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Micro Chip, Mark of the Beast

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Messenger: IAMGODALMIGHTY Sent: 1/6/2012 1:18:03 AM

Blessed Love, I hear all of your thoughts Ark I thinking iam an ordinary fool running up his mouth that I myself must be dealt with as I state the guilty must be! That I have no authority over him are falsely thinking! That is very right I have the authority to take over your being remotely! No one can help you of hinder me form doing such! I alone can terminate human being lives with impunity! why don't you report what happened to you! You will be made physically sexually impotent through divine means as a lesson to you! Do not try to take medications to remedy your issue! God did it to you as punishment! I will cause much more harm to you! It is best you worship me and humble yourself! Or suffer the consequences of your stupidity and arrogance! Jah

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/7/2012 1:22:19 AM

You have no power over I. I have no illness, I am healthy and strong, because Jah RasTafarI is I Light and Salvation. Do you think I would ever fear a person like you? That is a joke. How many years has it been since you have been speaking your "curses" to I with never any effect on I? Every "curse" you have ever spoken against I has never touched I, because you are not God or anything close to God, but are very far from God and actually much closer to the old dragon, satan.

So I have reported to you about what has happened to I, as you requested, why don't you report what has happened to you? Every heathen I know that has tried to curse I has gotten their wickedness multiplied and returned to their own self, at least every one who I could see and hear about because I witnessed their return. What curses have returned to you? Go on and curse I some more, you are deserving of more self punishment for your wickedness, so go on and punish yourself some more.

Those that are God speak like God, those that are satan speak like satan. I have seen enough of your filthy words to know what you speak like. Maybe I should share with others who see this website the devil words you wrote to that woman you told I you were with a few years ago. You know the woman I am speaking about, the one who knows who I am and has seen I in person. Then they can judge if your words are the words of God or the devil.

I saw the website at that time where you wrote all sorts of wickedness against her. And I made sure to save all the pages before the website was cancelled so that I always remember what kind of devil you are.

Go away satan, you could never hide who you are or take the throne of the almighty God Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I.

You think you have been microchipped, but the Mark of the beast is more than evident in the filthy spirit you carry with you. You have chosen that mark willingly.

Messenger: Humble one Sent: 6/21/2015 2:42:31 AM

Dear All,

I was just looking through this website;

And read this; "We are also a farming community producing our own food to be self-sufficient in the coming perilous times of the dreaded MARK OF THE BEAST. It will be in the form of a micro biochip."

I have to say, I agree with everything that they say about the coming times of the mark of the beast (ie now) but I don't really agree with the microchip. I was surprised to find that a rasta organization genuinely believes that it will be the microchip.


I think we had a discussion about this not long ago, but my personal opinion is that the mark of the beast is as a result of living in Babylon, and comes as a result of the dirtying up of the physical body through impure food, and thus dirtying up of the spirit as the two as connected. Those with clear sight can already see the mark on the foreheads of indoctrinated people, well not just on the foreheads, but I think that the mark of the beast refers to the effect that modern Babylon has on man, and that all that are affected by Babylon can be said to have "the mark of beast" to one extent or another.

All the best,


Messenger: Shashamane29 Sent: 6/21/2015 3:35:37 AM

It's coming and anybody who nuh no dat a idiot. The cashless society is been tested in two countries as we speak and reason.

Hence my post on gold a few weeks back. It also ties in with why the west killed Gadaffi. USA have no gold reserves and uk sold off lots of what it had.

Time to think about returning to a more humble life whether in the Caribbean or Africa. Land in Africa is still cheap so move fast before it's too late!

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 6/21/2015 7:51:56 AM

ah. you truely speak my language. things like that is what we have to focus on. but i dont know if its really the chip. all i know is we have to avoid those chips anyways by any means necessary.

Messenger: Shashamane29 Sent: 6/22/2015 12:48:18 PM

Bredah my cousin bought land in Ghana for 4,000 the other day where else in the world you gonna get land so rhatid cheap?

I also got two friends in Gambia they love reggae music and the president had a sound system built by qualitex from Bristol.

Word of caution though one of my Rasta friends was jailed for cussing how corrupt the government is there. He was recorded and arrested. They wanted 1,000 to get him out so his peeps back in uk started a collection but when they checked his father him seh him nah put nuh money to it as him have nuh right fi guh deh and cuss lol.

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 6/22/2015 1:41:22 PM

very nice.

i start to think of doing it myself but a german guy whos bought his own land/ farm in ghana can be seen as "europeans are taking over again" or something like that. dont know how to escape from babylon yet. ive also heard of people who start to live in the forrest of norway or somewhere in the north of europe. but i want to go home too. and africa as the home of all mankind is a concept that isnt respect by all rastas.

Messenger: Shashamane29 Sent: 6/22/2015 1:46:07 PM

Where in Germany are you based?

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 6/22/2015 1:54:24 PM

im in the west. in the ruhr area.

thats right. i think every town or at least every big city in the west has at least 2 or 3 regular dances nowadays. the first time ive visit a dance in germany was back in 2003.

to go to the east is something i would avoid too. like in every european country, the majority of racists are in the east. i think it has something to do with the fact that even though there is no wall anymore for more than 25 years there arent that much foreigners. people fear the unknown. many people in the east fear that the islam is taking over while only 2% of their polulation are following that religion. there are no moslems at all.

Messenger: Shashamane29 Sent: 6/22/2015 2:08:50 PM

I am in west fallen near Monchebgladbach. It's a good location for me as it's near the Dutch border. I struggle to get my kind of food via restaurants in Germany.

The Dutch have people of Caribbean decent and therefore cook to my liking. However weed in Europe sucks. Artificial weed is not something I like but it's all I can get.

You need to learn about high grade weed from Caribbean and Africa.

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