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The fire within

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Messenger: Ras I-Tom Sent: 11/25/2008 5:32:18 PM

Greetings in the name of H.I.M Haile I Selassie I Jah RasTafarI!
Haile Salute to I bredrin and I sistrin!

This is a reasoning based on personal experience.

I and I will trod righteously and upright, feeling good, I and I Irit uplifted through the Most High Jah. This is usually when temptation presents itself before I and I.

The devil tempts I and I when I and I am going good, as if to bring I and I down from the level of I and I Irit, down to the level of the world, to fall into the way of the world, and give into the sinful nature.

Temptation is the tool in which the devil uses to lead I and I astray into the path of sin. I and I am not to the level in which I and I am completely one with Jah in perfect Inity as Selassie I is one with Jah in perfect Inity and I and I resistance is not unbreakable as yet, since I and I am not in perfect Inity; thus I and I give into this temptation every now and again. It is when I and I resistance falls and I and I give into I and I sinful nature that I and I sin.
This sin to I and I is a choice. I and I either chose to give into I and I sinful nature or I and I overcome, and build I and I resistance. However it is easier said than done. Sometimes the devil tempts I and I in a way that the choice to give into the temptation is so appealing; it is at this point I and I must burn more fire, and ask Jah to help I and I to overcome and burn thhe wickedness from inside I and I. However this is not always the case, as some occasions I and I through not being in perfect Inity give into temptation and sin.

Right after I and I sin, I and I know I and I sin, and I and I know that I and I chose wrong by choosing to give in, and I and I know that I resistance has been weakened. It is at this time that the horrible feeling inside I and I hits I, and this is the feeling of the Fire that Jah burns I and I with, for Jah chastise his children.

The more someone sins the more their resistance is weakened, and the more the sin comes as natural. But the more you resist the more sin comes as foreign and the more you notice Jah chastising you.

When I and I sin, I and I know I and I sin, and I and I accept the chastising gladly, I and I burn more fire inside I and I heart, and burn the wickedness from within I and I, ask for forgiveness, and Itinue to trod for complete Inity with I and I Father. I and I must remind Iself that no sin shall enter Zion.

I and I sight the Irit of Jah that dwell inside I and I like this allegory I and I think of.

Inside I and I heart is a fire that is lit by Jah.
Just like all fire it can either grow or die down.

A wood fire grows through feeding it with wood; the more wood you put on it the more the fire blazes.
The fire in I and I heart grows through trodding for Jah, living according to the way and example of Christ and Selassie I Jah RasTafarI; the closer I and I come to being in Inity with Jah the more the fire in I and I heart blazes.

A wood fire dies down through not being fed, or through throwing a bit of water on it.
The fire in I and I heart dies down when I and I am lead astray from the path of righteousness thus not being able to be fed, or through sinning which like the water on the wood fire, makes it die down.

Those who trod a path that is not according to the ways of Jah do things which are against Jah and see nothing wrong with it because their fire is not lit, therefore there is nothing to burn the wickedness from within, thus making sin seem natural.
For these there is no longer a fire to die down, instead, like an outed fire, there is just the hole where the wood was put, and the more and more they do wickedness the deeper that hole becomes, allowing more and more wickedness to be within their heart.

For I and I who trods according to the ways of Christ and Selassie I Jah RasTafarI it is through this fire that I and I am able to overcome temptation and burn wickedness from inside I and I heart, making sin seem more and more foreign.
It is vital for I and I to keep on the path of righteousness for it is by doing so that I and I fire in I and I heart is fed. The more the fire grows the more I and I resistance grows.
When I and I get to the point when I and I am in perfect Inity with Jah this is when the fire in I and I heart will be BLAZING burning all evil out of I and I heart, so that I and I am able to trod Itinually righteous and upright.

Blessings and guidance through The Most High!
Itinual praises unto Selasie I Jah RasTafarI, Niguse Negast!
Itinual flow of positive Irations into the heart of I and I, RasTafarI!

