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why WHITES wanna be rasta when it's a black afrikon thing??

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Messenger: I-Man Sent: 10/22/2016 6:28:15 AM

Yes I Ark I, Rastafari no a mode or movement, that's about one with god and live in harmony with him

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 10/22/2016 9:09:57 AM

RasTafari is a movement of Afrikan consciousness and resistance to white supremacy.

Though non black people have adopted INI culture, and recognize INI Black King, does not mean that it is now magically a colorless movement.

Acknowledging and defending the Afrikan roots, origins and foundations of RasTafari is our honorable, divine and ancestral birthright and responsibility....not to be diluted or whitewashed to appease non Afrikan Rasta.

This undeniable truth must not be confused as being racist or reverse racism, for if one does, then one is guilty of white skin privilege which deems it acceptable to enter another's village in the name of One Love, only to eventually dilute the BLACKNESS of RasTafari history, culture, consciousness and REALITY.

Messenger: Evison Matafale Skræling Sent: 10/24/2016 2:32:03 AM

^ "knowing that Jah extend his hand to ALL who will hear his name".

...YES I
Give thanks to I HUMBLE ONE
for ability & courage to feel & express Iniversal love.
Again post a we can see I to I.

Give thanks to WISE and HONORABLE ARK I for advancing JAH works. Helping bring together our family abroad w this forum and allowing I to make a first post
after much time meditating the wisdom and knowledge shared aqui.
Thank you Brother. Blessings unto the I, ARK I

Greetings to the whole beautiful Family RastaFarI, Reasoning in the name of His Imperial Majestie, give thanks, Raspect and Love from I
Fire we blaze mek fe roots Rasta

My Sister and Brothers,
This is straight from my Heart or Midewiwin
meaning heart in the Anishinaabe language,
Midewiwin is sometimes translated as Way of the Heart.

To each their own philosophy

Only JAH can judge we

FEAR NOT those who try to steal culture, WHATEVER COLOR body dey soul may reside in this space in time. Check -[snoop lyin) do a job offend our Familia with exploitation fe a money, no real Heart or site of reality. Not genuine at all.
Red hotta fire will blaze!
I Not defending a bunch a goofs runnin round in red gold green w dreads sayin they colourblind, playin radio reggae sayin deh "rasta dude"yeah......BUT I NOT THREATENED EITHER.
I and I are NOT destroyed or even distracted from our Raspective journeys by Imposta of any skin type. Fyah will bun eventually tho we may not see it. It is our duty to confront anyone who perpetuates a incorrect or negative stereotype of we,
"sayin ya im a rasta" to be cool, w out overstanding livity, REGARDLESS OF SKIN.
Yall know the stereotypes I refer to:
(criminal pothead reggae lazy low intelligencia a fashin ting dem)

they soul heavier den all feathers combined.... feel I ?

Is eryone with dread pon am hed for the 77 ?
Is every american black man a criminal? Enyting sparkle make it a diamond tho ? Only very dark black can say RasTafarI?
Whos place to sit in judgement ?
Caucasians acknowledging H.I.M. Qedamawi Haile Sellassie I could never ever be a "real Rasta" right?... seen? Another skin color say RastaFarI and !poof, its ruined forIver for a Black Kingmah dem?
Seems to me like one who says strictly black only is more Black Panthery, garveyite or one of many other groups who dont want the goals of God today, to bring together the mindfull, righteous seers from all races to form that unachieved new race.
Them may need more time and thats overstood. As while one who says King Ras TafarI and God is one is more accurately a "RasTafarI" to I. Can one fall in both? yes. Just one? yep. Take care w labels wether food or people. Remember this is just my humble view, no dis raspect intended.

