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white and rasta

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Messenger: raven Sent: 2/20/2009 4:38:24 PM

Ola, I just joined this forum, I am an English major, so please ignor my speach. I am from Scotland, and am living in the states. Montana. My family all live in Scotland, my families before the same. We have known oppression for generations.I consider myself rasta because of who I am and how I feel as a spiritual human.I study everything I can of rastafari. I am a free-lance writer, an artist, and i am veropen about my faith. I have dreadlocks, they came about naturaly, and in a short time.One year. I dont need no one to tell me what I need to know about the things in this life that are of the upmost concern to the rasta faith. I have never and never will judge or omit someone on the basis of their skin color or upbring. I dont know the dialect of rasta, but find it beautiful. I suppose I just wanted to say that as far as IandI am concerned, I will be forever rasta, "for ever loving Ja"

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 2/20/2009 11:10:14 PM

Raven, the I said,
I dont need no one to tell me what I need to know about the things in this life that are of the upmost concern to the rasta faith.

There is always something for I and I to Learn from others. Each One of I and I have things I and I still need to learn, we only Iverstand a small amount of what I and I need to Iverstand. So it is good to recognize that there is a need for other Ones to tell I and I what I and I need to know, as I and I will do the same for others. Iron sharpeth Iron.

Ark I

Itinual Praises unto Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I Menen I

Messenger: rootz Sent: 2/23/2009 1:38:55 AM


bless rasta. you know, there was a time i and i was extremely angry wit the concept of 'white rasta' and wondering what business white people had wit being rasta as they don't know what we as black people have been through as a people. i thought my points were very good in justifying my hatred for the white rastas but i soon realized that rasta knows no color. i had to humble myself to learning that everyone from any race can embrace the livity as it is for everyone.. and not just black people! i guess what i'm saying is that, there is never a time in one's life as a rasta where one can say, 'wow! now i know all there is to know about rastafari' coz rastafari is not a destination. it's a journey. a livity. one always has to humble themselves so that one can learn about rastafari. the old have to humble themselves because they can learn a great deal from the youth and vice versa. black rastas need to humble themselves because they can learn a great deal from the white rastas. there's a fellow idren here who's called 'ras i tom' and i think he's white but THE THINGS HE SAYS...! WOH! i could learn a great deal from him! we learn from people nomatter who they are but one has to humble themselves and not let pride take over. pride caused me to hate 'white rasta' but it comes before a fall. we all know that...


Messenger: Ras I-Tom Sent: 2/23/2009 4:35:58 AM

Blessed love.

Yes I. I and I have to always watch for pride so that I and I can dash fire on it. Living for the ego is not living at all. Living for Haile Selassie I is living forIver.

there is never a time in one's life as a rasta where one can say, 'wow! now i know all there is to know about rastafari' coz rastafari is not a destination. it's a journey.

Word sound. I and I learn something every day, and so I and I give thanks to Selassie I everyday for another day to live and learn.

A seed does not grow into a tree overnight. It starts small and grows tall. The more you feed it and take care of it the more it grows. Even when the tree is full grown it is still planted in soil and alive being fed with the nutrients from the earth, and so there will always be birds who can perch on the branch and sing.

I and I am still a sprout and just thank Jah RasTafarI each day that I am alive so that I and I can learn more and grow more.

I and I was reasoning once with a RasTafarI elder who is very wise. I and I was reasoning and listening intent so that I and I could feed I spirit and learn. After reasoning we were on Haile Ites, upful. He then tell I that it is not only I that learn from this, but also him. He tell I that he learns something from I also.

Itinual praises unto the Most High Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I Menen I!

