pioneers of rasta livity. Black solidarity. Yes I.

Messenger: Matthew Sent: 6/17/2012 5:49:11 AM

Yes I
Give thanks for InI Incients who gave InI a strong foundations to build upon. How old would the Gong have been bro BlackHeart? Ive been trying to get hold of a copy of The First Rasta book and documentary. Any ones read the book or watched the Doc?

At the moment Im reading mortima planno book, The worlds strangest man, that man was a true teacher and liberator also, I love InI Elders, Give thanks

RasTafarI is unchangeable

Selassie I

Messenger: Black heart Sent: 6/17/2012 10:04:07 AM

Yes I brother. He would be 114 years. Raspect to all de elders. Blessed love.

Messenger: Sister Sent: 2/1/2014 4:26:39 PM

Messenger: Levite I Sent: 2/5/2014 7:48:35 PM

Give Ises Sister for highlighting this piece of literature, a critical piece for each and every I.

Gong Gung Guru Maragh a wi founding father.


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Haile Selassie I