Stop UNfounded racial judgments unless you actually know otherwise it remains unvalid to I. Try I nstead fe:
Mek progress in your ability to accept, even love one of a dfrent race,(oh my!) to have positive interactions with all worthy peoples and not segregation and miss directed hate fueled anger based on skin color! Give credit or criticism to all people who deserve based on actions and character.
Hate breeds more hate and we are charged to end disa hate cycle by the will and strength of our Father.
Maybe my definition of a I RastaFarI is broader than most others. Ive never heard Bredren Rasses of any shade say Africa should be white property. Some say no man can own a tree or rock more den another.
Maybe WE have much to gain from keeping open minds in livity. Reach for de Iest Ites

Trod spiritual growth, support and advancement of ALL of our Sistren and Bredren RastaFarI.
Fe mek ya kno seh if one genuine its easy to feel,
feel onna RastaFarI frequeny Janno.
I and I see importance of acknowledging our differences while maintaining capacity to love completely Sistren and Bredren of another ancestry with clean hands and pure heart. Family doesn't mean only to I we have the same physical
Children of Jah come like flowers inna deh garden dem seen?
Deh year I man talkin to you is 2015 and
racial harmony is not a new idea.
Ease unna u self and relax bout dis Caucasians can no RastaFarI.
Who feels it, knows it Lord. period. If its not Midewiwin it wont last and fakers fade away.

I and I do overs VERY well the strong urge to protect sacred knowledge and maintain purity among the congregation. At this time I give thanks to a FEW of the Beautiful elders dem, with courage to impart wisdom on the young Lions and faith in a we to use this gift of knowledge to its potential. And Inspire I to fight inequality.
Their gift to us I hold so dear.
wisdom fe pass on to my future likle ones.


Maat, Abuna Basilios, Eldad ben Mahli ha-DanI, Graham Hancock,
Martin Luther King Jr, Mortimer St George "Kumi" Planno,
Leonard Howell, Joseph Hibbert, JAH lude, AlemaeRoots,
Archibald Dunkley, Vernon Carrington, Dadawah, Eyob Mekonnen,
Charles Edwards, Hugh Mundell. Just a few to chant word sound power
GIVE THANKS! Solo tengo gratitude a I corazon!

I itunue tu study and research ancient knowledge of thoth, Popul Vuh, Book of Coming Forth by Day in glyphs, Bahlam, Q'uq'umatz
In the name of the Most High GOD JAH One in the same,
as the Earth is the LORD and the fullness thereof.

I agree with HEMPHILL there is a place for a white Ras.
I feel the I HEMPHILL when he say the master manipulators want racial violencia and tension, to ease and maintain their divide and rule. And it is working. Dont fool into that. We must linkup as a unit w our shared goal to achieve freedom for all.
Every single unit of Livity. Dont be scared of different people
but be weary of those who want us to be scared.

We as a Human family must seek progress. Many conscious "white people" are fighting the same beast we fight and sometimes fighting harder. WAKE UP.
You would actaully suggest to our Bredren Ras who works helping children w aids in Addis, he must leave because him not black while you sit in the UK in judgment?
!LAVA! You a obstacle to reason deh.
What is suggested by segregation a lone soul do inna dis time who vision beyond disa wool blindfold over the eyes and knows not to walk in the ways of the evil masses/wicked?
Even if it is mucho mas rare for ones of certain races to be genuine RAS it does and will continue to happen my Friends, seen?. If one can truly know the light of the truth calling what does one suggest dey do? Even if it is very rare.
Ignore, exclude dem deh? Rather dey become stereotype "white" because someone else uncomfortable w a caucasion acknowledge JAH say dey not qualified to be accepted as part of I RastaFari community? or at the very least hold their own personal spiritual beliefs?
Iman seh FOLLOW YOUR HEART. If u are really knowing yourself, STAND FIRM, STAY FOCUSED and fly out of the fire Samson strong .
The "Until" will never get here if the majority of us are not ready or DONT WANT IT. Even if it was the intended goal when stated Irectly and Iniversally to us from the divine source.

It is maybe the hardest test from JAH for some of us to see & kno ourStory, experience racism and hate from whites in our lives and still REAL eyes it does not automatically equal every non African a evil person. Even a white person WITH WHOLE SIGHT OF THE KING can say RastaFari, A HUGE VICTORY FOR BLACK PEOPLE TO HEAR! see it?
And IF so say, excluding one and denying it is negative and hurtfull to us all, If we really want equality and love. Meaning equal rights and justice among not only our Familia RastaFarI
but all worldwide.

