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A Poem 4 U

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Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: Empress Nzingha Sent: 7/15/2004 11:54:10 AM

War Paint

It I cried for the world
Would it go on and on
Like Badu
This rolling stone
Rocking in the free world
Where is that
I wonder as I wander
Ninja Lioness
Screaming Eagle
Wing spanning eternity
Wind beneath
Whipping boys and girls
Mining rough diamonds
Digging earth
Murdering the first
Rain forest cries
Gorilla tactics
Eyes in the darkness
Shadows enveloping love
Stevie save us
Tumbling toward
Who knows the trouble
Iíve seen tear drops
Afraid to fall
Trembling chins
Little black boys
With voices like men
Selling slow death
Serving hot bullets
Pocketing change and
Staying the same
Black top summer hot
Ice scream chilling on the block
Icy eyes watching unmarked cars
Carrying babies to bars
Throwing back shots
Gazelles graze in hip huggers
Loving wide thighs
Cats calling out
Sirens screaming
Pigeons scraping up scraps
Bread folding in dark hands
Stashed in beds
Weary from ghetto love
Red sky sigh
Rain sizzle steam gleam
Broken glass dreams
Piss in a bottle
Dirty like dozens
Roaches play checkers
Jump rope or get nooses
Hanging out like red tongues
Boots defeat cracked concrete
Vials of white rock
White wash possibility
The undead sell life to buy death
Windowsills hold eyes
Barbershops cut heads
Salons paint over exhaustion
Chess and music
Line streets filled with
Wrinkles flesh and sagging leather
Two wheeled motion carries errand boys
Corner stores carry necessities and gossip
Fried chicken shacks add pieces
Puzzled realities fit together
And paint pictures of despair
From somewhere sail voices
Operas of joy and pain
Butter melting in the devilís kitchen
Caramelized brown suga
Ainít no trees
Ainít no breeze
Relief fizzes from brown bottles
Or brown cigars
Green smoke clouds bright minds
Standing in the sunshine
Little girl blues
Whimpers from dark rooms
Empty bellies seek fulfillment
Fed up felons wage war on Feds
Boys in blue raid like killing bugs
Alley cats revel in trash
Stray dogs search for love
Ballers go to court
Trying to beat cases
And get battered when
Charges stick
Coffee regular for regulars
Addicted to eyes wide shut
Candy counters for kids
Spending dimes and nickels
Bags weighing down uplifters
Backs turned
Neighbors hood watch
Cause the block is hot
Can you spare some change
Can you, spare some change
Love is free
Spend time
Money is spent
I ainít broke
But I canít afford your fix
I need a two finger peace
Silence is golden
But you wonít find it here
Here you get
Finned for living
And pay back is death
Take your last breath
And turn away
Ainít no savior here
Just Jesus pieces
Broken promises
Reflections of oppression
Pressing down depression
Forcing up despair
Ainít no air
Only stale handouts
And pull down gates
Pad locks
Dread locks
Genes wasted on hopelessness
Donít nobody care
Until caskets hold empty futures
Draining resources
Collecting in underground mines
Wealth six feet down
Stomped out by ignorance
Cracked open and bleeding
Syringes filled with white-hot hate
Eyes cry red tears
On black face
Over green paper
Under a golden sun
Color crime denies freedom
While black fists fight back

by Empress Nzingha

Messenger: the rock Sent: 7/15/2004 12:21:02 PM


Messenger: Ark I Sent: 7/15/2004 10:33:17 PM

I give thanks for the poem

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

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Haile Selassie I