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The black piet!!

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Messenger: Jah Bird Sent: 11/28/2008 2:07:45 PM

I AM really weary of this black piet thing. He/she is supossed to be the "assistant" of ST.Nicolas, sinterklaas, santa claus...
In Holland every year starting from November the country just goes mad with zwart piet (black piet).
From the high officials, churchs, teachers,you name it. The young and the old keep on promoting this image of slave and master.
They ask me why is your boy not taking part in this? can I and I imagine?

They legally accept it claming it is thier culture and tradition!!

If i click zwart piet on google, plenty of pictures. nice and innocent.
They way they conduct themself while in this "outfit" is really shamefull, walking about like idiots and jumping up and down like monkeys!!
They just can't wait till it is november till the black piet comes.
They even have special news for this!!
Purewickedness and they blame it on the children saying "we do this for the children so that they might pick up the tradition".
Do I and I have this as in the place i and i live?

Messenger: wahdahdah Sent: 11/28/2008 5:03:33 PM

Greetings RASTAFARI !
I&I have not heard of this. I thought it was a joke. This is a real plot. It is very strange> I&I live in the very north of amerika east side of the states. Never have herd of this childhood brainwashing. the pictures look apalling to I. I&I herd today a man was trampled to death in a wal-mart. He was a greeter for the store and the crowd at 5 a.m. busted thru the Door to get to the SALE items first. than stampeeded through the doors killing ONE and injuring others. CRAZY, just to get to some bullness toys made from some other country that was raped of it's labor(LEGAL SLAVERY). KILL the man to get to TOYS. EH? WHAT BLOOD FYAH thinking is that! Here in amerika the busy shoppin' day is the day after thanksgiving(yesterday). so all the stores have so called BIG sales they call this day BLACK FRIDAY. SERIOUS thing. places like wal-mart(thieves)open 24 hrs a day or open at 5 am. could the I imagine ig these people were home With their family Givin' Thanks and Praises to JAH. ther would be no stampeedin' on ONE another. SHEER CRAZYNESS here in amerika today on "BLACK FRIDAY"
people must see the LIGHT. or JAH Bless dem dey!
I FAMILY celebrate JAH Birth. everyday

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