To fully accept a non African as Sistren or Bredren is a spiritual ite some may never achieve in this life. I don't blame you. I see why but I and I have hope for the youths dem.
We must forgive, but never forget so JAH say and I work to advance towards this goal personally.
inn my likle opinion. We dont hafta agree to be family still I needa express dis here.

I and I know this opinion is not shared by very many at this time,
please overstand to the I

and ANYone else who seem to say no non African RastaFarI could exist


I will defend you from hurt/harm with my own life if necessary
as would any I and I tribe RastaFarI.
Even if we cannot agree on dis one racial ting here.
Cant stop I LOVE and raspect

Sistren and Bredren lets support like minded people and still maintain our small differences peacefully and lovingly.
If ones refuse to fall in babel just as the I has refused deh we have much to gain by tightening and large up our Familia FarI!
Work together.
Unity in Diversity.
Celebrate wisdom shared by different experiences.
Fatherhood of JAH and Brotherhood of man

I am not "purebred" and experience much pain and sufferation through judgments of others. It is your choice if you dont want to acknowledge someone a lighter shade than you.
You hurt your Brothers and Sisters - explain to Almighty.
Don't focus on negative because you will always find differences in others opinion if thats what you seek. Commonalities and similarities are what allows us to relate,linkage, learn and have a positive action sharing different views openly.
Educate those with interest upon opportunity. Organise and centralise.
I sight more to gain by acceptance over exclusion of our truly good hearted Brothers and Sisters regardless Caucasian or no.
Iya kno seh Well maybe I definition of a I RastaFarI is not yours.
I and I ok w long so long RastaFarI call

Thank you for hearing me


- Anishinaabeg Jiisakiwinini el-DanI


Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 10/24/2016 10:19:10 AM

Give thankhs for di I's reasonings. This subject is a sensitive one, and a reoccurring one, both in this forum (microcosm) and all over the world (macrocosm)

Racism is alive and well. Our current political CIRCUS (elections) clearly demonstrates this. The continued brutality and genocide against people of color (regardless of degrees of melanin) speaks for itself.


This is not a racist statement. One must be wise in overstanding that BLACK LOVE does not equate to white hate. Those of us on this board who do not glorify in colorless multiculturalism and instead celebrate AFRIKA FIRST, have also extended much LOVE, overstanding, patience and respect to non Black Rasta, even when that unconscious white skin privilege shows itself.

With the exception of a VERY VERY FEW, as long as we are singing "One Love"....everyone is blissfully happy. But as soon as the discussion becomes "TOO BLACK, TOO STRONG" we are "reverse racists" and "against JAH"....and my all time favorite "not REAL Rasta"

That is where FIYAH must burn. Without apology.

I'd like to address this statement:

"Seems to me like one who says strictly black only is more Black Panthery, garveyite or one of many other groups who dont want the goals of God today, to bring together the mindfull, righteous seers from all races to form that unachieved new race."

How are these Black Revolutionaries "against the goals of God"?? How are they "not mindful, righteous seers"??

What "new race" of people?

We don't want a new colorless race! We want equal rights and justice for People of Color, with all our various complexions!

Garveyism is the cornerstone of RasTafari.
Black Panthers; our warriors on the ameriKKKan front lines. INI praise and honor those fearless brothas and sistas.


If a "white Rasta" can respectfully deal with this unshakable truth, without getting their feathers ruffled, without them preaching to us what "real Rasta" is about....then we have no issues at all.

It is not COMPLEXION we fight against. The issue goes beyond degrees (or lack of) melanin. It is Eurocentric MINDSET we fight against, be it expressed by white or black.

Until that day....


