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Messenger: Humble one Sent: 8/18/2015 7:20:43 AM

"sometimes i think its the food that make people that unconscious"

Correct; the main control method of Babylon. Some others are perhaps forcing a very un natural lifestyle ie schools force children to sit at a desk for 7 hours a day whether they like it or not, alarm clocks robbing them of sleep everyday... Yes, once they leave school they can choose not to do that... But by that time normally their minds have been converted to think that material achievement is all that exists... again being blinded to the spirit world.

Thanks, reasoningtime. I'm glad someone shares these perceptions about "zombies", to some extent. It comes from an understanding that no one in this system can be said to be in their right minds. Good god, if they were in their right minds, they would flee as far as possible from this system.

I think, aswell that these perceptions are very important to having compassion for others. Ie once you realize that we are all victims to varying extents of Babylon control methods, then you can have compassion for others who are a victim of the system. Eg on my course, the other day, there was a new group of people who came. This one man was critically obese, and he couldn't keep up with the others on the allotment. So, he had to walk back by himself. I walked past him as I walk collecting some water to water the beans, and my heart was filled with compassion for this man. Because I know how I have suffered with this system in the past, and to be honest I think everyone is really an innocent soul, who wants good in life. They have just been confused by the system. This man had to stop multiple times, perhaps every 20 metres walking back. I really, really felt for him because I thought how ashamed and embarrassed he must have been.

And, as I have said, once you realize that this system is the one which controls, I really don't think it is his fault at all, nor is it the fault of all the other sufferers. By this, I mean you could say "just eat better", "he hasn't made the effort", but I could see the struggle in his eyes. But really, when I think that it is the food that this system has designed for him, and others that is to blame, again the system is to blame not the individual... Modern food contains things that messes with the brain to make you addicted and dumb you down. It wasn't his fault... It isn't really anyone's fault of the people living in this system. So when I see someone who is really unhappy, or someone else who is unhappy inside but bullies to take out the fact they are being controlled by this system on others, I don't blame them at all... I really feel for them and think, wow how much they must suffer with this system. Because everyones deserves happiness, and it is possible, with these understandings, to see people who are really nasty or those who are really depressed not as horrible people... But as a lost soul whose subconscious is longing for it's connection to JAH back, but they just don't know how so they are horrible to others instead. Really, see past the front that they have and I have the utmost compassion for them as they really are suffering inside.

All the best,


Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 8/18/2015 2:04:18 PM

yes, right. ive agreed with this from the start.

and when we say you have to stand up when the alarm clock is ringing i think we dont mean that a lazy hippie like concept would be the answer. i hope you see my point.

our species has traveled around for thousands of years in early history and if things would be more natural and more of us would work on fields and one guy of a larger group refuses to help others because he likes to sleep all day then its lazy. thats not good. but this system...everything we do is AGAINST our nature. we are designed to fall asleep when we are tired and to work when we have the power and the concept of waking up at 5 o clock every day to work in a dirty factory for a brutal boss or to sit in front of a desk with a tie around the neck all day to make the rich richer is insane.

its not only school and jobs alone. tell-lie-vision, hollywood, main stream shows, pop music, social media, mass media, screens everywhere we go, modern novels, gun shops, tattoos and piercings, political events, video games, THE WHOLE FINANCIAL SYSTEM (!!!), supermarkets and chemicals in every product, fast food, the fake war on drugs, alcohol, sweets, secret societies, the police etc., taxes, pressuring people in our society (materialism), the pagan holidays which get out of hand more and more etc. ...

im just amazed that people arent willing to change things that went obviously wrong in their lives and their not willing to show some love anymore.
i can tell people about tv, games, books, mass media...ital food...they wont change a thing. even political things.

i think no matter what i do i cant reach nobody in reality anymore. its really not like on tv for example...a celebrity says he does yoga for example and everybody is amazed and speaks about it. in reality i can go to people and tell them how they treat animals, how dangerous cheese is, how dangerous gluten are, how babylon wants to manipulate us, how we cant trust the system at all (from the so called leaders to science), how the different religions are connected...things that are so interesting that i have to read about it daily...and people just nod their head and our relationship is just like it was before. then they go home and eat a huge sandwich to watch a sitcom. thats fine. but nobody cares and nobody is willing to HAVE A DEEPER CONVERSATION ABOUT IMPORTANT THINGS. thats what really bothers me. they live i ntheir world and they dont care about certain topics and they treat everybody like a robot. "yes", "no", "ok, if thats what youre all about".

we cant pollute our stomach and bowels. clean your body and your spirit will shine through so to speak. if thats to spiritual just see that theres a real world behind your smartphone. go and spent a good time with real people and care about your friends and maybe even your enemies.

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