Ras I-Tom

Messenger: wahdahdah Sent: 11/25/2008 8:39:44 PM

Yes I, Greetings In the Name of JAH RASTAFARI KING NEGUS HIGH
YES, FIRE FIRE FIRE Burn, Iman Repsect the IYAH writting based on experience in a personal way.
Ras I-Tom, Some times I&I see words like Devil, Temptation, Sin and being used in place of what really gwan. Some times these things are used to replace the fact that Our mind get weak as in our flesh. When good things go good we Praise JAH when "bad or evil" things go we blame the devil and temptation etc... Is not that like prayin to the devil inna way to even acknowledge that it might be works of the "devil". We must temper our minds IRON SHARPEN IRON. I&I believe ther is a tendency to pass every misfortune onto babylon and the devil or the system. When perhaps we are missing a lesson that has not been realized. Devil is IGnorance sometimes made Flesh but Ignorance none the less. To I man That is ONE thing among other, I notice in every thing I&I read and See in I Iditation of SELASSIE I is that Work, Responsibility and Education are of utmost importance and mentioned on many of many occasion, We must not be Ignorant like the Devil is of that nature.SEEN?? SEE man sometimes the flesh get week as to the mind therefore we must take responsibility for going to the more material side that is burnin' away. It is not a personal thing, the material side of man in every aspect will burn away, hence the fire. Every living man or wombman has fire. it is a natural acurrence. prooven on every level of Life , even SCIENTIFICALLY proven, LOL. Some have not realized perhaps what Ras I-Tom and other enlightened People of JAH SEE, But fire burn in every man. Christ did not come to save those who have been shown JAH JAH LIGHT, It was those who were afflicted and diseased. Those who recognize it do JAH WORKS in THESE TIMES. EVERY man experience LIFE and the Burnin' or PASSIN" away. AWAY where? that is the TING! It just changes Form, true shape shifter always becoming, never going backward always forward.WELL RAS keep in mind this is "I&I personal experience" as the RAS SEY. lol. YES I, the DEvil is real Ignorance is always trying to over come the TRUTH. The truth though will go into the darkest corner and REVEAL THE LIGHT. So , This I know is POSITIVE and Given to I&I as a GRACE from JAH. JAH protects I&I from the "devil". It is I mind that runs into the darkness, that is why we must gain full ness over our bodily functions, that even includes the way we think and what we think. POSITIVE! I&I took the advise of an elder a while back, the RAs had I take a sheet of paper and draw a line in the center from top to bottom. (two collums)at the top I&I wrote the word Watcher, on one side place the word positive. on the other the word neggative. then for 7 days he asked I to record the thoughts that came through I mind. If positive then place a check on the positive side. if the thought was neggative, (doubts fears limitation) place a mark on that side. It was an amazing experiment and I&I was surprised when I began seeing things that I thought were positive but turned out the were injurious to someone else. The mind is powerful. and can be swayed to be lazy if not exersized all the time. RASTAFARI!

Messenger: Ras I-Tom Sent: 11/26/2008 1:07:54 PM

Greetings I, blessings!
Thanks and Praises unto the King, Selassie I Jah RasTafarI!

Respect for the response I! It is appreciloved.

First of all I and I sight that the Devil, Sin, and Temptation are very real and separate things.

I and I however am very open to the I's view on them being ignorance, can the I explain?

I and I know that some say that the devil and demons are just personifications of different things, such as evil, or in the I's view; ignorance.

However I and I know very well that these things are very real, just as Jah and his angels are very real, so is the devil and his angels.

I and I believe ignorance, evil, greed, corruption, wickedness, lust..etc. are tools of the devil, however I and I do not hold that these things are the devil.

I and I sight that the devil leads us astray into sin through tempting us with tools such as greed, lust, or ignorance.

Sometimes the Irit is willing but the flesh is weak. It is when the flesh is weak that the devil tries to lead us astray with the tools of temptation. This is why I and I sight that it is so important to walk righteous and upright to keep the fire BLAZING as to burn out the wickedness from I and I heart so that I and I spirit and flesh both remain willing.

The I say that:
'I&I believe ther is a tendency to pass every misfortune onto babylon and the devil or the system.'

I and I nah blame the devil for I and I sin, for I and I already know the nature of the devil: I and I already know the devil is out to tempt I and I to lead I astray. I and I blame ISELF because it is I flesh that it weak. It is I and I that choose to sin, as I and I sight it is a choice we make, and it is temptation that makes this choice difficult to make, and this temptation is a tool of the devil.
It is I and I that allow I and I fire within I heart to die down, my resistance to be weakened; because it is I and I who choose to sin instead of choosing to overcome the temptation.
I and I would not blame the devil, but blame Iself for giving into the devil's temptation.