"A luta continua, vitória é certa"

Messenger: Weechrisch Sent: 10/24/2016 4:32:06 PM

Judge not lest ye be judged

Messenger: Evison Matafale Skræling Sent: 10/25/2016 4:23:10 AM


Ah Dada RastaGoddess, nzuri sana reasoning here a gwaan!
Several excellent points made by INI Sistren. I will throw gas on the time bomb. Itinue and indulge a response, at the risk of tiring Iself of this subject again. Whew here i and i go!.....

D I RastaGoddess said "What "new race" of people?" Then assumed the Bredda was saying a colorless race. We Must remember the Emperor Haile Selassie I whole speech, not just the Until that day sections.
I believe the point was this, JAH say:

"And we must look into ourselves, into the depth of our souls. We must become something we have never been and for which our education and experience and environment have ill-prepared us. We must become bigger than we have been: more courageous, greater in spirit, larger in outlook.

We must become members of A NEW RACE, overcoming petty prejudice, owing our ultimate allegiance not to nations but to our fellow men within the human community."

- Words of our King Ras TafarI
HIM also said:

"As We do not practice or permit discrimination within Our nation, so We oppose it wherever it is found. As We guarantee to each the right to worship as he chooses, so we denounce the policy which sets man against man on issues of religion. As we extend the hand of universal brotherhood to all, without regard to race or colour, so We condemn any social or political order which distinguishes among God's children..."

"Let Us take pride in the fact that as free men We attack and abhor racial discrimination on principal, wherever it is found and in whatever guise."

"Do not fall into the narrowness which looks only to the borders of your nation....We must move ahead in concert with all mankind."

"The natural origin of every man being man himself and thus equal through creation, the only difference lies in the opportunities made available."

"He who is worthy of praise amongst men is the man who, animated by sentiments of justice, perseveres in the way of equity."

"An age-old technique, which We may expect to encounter again and again in our struggle to attain independence in fact as well as in name, is summed up in the maxim "divide and conquer"."

"Our greatest asset is Our unity, and We must exploit it to the fullest."

"Strength can be achieved through unity, and success is the fruit of cooperation. Unity gives strength and assures success.
No nation can divide within itself and remain powerful.
Woe unto those countries which weaken themselves by dismemberment.
We have no problem which is insurmountable...Let Us work in unity and diligence."

So JAH say. If you no listen to JAH wishes what really agwaan?

Eye see InI may interpret this slightly differently, but the point as a whole should be very well made.
I feel No evil man will conquer the livity of SoloMan,
No Babylon itinue conquer the land of the Africans in we sight.
Wicked dem a burn, Death to all oppressors any religion race whateva!
Every colour skin is welcome to I gate, search out the root before rush to judgement, viewed genuine until proven guilty.
Wolves come all colors mongst da flock.

When InI read the title of this thread, mek InI wonder,
Does EmpreZion Really want to know,
"why WHITES wanna be rasta when it's a black afrikon thing??"?

It is these statements like :
"whites aint helping the cause NONE! AND little do you whites know blacks are using yall them disposing yall! this be a heads up. they laugh at yall along with being indifferent to any whites it's sort of like slavery in reverse! yall some fools and do not know it!
there is not ONE BLACK WHO UPHOLD ONE WHITE. given heads up wanting yall to wise the hell up and back up out the gates of the Rastafari movement!
PS as yall see "i am every where" I aint changed!

That shows the answer is no. EmpreZion does not want a answer to the self imposed and self answered thread title subject, from anyone else.

Who share and defend EmpreZion veiws?
I guess the "white rastas" should give thanks for this secret inside heads up to the one who wishes "yall to wise the hell up and back up out the gates of the Rastafari movement!" doing you a favor.

I feel this negative hate and ignorance a push backward for IMan.
Seems they speaking from a place of blanket prejudice and hurt from some painful Ixperience ? Is this not Racism to say ALL whites we ah deal with like so and ALL blacks deal with like so and things?
Limiting ones potential and worth based pon they skin colour.

Maybe thats what they needa do now in they trod. Building racial barriers ina they mentality, while I fighting to break down barriers.
Christ consciousness from I view is made of Iniveral love and forgiveness.
This come at different stages times and places for every Individual I.
I would not try to tell one when they should achieve it because IMan not even there yet. ya dont no when, but we should all be striving for that Christ consciousness.
misplaced vibrations or where One focuses they thoughts pon is something to be carefull with. This I know.

