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Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 4/10/2009 10:50:06 AM


I thought we were talking about Zimbabwe. The article is saying that Mugabe is playing with fire. The only actual issue is the social situation. Which I have been informed is massively misrepresented in dominant western media. So, my wonder is what the actual situation inside Zimbabwe. Personality politics is getting boring. Shall we call it the Obama competition?

Anyway, I would like to hear ones on the Zimbabwe question, especially Ark I, and Ras KebreAb? I just wonder what thee I them position is on it.

Ises. And thanks for life.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 4/12/2009 11:36:43 PM

To address the thing about Mengistu. I am of course against the protection of that devil, Mengistu deserves to pay for his wickedness, and he will still pay for his wickedness because Judgement will come.

When I look to what was done in Zimbabwe regarding the deportation of the white plantation owners, I think that it was the only way for the people of Zimbabwe to gain control of their country. If babylon was allowed to stay, they would still control Zimbabwe, by controlling the economy, and also using their control of the economy to control the political leaders, even if they themselves are not in the political seat.

And if a government managed to resist their economical pressure, there would always be somebody from within, that will be willing to turn against his people to help babylon gain control, for the promise of political power and/or wealth. Babylon will work hard to figure out who that person or people were.

Some white people in Zimbabwe may not deal with wickedness and were just farming the land and treating people well, but if their ancestors didn't steal that fertile land, then they bought it from somebody who stole it. And I am pretty sure that most, if not all had made significant profits from that land, and losing that land is a small price compared to all they received from it. So they should be happy for what they gained and willingly give that land to the people who should receive it.

Since the babylon colonialists were removed from Zimbabwe, they have been trying hard to isolate Zimbabwe economically in an attempt to starve the people. They have been working to cause disruptions and help the disrupters in the hopes of using them to gain babylon's control back. And they have been working their propaganda machine to show a one side story of illusion. Half the story has not been told, and the other half is mixed with illusion and lies. There has never been a war without wickedness, so there will always be wickedness to point out and publicize, along with illusions to make things sound even worse.

It is one thing for a land not controlled by babylon colonialists to allow foreigners to work or own land in their country. But when the control is taken forward away from the babylon colonialists, the originators of that land must know that babylon will try very hard to gain control back, much harder then they did to gain control in the first place. So any opportunity you give them to control any aspect of your nation, is an opportunity they will use to gain more control to get back what they stole before.

A nation in the middle of a war with powerful downpressors sometimes must do things that they would rather not do. They must know their enemy and realize the kind of things they would do to take control of the land. All nations that were foolish enough to think they can trust babylon, received the fruits of their foolishness.

Here is a reasoning I made a couple of years ago related to Zimbabwe, that shows something that I observed in Cuba several years ago.

When I went to Cuba, a guide was saying that a foreigner is not allowed to walk around with a Cuban, if they are seen the police will make them go their separate ways. Only Cubans that are registered guides or other registered tourist personnel that deals with foreigners are allowed to walk with them. One man on the bus thought this policy was wrong. I said that Fidel Castro is a very smart man for making this law. If it wasn't so, Cuba would be a territory of the united states. This law is to prevent american cia or whatever other related organization to cause strife amongst Cubans and cause unrest in their country. Castro knows that the united states are always trying to find a way to destroy his country, and he is smart enough to know what is necessary to stop them.

It is terrible that Castro had to do this, but people are looking in the wrong direction when they think they see the cause. If Castro didn't have to worry about his country being taken over or exploited by america, he would never think to make such a law.

People don't Iverstand babylon war strategy, it has many layers.

This is a reasoning I made over a year ago,

Economical Warfare

Here is a quote from a reasoning I made two years ago
Babylon puts sanctions on the country to starve the men, woman and children. The sanctions prevents the people from selling their product to get money to survive. Long established trading routes are severed, so people lose their jobs, and companies go bankrupt. So the country becomes poorer and poorer. And if they need to buy some food or supplies from another country with the little money they still have, they are prevented from doing this; and since these things were purchased from others for such a long time, they are not able to produce enough themselves for their people, and for certain things, they don't even have the means to produce any.

This is a silent killer because the world doesn't regard these economical weapons as weapons of war. And the world thinks it is alright to starve children indirectly, but there is outrage if you drop a bomb on them. Because instead of blaming Babylon for the starvation of the children, they blame the government of the country that is being starved. This economical warfare is the most cruel warfare of these times, because it is tolerated and ignored by much of the world so it continues for a long time, and the parents must watch their children slowly starve and die.

I just came across this today (written 9/22/2007):
President Woodrow Wilson of the United States stated in 1919:

A nation that is boycotted is a nation that is in sight of surrender. Apply this economic, peaceful, silent, deadly remedy and there will be no need for force.

Quoted in G.C. Hufbauer, J.J. Schott, K.A. Elliott, Economic Sanctions Reconsidered: History and Current Policy, Second Edition, Institute for International Economics, Washington, 1990, p. 9.
Here is the link to that reasoning:

Economical Warfare

Here are some other related reasonings,

Babylon Charity - part 1

Babylon Charity - part 2


Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 4/14/2009 10:25:26 AM


Didn't mean to take the reasoning off of Zimbabwe as a nation, but the moment I saw "HIS EXELENCY THE HONOURABLE PRESIDENT OF ZIMBABWE PRESIDENT GABRIEL MUGABE ", I had to bring it up. I don't think that Mugabe is anywhere close to the line of revolutionaries mentioned in RM's first post.


I never mentioned North Korea. I am not interested in seeing Zenawi deal with the issue, he too is wicked. The OAU should definitely take action. My source is an Ethiopian One, and the line I am taking is the Ethiopian One. And I am very skeptical of the I coming in the name of Ras Menelik and then bigging up a traitor to I and I God and King!!!!! Does the I want to clarify ?


Messenger: ras menelik Sent: 4/15/2009 3:29:34 AM

Sunofman I do not support or protect menegistu a killer who murdered many innocent Ethipians only to serve his master in moscow.What I was trying to put forward is that the so called international law is a fraud.It only serve the interests of colonialists and their neo colonial agents. On the issue of President Mugabe I still stand by my words, he is the HONOURABLE PRESIDENT.

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 4/15/2009 7:42:32 AM

I don't get it??? Have your cake though...

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/23/2014 10:26:36 AM

As a Nkrumaist this thread sits well with I. Revolution is for the land. InI must fight all form of Imperialism and NeoColonialism.

I have some brethren who are very involved in the guerilla fighting within Monomotapa. Blessed be Mugabe.

Haile I

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