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Word - Sound - Powah

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Messenger: Nyah Jahphet Anbassa I Sent: 6/12/2004 2:01:20 PM

Alex... you still confuse W S P and Iyaric.
W S P has nothing to do with a certain language... or if you say YOU or THE I or whatever...
You cannot write W S P down... then the word hasnīt a Sound and where's the Power then?

Again, what you mean is Iyaric Language... this is just a change of the Oxford English or of the original Patois.

W S P is possible in EVERY LANGUAGE!
Or don't you think HIM talked W S P in Amharic?


Messenger: Bredda Alex Sent: 6/13/2004 10:02:21 AM

no, no confusing.

I think, if someone speaks Iyaric he can also write Iyaric. like someone speaks german and writes german.
so I also think that one can write down WSP. seen ?
if one uses the WSP to speak he can also use it to write.
why not make words sound different through reading them ? written words also got a sound. or does anyone read a story or whatever like a machine ?
the I know what I mean ?

as one say "the I", it got a certain meaning. and as one write "the I", it also got a certain menaing.

write down W S P...that is what I wanted to say.
spoken words have a sound and written words have a sound.
so I think there can be W S P in written words too.

like pictures make a feeling inside of someone, words also make a feeling or a sound inside of someone.

see me ?

Messenger: Nyah Jahphet Anbassa I Sent: 6/13/2004 12:53:22 PM

Again... you can use W S P in every language.


Messenger: Bredda Alex Sent: 6/13/2004 1:07:30 PM

right, I got that.

but I think the I don't got what I mean...

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 6/15/2004 8:41:53 AM

Bredda Alex, does the I mean something like psalms? They could be considered written Word Sound Power. But the power comes only when the words come off the page.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Bredda Alex Sent: 6/15/2004 3:07:23 PM

yes Ark I

also because of this example I think that written words also have WSP. some words (for example the psalms or song-lyrics) are so powahful, so that you can "hear" the WSP through reading it.

because of this I-man say that written AND spoken Iyaric BOTH have WSP, also if the written words is not pronaunced/spoken, only just read. if one reads them with his heart he can "hear"/feel the WSP inside a them. written words are like spoken words in ones heart. so they also got WSP.

thanx for helping me to express what I wanted to say, Ark I

greetings, Bredda Alex

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