JAH is all life and we all JAH children.
Carbon based 98.6 degrees divine spark
All Man and Wombman Give thankhs for life!

what InI ah clear-eye-fya pon!
No disRASpect Seen!!
Blessings to all!

Oneness! - PamoJAH sana
Jah Bless - Mungu Akubariki
Peace and love - Amani na upendo

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 10/25/2016 5:52:11 AM

Until all Africans stand and speak as free beings, equal in the eyes of all men, as they are in the eyes of Heaven; Until that day, the African continent will not know peace. We Africans will fight, if necessary, and we know that we shall win

Rastafari is black supremacy, and deh ya long before any utterences were ever made. it is not confusing to acknowledge ones own blackness, ones own african race (as HIM did above) and reparative efforts in the face of white supremacy and label this journey as Rastafari. While still being able to acknowledge your place in humanity, treating other races equally. Equal does not necessarily mean the same. Simple mathematics 4+3=6+1. Each side equalling 7 With different means of getting there. We black people not convinced de I dem as white people means of seeing Jah / 'getting there' is the same as for we black people? our afflictions and position r different. The journey is different. Jah reveal himself in different ways among the nations. Through Jah, InI chant rastafari black supremacy melchezidek order nyabinghi death to all white oppressor and praise marcus I. Thats how I know rastafari. Any other form of dilution i dont know as rastafari. While the outcome may be the same, different ingredients deh a bubble in the pot. the I dem have a different revelation and thats fine. But it hard to justify how DE I movemant and de movemant of RastaGoddess are the same. I have long suggested white people who read the bible and sight HIM continue to do so, but under a different banner. This one taken - and you cannot start dilute cert ingredient now.

Nevertheless most of de i dem already have they minds made up on this subject making the reasoning somewhat mute. Ones shouldnt need to seek approval

Messenger: Khulani the Fulani Sent: 10/25/2016 10:11:07 AM

Rastafarians look Revolutionary and fierce to the system, To my surprise are the most TAME LIONS, quoting from the bible and His Majesty speeches to justify white infiltration of black emancipation.
Salute di Sistaz, are on point, Like Warrior Queen Yaa Ashantewaa and Queen Nyabinghi herself chanting “death to all oppressors, Black or white", when the men, were not brave to face the white colonizer. Everyting made by black people for black people winds up getting lost in translation coz we ourselves are willing to accept or be accepted by white people to come in and dilute tings in the long run, is somehow un-militant, Rastafarian aren't ready for Revolution but ready to go to Zion,somewhe out of the world, Rastafari must also be a cultural resistance to slavery and colonization of black people, Addressing issues affecting black people everyday universally, To help liberate our people from mental slavery and neo-colonization, all crimes committed against Humanity for more than 2000 years up to date,
Our strength as a black race as well as our weakness is that we have so much “ONE LOVE” even where odds defy us,In South Africa, Mandela, Today is viewed as a world icon with white people celebrating him coz of the truth and reconciliation agenda to forgive the white racist apartheid regime and show dem LOVE even though they had put him in prison for 27 yrs and tourched, mass murdered lots of black south africans, these devils continue to strive in south africa, economically and all sectors while the black people dwell in shacks and have nothing to show for the democracy promised by Mandela.
We often use such statements as “oh, black people enslaved each other” for how long will we continue to attack the victims and not the oppressor and his descandants ?

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 10/26/2016 3:43:37 AM

Feel de I pain Fulani brethren. Black people only seem to know themself when wha? Bless up

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 10/26/2016 9:50:54 AM

Afrikan love and RAspect brothas Khulani and Garveys!!

We must always remain diligent in maintaining Black Supremacy as the roots of RasTafari.

Would we be in the position of defending the Afrikan integrity and foundations of RasTafari had it been kept strictly and unapologetically Black?

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Haile Selassie I