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Messenger: Nazarite I Sent: 11/13/2010 8:42:14 AM

Blessed Sabbath to one and all.

Iman have found Iself in a position where I can get a small plot of land for growing fruit and vegetables which is something Iman have been looking to do ever since Iman sight Rastafari. The plot is only 1 meter by 2 meters and a little greenhouse space but I'm hoping I can make the most out of it.

I am just wondering if any of the Idren can reccomend any books or information about growing organic. Organic vegetables are too expensive for I to buy at this time so it is important for I to get the natural food out of I plot.

Blessed love and thanks for any assistance.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 11/14/2010 9:55:15 PM

I don't know of books regarding that. If the I does a little search on the internet, the I should find many books.

Messenger: Nazarite I Sent: 11/15/2010 10:18:05 AM

I've found a great many that way but even the ones that claim to be organic guides still recommend using chemical fertilizers and plant foods if the reviews and previews are anything to go by.

I was just wondering if any of the I's knew of any books or information on this written by a Rasta Idren.

Messenger: empress-I Sent: 9/6/2012 5:54:38 PM

Organic farming is using traditional means of farming- crop rotation and home made composts sans chemicals.

I too have this desire to farm and intend to go home to Belize now and then to re-plant foods like coconuts, jackfruit or breadfruits and so on.

I have been reading about permaculture here's a few links:


My tiny backyard in new york is for healing herbs and random items like lemon verbena,mint, sage, peppers-which I harvest already

There is a book in I mind but will link later.

Messenger: Nazarite_I Sent: 9/6/2012 8:16:57 PM

Give thanks for these links Sister.
Since I posted this Reasoning in 2010 I knowledge of farming and agriculture has increased greatly but knowledge is knowledge still so I give thanks for the information.

More love and life to the I and the I's vineyard in both NY and Belize.

Blessed love

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 9/6/2012 10:39:42 PM

I live in Toronto and I don't trust their rain and ground enough to grow food in it.

Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 9/7/2012 12:49:01 AM

Look for a book called "Herbs of the earth"a good book dis

Messenger: NordMan Sent: 9/8/2012 5:11:07 AM

Nazarite I,

May times during the last two years I have been thinking about the I and the garden. After the initial post in this thread it was quiet for a while and a started to wonder how the I did forward with it. Well, in not the same day, the I posted the letter for correcting and so it was no need for I to ask how it was going.

Now when your gardening skills have increased, what is the status of the garden. What do you grow and how? When you have the time, let I and I know.


Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 9/11/2012 11:35:10 PM

make own compost pile with vegiw fruit , food scraps.

if by ocean fertilize with that water dilued about 10 part sea water to 100 part fresh water once a week, increase and decrease , experement.

ocean water and sea salt has 92 over minerals to get into siol and plants roots!

alalfa meal , kelp, meal, keep top of soil covered and dont let dry and crack becasue got to keep micro organisms in soil thriving. ... Feed them.

sand, rock dust, all things organic...dont know any books about this

oceans water, sea salt, compost, and compost teas, and rock dust are I beleive great for keeping soil and therefor food highly mineralized

Messenger: Nazarite_I Sent: 9/13/2012 4:38:35 PM

Give thanks for the interest NordMan.

The garden is doing well now. So far the vegetable patch is only just getting started again after a time of neglect so its not been very productive this year. Only a small crop of potatoes and beans so far, with beetroot, calaloo and spinach to come, plus a nice herb patch already established. I and I have only just cut back the vegetation to let more light into the garden and this season has been used more for establishing beds and planting food which doesn't mind soil that hasn't been in use for a long time. Soon when all the crops have finished and I and I have had a delivery of compost from a local community farm, I and I will dig it into the soil and mulch it with leaf mould from the garden to enrich the soil for the coming season. That's when the garden will become much more fruitful. I and I are also establishing a few compost bins and boxes now to use kitchen and garden waste and produce I and I own compost.
Around the garden, everything else is looking as good as it can. All the beds are waiting for the same treatment as the vegetable patch, so next year should see the gardens flourishing beyond anything I and I have been able to manage so far with limited tools and manpower.
Now Ones and Ones have come forward and provided I and I with abundant tools and assistance, so I and I just need a few bigger things like a shed for storage. I'm also building up a small library of gardening and agriculture books for Ones and Ones to study and read.

Give thanks for the interest again.

More love and more life to the I.

Blessed love

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