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Leonard Percival Howell Gong Gung Guru Maragh

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Messenger: RasPadaItion Sent: 6/11/2010 8:25:41 PM

Honourable Venerable Howell©

By RasPadaItion®


Hail the High Honourable Venerable Leonard Percival Howell

The truth of Haile Sellassie a him first tell

Gongunguru Maragh is Rasta’s first Emanuel

That’s why dem send him to asylum and prison cell

Verse 1

It was July 16 1898 that he came on the land

At Redlands near Crooked River in Clarendon

He was among the first to start hail the Conquering Lion

Within three year after the coronation

He Hinds and Hibbert were the founders of Rastafari Nation

Howell started his mission in Kingston the capital of the island

St Thomas was his nest destination

This was he got his first big congregation.

Verse 2

Howell was the main target for Babylon persecution

In 1934 Howell and Hinds were charge with sedition

For this they gave him two years if incarceration

In 1936 they send him to Bellevue like a mad man

He was chased out of St. Thomas by pastors the people and the politician

He went to St Catherine before 1941

There at Pinnacle he bought over 500 acres of land

Here was were the first set of Rastas lived as one

Over 4500 children woman and man

Here everything was under cultivation

There was a bakery, shoe a whitewash production

Self Reliance is the key for the African nation

Verse 3

He was reviled and persecuted for Rastafari name

Dem try every thing fi bring him sorrow and shame

Dutty Rasta a shame di society that was their claim

Dem send him a jail and mad house but di lion cyaa tame

Howell knew the power of Haile Sellassie I name

Bob use di name and get acclaim wid world wide fame

But now a Rastafari is the one spreading Jamaican name

Rastafari is the one bringing Jamaica fame

A Rastafari teach the nation the survival game

check this link and learn about Howell & the Roots of rastafari

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 10/6/2012 11:33:21 AM

Howellite Testimonies

Messenger: Matthew Sent: 10/7/2012 10:56:39 AM

Give thanks for the link to that websites Eleazar, Some great lectures and Word sound available to watch from InI Incients

Blessed Love

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