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uplifting post from JAH CHILDren

Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: the rock Sent: 6/5/2004 7:49:22 AM

Greetings in the name of
Haile I Selassie I. Bredren and sistren, kings and queens, Blacka

Culture here without fear in no heathen, downpressors and world

leaders. JAH blessing reigneth in I with strength and power and glory

within the fullness with the honour of I way of life and JAH Rastafari

everyday live. I hailing up all bredren and sistren with words, sound and

power and true inspiration. All bredren and sistren who receive the words

from JAH what come through I must overstand that Blacka Culture only

writes through inspiration for a presentation for each and everyone to be

strong. The words of I inspiration will encourage everyone to find the

quality and the purpose within themself and know that everything comes

from deep within, all science and all technology. Right now is a serious

time, now is the time of work to fulfill the livity and the prophesy of JAH

Rastafari. I know vatican make it so difficult for some of us to survive and

find sufficient time to do JAH work. But one advice I have to give what

can solve that solution, anywhere bredren and sistren are, whether night

or day, whether work or home, always remember to shout out JAH name

and give praises for every moment of InI time. For some people who don't

know JAH at the workplace, they will frightened and look strange, get

nervous when InI shout out JAH name. Bredren and sistren, pagans

cannot take JAH Rastafari name. JAH Rastafai name is divine, highly

spiritual. The name of JAH alone slews the downpressors and tears

down the walls of vatican. I say many words through inspiration and I give

thanks for all the bredren and sistren who give I a positve reply for all the

words, sound and power and I give thanks for the bredren and sistren

who still don't reply, I give thanks for everyone without no partiality. Is

not everyonee gonna see themself at the same time because nuff bredren

and sistren in vatican still lack of energy and strength and the full force of

JAH because they don't spend as much time praising JAH because of

focusing on other else things. But always know this..that the Almighty

is the first in everything I doing and there is nothing done right and bless

without the Almighty JAH Rastafari in it for sure. I Blacka Culture

have some upcoming inspiration to reveal unlimited prophesy in this

universe. The weak who love JAH will get strong and the blind who love

JAH will can see and the dumb who love JAH will can talk and the deaf

who love JAH will can hear and the cripple who love JAH will get up and

walk whilst they doing JAH will, everything will turn around for them and

the blessing of JAH will bring forth all energy and all life to perfection and

to the highest region. Many people out there in the world today are

controlled by the system and them believe that they are so lost that they

can't return to find them inconscious mind. But everyone should know

that is a very long time downpressment is on this land by all the world

leaders. InI as Rasta children know that the queen elizabitch is wearing

a false crown and call themself royalty. They are the head of corruption

practicing father and daughter and mother and son to lie down in bed and

have sex because thats all they do because they don't know what is love

and love is not in the vatican book, is just spirit tek. Right now the queen

elizabitch and all her followers getting confused but this is just a little

smoke off of the fire. The one queen victoria receive alot of riches from

His Majesty for all of I black nation who go through stagnantation though

the system and the riches pass on to queen elizabitch and InI

Nyahbinghi face the vatican to release that money and it all reach in the

court and approve and that money still don't given to the bredren and

sistren in the west up until today. What I overstand, some of the bredren

and sistren who was on the frontline communicating with the system,

meanwhile I and bredren and sistren on the foundation pushing the fire,

those bredren on the frontline and sistren bring a failure to Rastafari

Nyahbinghi House seed. Them stiffle the seeds by working underneath

the table and taking influence from the system and bring bad command

to the youths. Many of those bredren get up eveyday and night and

preach the same thing, they only preach what I Blacka Culture or other

else bredren and sistren manifset but they don't have a speech of them

own, everything is just carbon copy or adoption. That's why I know that

the race is not for the swift but is I JAH Rastafari children who gonna

endure it for-iver more. These bredren don't believe that they can bring

stagnantation in JAH Rastafari House. I Blacka Culture know that all

these bredren know themself and early on, early days to come I will

publish their names for all bredren and sistren to see and read for

theyself and know some of the wolves in sheep clothing and I know that

they themself will also see them dirty works revealing right before them

eyes but they cannot touch I JAH Rastafari annointed Haile Selassie I

is I life and InI protection every moment of InI time. I have an upcoming

post on the world federation organization. There is special ones in that

organization I have on audio who collect up thousands of dollars in

america off of fundraising and contributions in the name of JAH

Rastafari. The contributions made to help out the clinics and the

tabernacle on Shashamane and that money was not spent for that

purpose and I and one bredrenn Mutabaruka interview the bredren on Irie

fm. The bredren was talking on a telephone from in america, I was in

Jam down at the time. Right now Rastafari House don't want no

weakness in it or wonger belly or crab, neither grabbalicious. JAH

Rastafari House need the full I-nity through all bredren and sistren what

only can come through honesty and truth and the purification of JAH

Rastafari. These inspiration I send to all bredren and sistren, they will be

updated by I with more addition inspiration and will be a book for the

babes in suckling to read and know how to avoid weakness and wolves

in sheep clothing. I see the 12 tribe come and also failing out because

of weakness and honesty they don't reserve. Any organization who take

up weakness on themself just because of lust and greed and don't be

honest must get a beating and I see it before I eyes right at this

moment. When can all these things stop? Many bredren and sistren

know the truth and holding back but I don't hold back the truth because

the truth floats on the water top like a oil. This is one example make

Nyahbinghi Order don't believe in organization nor leaders. Nyahbinghi

respect and love all elders but Nyahbinghi don't see elders as leaders. If

bredren and sistren to notice the news whether CNN or BBC or

whatsoever, all the guys them who giving the orders as downpressors,

they all look like the devil and them is the devil, they look like they

wearing 50 tons of skin hang down underneath them neck and them face

look all shriveled up and them feedin on baby blood to survive and

maintain them dirty work. Many of them organs fail them and after they

organs fail them, them pay them doctor to select a organs from a healthy

strong person who is young and have a long future before them. Many of

these leaders only can live out oof their frige, cannot live natural and divine

because all them life is artificial. If electricity was to leave earth for 2

weeks, 99% of the rich would die without anyone touch them with a stone

nor a gravel because all them protection and survivment is artificial. So

have no fear in the vagabonds, all these downpressors who feeding under

the illuminati table and pick up every crumb that drops. Don't give

them a chance to come and vomit them nastiness before InI eyes, shout



away all stumbling blocks and infidels because them can't take the

words, sound and power of nature revealing. Give thanks and praise

again for this strong I-nitation and the full inspiration what flowing through

Blacka Culture. I hope all bredren and sistren overstand all these words,

sound and power. Anyone want to make a comment, they can reply to I

at the group where this inspiration sent to or by this email address

goldenuprising@r.... JAH Rastafari present this universal site for

all of His children to come and find that oneness within to build the

fullness and uplift the I-nitation to higher tranquility. JAH bless and liveth

and reigneth for I-ver more. Selah. Bredren and sistren can print this
inspiration and passit on to bredren and sistren who don't have a computer and
allow JAH blessing to go on and on. Selah

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Haile Selassie I