Ras I-Tom

Messenger: wahdahdah Sent: 2/23/2009 7:43:30 PM

I thought about this subject of this post (white and Rasta) and then read the sprouts words. It confounded I for a time and at first impression I Burn FYAH. and then I&I read it again and still burn Fyah. There is such contradiction in the post it reeks of arogance and it holds a stream of hostillity that I&I felt I wanted to address. If color holds no meaning than why even post a subject title of "white and Rasta" what is that. and I will not repeat the sentence that the Bredren Ark I brought up but it too is full of stink and arrogance lack of respect for the REALIZATION of RASTAFARI. SEEN? Do the young sprout think that it means something that the material unconditional growth pattern of the hair means anything to Selassie I? BLOOD FYAH!!! Yes I said BLOOOOD FYAH! If the I thinks that there is some signifigance to the time period of the growing of locks than the I has much to learn about the Livity of RASTAFARI. and Answer I this what is a Spiritual Human? That is what I&I call an OXYMORON. LIKE JUMBO SHRIMP. or CONSCIOUS THIEF. If the I come to this house knowing all there is about RASTA than the I would not be a Human. The I would no longer need to manifest in the Earthly "HUMAN" form. SELASSIE I has already been here, for Eternity in fact. SO do not tell I about Spiritual humans. Human equals flesh, Spirit equals the I within I, The I AM it is ONE it can not be TWO there is not TWO only ONE I&I AM ONE with JAH. SO, look and check within the confines of the limited knowledge that the I is spitting from thy mouth. The Bredren and Sistren that frequent this House have a knowledge that flows from the REVELATION of RASTAFARI so when the eyes are shut and the mouth remains open the ignorance can be seen for many a miles. the Darkness can not comprehend the LIGHT. I&I Know this for certain, after years of LIVITY in RASTAFARI TROD know I&I know not everything. So, as ARK I said IRON sharpen IRON. For as long as I trod the Earth and keep open to JAH Guidance there will always be something to learn.
When I&I was 18 and had trod RASTAFARI for 5 years I&I too thought I knew the REALITY of H.I.M. now after 30 more years of LIVITY I know less now than at that time. If I stay empty It allows JAH to Fill I fully. If I&I walk around "thinking" I Know it all and there is nothing no one can teach I I am full there is no room Jah will leave I to this and I will feel the loneliness of Arogance. To be empty is to be in a state of education. If the wine jar is full of old wine where can the new wine go?
I&I can feel the Anger and hostility from the I raven, that is how the I is expressing the dissatisfaction of not living the WORD. The I can disagree and even come back with harsh words but I tell thee it is truth. Some have eyes wide open some have eyes wide shut. both need to blink and See what Truth JAH is giving at every moment. KNOWLEDGE is POWER. IGNORANCE is FORCE each person carries one or the other sometimes both. there is no Power in Force only frustration because it is an Illusion. the Human spirit (ego or flesh) wants to survive at all cost, Force. The HOLY SPIRIT is Eternal it is PoWER therefore no force is needed to survive the Master of the house. Humans are not spirits, they are flesh, like a vacant house, an illusion trying to survive at all cost. It does not matter how empty the house is if the mind is full the house is cluttered. A mind game, a trick, even those who act as if they have found the truth in RASTAFARI some use it to perpetuate there ego. Those who do will be exposed in time. but those who come to RASTAFARI to have the Fyah of the Trinity Burn there flesh (ego, Illusion) to such a brightness they become TRANSPARENT. Others will see that the Light of JAH Pure consciousness is flowing through them. This is not human this is JAH WORK. SO check in to the meditation of JAH and sit silently and ask JAH to reveal himself to the I. I expect that to be a hotta fyah.LOL
Give praises unto the Most High the Alpha and Omega. Jah IS. The flesh, well the flesh is
Selassie I live

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 2/23/2009 8:50:29 PM


Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 2/24/2009 8:38:36 AM

WOW! I never knew Rootz had made this reconsideration. that is refreshing... and definitely bless.

Messenger: raven Sent: 3/4/2009 5:09:56 PM

I am truly sorry if I gave the impression that I knew anything about rast, I am too just learning. what I meant to say was that the things that I am beging to learn, I feel tha I understand.I went through a number of spiritual beliefs growing up. I was a wiccan, a buddist, and a christian. I had no idea at the time that the rasta faith would be so attracting to me. Believe me living in rual montana, and sporting the Etheopia flag and wairing locks has seperated me from mainstream society. If I lived somewhere else, it proberly would not be so bad.I suppose that the reason I am using the internet to learn, and this group, is because I have no contact with other rastas here, and it seemed like a good idea.


Messenger: Ras power Sent: 3/5/2009 9:49:00 PM

blessed love i overs what the i say, and what all say,the i perhaps also mean that those of his white friends who try to tell him he mad. lol.

but rasta, this and more is the journey and life of rastafari, the only antidote is education, in His Majesty words, you are right this is the best forum on the net, but you have to read his majesty words and his autobiography. he is the author of ini faith, it is he who is the conquer.

that way you will never go wrong. it is the spirit who found you, pursue it

blessed love

Messenger: Ras I-Tom Sent: 3/6/2009 5:05:22 AM

It must be different in the caribbean, as back home a lot of the young middle class boys look at RasTa as if it is something cool, and sport the colours of Ethiopia and such.
However I and I trod in England now and it is different, as a lot of white people do not even know who RasTafarI is and therefore look at I funny with I itraits.

Either way I and I have had people look at I like I mad, and those who look at I skeptical because I and I white. The I cannot let these things get to you, as it is not what the people thing of the I that matters, it is what RasTafarI thinks of you that matters. Jah RasTafarI is the judge.

I and I would rather have people look at I mad and question I and look at I skeptical everyday and have Jah RasTafarI look at I and I and be pleased. Part of the trod entails that people will look at you different sort of ways.

Jah people will never be accepted in babylon because Jah people nah bow down to babylon.

Haile I

Ras I-Tom

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