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the white man

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Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 6/30/2004 10:02:30 PM

Blessed Love Jah Rasta FAR I

Seen bredrens on this reasonment of modern slavery. I site that it is anyone who says they "CAN NOT' do anything because of the chains of oppression that ones have worn. Liek INI ancestors who were taken from thier home, really with no awarenss of the wickedness that was about to be put upon them, they followed along with what seemed as something ususual, but becuz of the unfathomable life that was about to come upon them they adjusted to survival with what they knew with some sort of hope that it would turn around. It was not until I ancestors were so deeply involved and assimilated into the dungeaon of thier hell ,did they realize that they must fight back and by that time thier defenses had been crushed and thier spirit mashed down to a point of acceptance.

I site that many people are in those same mindset today....please do not think that I am comparing the struggle in material ways, nor am i making the slave trade irrelelavent, becuz the North Atlantic slave trade is not horror becuz of the ancient practice of slavery....BUT becuz of the wickedness of the atrociites that were put upon INI ancestors that had not been practiced before at on institutional level.

Many one are enslaveed in modern times....most people are...Thier minds are opppresed as well as thier bodies. SIte...INI ancestors and many of thier descendants today still live as slaves.....Many poor people live as slaves....many middle class live as slaves... many wealthy people live as slaves....SLAVES to an unknown fear of something that they epsress as some sort of beLIEf $hit$tem that prevents them from living life wholly.

Look around at the simple things every day how people live in fear, following laws they can't explain, leader they do not raspect, laboring at what they produce no fruits, and planting what someone else will profit from thier harvest.

For INI I find that working for any man is slavery.....and at the best indentured servitude. Becuz it prevents I from taking care of my own self and so the man I work for is the man I depend on for food shelter and he is the seller always... Selling what is already your heritage......

That is why the MOVEMENT is so intregal to INI livity.

When ever u are bound by fear of movement...u are a slave.

Read Isiah 55 1-3

Give thanks and priases for the abundance that the creator blesses all of his creation with.

Haile I Selassie I

Messenger: Nyah Jahphet Anbassa I Sent: 7/1/2004 11:59:03 AM

Greetings I

Yes, and there is also the mental slavery!


Messenger: seeking Sent: 7/3/2004 6:01:49 AM

Greetings INI

we have to site and overstand that working for another, can be a means to uneducating one's self and freeing one's self from freedom ... awareness of I-self, means that you can emancipate I-self and those that are around the self ...

it's important not to condemn working within a system, for someone else, for in doing so we question why JAH put us there ... don't I's think and know that JAH puts us where we are most needed ...

So as long as we remember who INI are ... no-one, no-one will be able to enslave I's ... but INI have to trot to self awareness and overstanding, for in doing so we get to overstand UMANITY in all of her complexities

One Love

Messenger: Bredda Alex Sent: 7/3/2004 6:33:47 AM


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Haile Selassie I