I and I sight that it was the devil whom deceived Eve into wanting to gain the knowledge which was Jah's, thus leading to the eventual fall of Adam and Eve. However I and I would not blame the devil, I and I would blame Adam and Eve for giving into the temptation of the devil. It is this temptation that lead them astray from Jah's instructions. I and I nah sight the eating of the apple literally but metaphorically to symbolize the action of giving into this temptation and going against Jah's command.

This is why I and I must burn more fire, and burn the wickedness inside of I and I, and overcome temptation so that I and I fire blazes making it easier and easier to overcome.
The stronger I and I's resistance and will to overcome the easier it is to overcome.
When I and I give in to I and I sinful nature I and I ask for forgiveness and burn more fire, accept the chastising given by Jah and strive to overcome, thus resulting in I and I fire growing, I and I resistance strengthening.

One more thing. The I say that it has been scientifically proven that humans have fire within. I and I never heard this; could the I give a source for this information or perhaps, explain it to I and I?

Iternal blessings and guidance and Itinual flow of positive Ibrations into the hearts of I and I RasTafarI!
Itinaul Ises unto Selassie I Jah RasTafarI!

Ras I-Tom

Messenger: wahdahdah Sent: 11/26/2008 2:25:25 PM

YES IYAH< BREDREN RAS I-Tom. Give Thanks, Yes I&I on the same page. I was sighting Ignorance as the" devil" in all it's forms. and Ignorance is every thing that Selassie I is NOT, SEEN? This can also be interpreted in different ways . The way I&I speak of in this post is that, as mentioned in I last post the devil take many forms and even flesh forms as does ignorance. Just as the I sight it. Ignorance is every thing Selassie I is not . Selassie I is everything the devil is Not. That is as simple as I can put it. I&I feel Temptation and all the other tools of the devil the I sighted are all due to ignorance."Forgive them Father they know not what they do." Some of the Last words Christ Spoke to His Father still in the flesh on the cross. The man so Focused HIM forgives them of THEIR IGNORANCE.
I&I, see as this if Iman could gain knowledge wisdom and overstanding through JAH RASTAFARI, I&I can see through the temptation and See through the Devil and See through the Ignorance or even I own misunderstanding. I&I must check that for if it is not true no matter how hard I&I try that misconception can not hold the water. Intelegence is what I&I read and feel when I&I check in with HIS MAJESTY. So maybe Ignorance is what the devil feed on. for the devil knows JAH RASTAFARI BURN FYAH PON the devil. Iman Working to strengthen I&I self and arm I&I with knowledge , wisdom and overstanding. I can not wait and worry about something that JAH will CRUSH if it try to STOP H.I.M. WORK. As long as I&I am Working within JAH WILL I&I feel Protected and need not concern I will the devil. Yes it is there No it can not come in. I am glad for the Love of JAH RASTAFARI.
It is cool man, I&I see things same way different words and tings but the I is coming in CLEAR. SEEN?
Fire BURN ignorance and devilness. RASTAFARI!
SO as far as the Fire that burn in everyone. proven scientifically. which to I means JAH has proven it long time before some man recorded his findings on paper.
SO check it the word Calorie is a unit of measurement of heat(energy) required to raise the temperature ONE degree C. The I knows that our body burns hundred and sometimes thousands a day in our body. That heat is like combustion food (gas) goes in our digestion does it's thing (ENGINE). It even produces a by product from the energy and fire that burned those foods into simple ELEMENTS. Meaning the waste I&I excrete daily. it is also proof there was a heated chemical process going on. Our bodys function at a rosty 98.6 degree F
There is Fire within every living thing. Aburnin' away from the Flesh into the REALITY of Selassie I. It is part of I&I work to Blaze that fire I&I agree. YES I It is JAH WORKS laid out for I&I to RISE in LIVITY to this TIME of Judgement.
Jah went out and save the ONE SHEEP when the other 99 were already SAFE. YES I.
ONE LOVE IYAH RESPECT and Give Thanks. Funny how here in USA we gonna have a day put aside to be thankful. eating birds and filling the body over full then lay around, sleep and watch footy ball then eat what was not devoured. If only america and other nations could be Thankful all day, every day then perhaps they could see the table is full everyday and no reason to stuff it all in in on day. funny how america see thankfulness as being gluttons. FIRE !
Well Give THANKS to JAH RASTAFARI it is so wonderful to REALIZE the MOST HIGH in these times

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Haile Selassie I